Campaigning For Truth In Vaccination: Interview With Christina England

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TLB Preface: The Liberty Beacon project is proud and very fortunate to have an individual of such integrity and moral standards as Christina England participating in this project. Her dedication to her research and level of professionalism is easily among the best to be found today.

The information Christina has made available to supporters of this project is vital in educating them on the dangers of vaccines as well as the corruption and complicity we must all struggle against in the battle to keep ourselves and those we care for safe in this convoluted world we live in today.

What we present below is an outstanding interview conducted with Christina by the Alliance for Natural Health Europe. TLB highly recommends you visit their website for more great/pertinent articles and information.


ANH-Intl Feature: An Interview by the

Alliance for Natural Health Europe

Interview Conducted by: Adam Smith

Vaccination is once again in the news, courtesy of new and ongoing revelations over links between the MMR vaccine and autism. In truth, it would be more accurate to say that vaccination is once again in the alternative news, given the shameful absence of mainstream media interest in the story. While mainstream ‘journalists’ appear content to regurgitate government and pharma press releases on vaccination, collect their pay cheques and look the other way, it’s left to those working outside the ailing traditional media to tell the full story. Enter British journalist, Christina England.  Since being falsely accused of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) after linking developmental problems in her foster children to vaccine side effects, she’s worked for many years researching false allegations of child abuse in different parts of the world, including the possible role of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals in childhood disorders, such as autism. She’s also delved deep into the netherworld of shaken baby syndrome – or SBS – and dared to suggest that some cases may be down to misidentified vaccine-induced encephalitis. Accordingly, she’s been called a child murderer and accused of wanting to free all child killers from prison – all for telling the stories that lie behind official silence and propaganda.

ANH-Intl’s Adam Smith caught up with Christina in this exclusive interview.

ANH: What inspired your passionate interest in vaccination issues, Christina?

Christina: In the 1990s, I adopted two disabled children, who I wanted to help and give a family to. Everybody deserves to be part of a family where they are loved and cared for, but a lot of disabled children are left on the scrapheap, due to their overwhelming physical challenges. My parents had fostered and I’d always been around foster children when I was growing up. Both boys had been diagnosed with global developmental delay and were classified as ‘unadoptable’ due to their age and disabilities – which is unacceptable as far as I’m concerned! One of the boys was particularly difficult to care for because of various issues. I was told it was because of ‘attachment issues’, and that if I gave him plenty of love and attention things would change. I later found out that he had ADHD and autism, so things weren’t going to change.

According to notes written in his foster-care, diary he’d reacted to his MMR vaccine at 13 months: he was very lethargic and grizzly the day he had the vaccine, and later developed very severe diarrhoea. I didn’t know much about vaccines at this point, although I was suspicious of the whooping-cough vaccine as I knew children personally who’d been damaged by it. When I persevered with trying to have his educational and health issues met, I was falsely accused of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) [of which she was later medically cleared – Ed.] and was blamed for all the illnesses and disabilities that both children had before I’d even met them – including the mobility problems! [Click here for a fascinating series of articles on MSBP].

ANH: That must have been an incredibly challenging period of your life. How did you get through it?

Christina: I got through because of the skills and dedication of one of most talented professionals that I’d ever met! During the investigations, I was introduced to psychologist and specialist in autism Dr Lisa Blakemore-Brown.  If it hadn’t been for her exonerating me, my life might have been very different indeed. I certainly wouldn’t have my children today! I’ve never met anyone with as much insight as Lisa; she’s a fantastic professional who can get completely onto the same level as an autistic child.

Lisa taught me a lot about vaccination. She was the first professional to link vaccines, autism and MSBP in 1995, for which she was attacked in much the same way as Dr [Andrew] Wakefield. The British Psychological Society (BPS) held a closed Fitness To Practice hearing on the back of a few complaints, at which I was one of only two witnesses. They accused Lisa of paranoia and, although she won all her hearings, mud sticks – no-one would touch her afterwards. As a result, she lost her house and everything she owned, she almost went bankrupt and her daughter had two brain haemorrhages [which she attributes as being] due to the stress. But she’s still practising in the field of autism. I can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but I’m working on a book at the moment with Lucija Tomljenovich PhD that will expose the full story about Lisa. And Dr Wakefield! Plenty of the same characters are involved in both stories.

ANH: You run two websites yourself and you write for various others – can you tell us more about those, please?

Christina:  One of my own websites is called Profitable Harm, which is about the pros and cons of vaccinations, along with adverse reactions to vaccinations and certain prescription drugs. My other site is called Parents And Carers Against Medical Injustice, the aim of which is to collect together all the available information on false accusations of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) and MSBP. More and more parents are being falsely accused under these labels and they currently have to search all over the Internet for information.

My writing can be found on, The Liberty Beacon, [Anna Rodgers’ site]Miss Eco Glam,, the Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (VRAN), Living Wisdom magazine, The Informed Parent and others. 

ANH: Why are you particularly concerned about shaken baby syndrome and its links to vaccination?

Christina: When I first came to this, I didn’t want to cover false accusations because I was so hurt by my own experience, which I’m writing about in my new book in order to heal and move on. But cases of SBS kept approaching me after they couldn’t get help elsewhere, and thought that maybe a journalist could help them. I currently know of five parents who are in prison and two who are presently on trial: one set of parents are being tried for murder in South Africa, and the other is a young lady accused of seriously damaging her little boy. I’d particularly like to mention a man named Bryant Arroyo, who’s been locked up for the past 20 years in the US for murdering his little boy. He’s a lovely person whose child clearly had an autoimmune disease, but he’s been found guilty and given life without parole. In every one of these seven cases, the parents speak of how ill their children became following vaccination. The symptoms are quite consistent: reflux every time, usually a high-pitched scream and the child often falls unconscious.  When the child is examined at hospital, however, they always find one or more of the triad symptoms of SBS [subdural haematoma (bleeding in the brain), retinal haemorrhage and cerebral oedema].

I’ve since learned that the triad can be caused by many different things, one of which is an adverse reaction to vaccination. Tissue scurvy, for example, or Kawasaki disease, has a presentation of bruising, bite-like marks and marks that look like cigarette burns – but it’s caused by breakdown of the tissue. It’s similar to, but not the same as, seafarer’s scurvy as there’s an abundance of vitamin C in the blood, but the vitamin C can’t get into the cells and tissues so they start to break down. This accounts for the bruising and, in some cases, broken bones as well. The liver becomes very swollen and diseased while the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, which helps the vitamin C get into cells from the blood.

Dr Michael Innis has written some fantastic papers on this. He’s also providing evidence in two cases in England and Scotland, one of which is a lad who’s been sent to prison for life for shaking his little girl to death, but the blood tests prove it was tissue scurvy. She had liver disease and a lowered insulin level. And not only that, but her problems occurred very soon after she had received the MMR vaccine. Unfortunately, most doctors can’t see beyond this triad and immediately accuse the parents of child abuse. And if the parents mention vaccination, they’ll definitely get accused – but I’ve never come across a case of SBS that hasn’t been vaccinated. If anyone reading this knows of one, please get in touch!

ANH: Why do you think that governments and health authorities worldwide push vaccines so relentlessly, despite mounting evidence of harm and lack of efficacy?

Christina: Financial gain and control, basically. From the point of view of the pharmaceutical companies, they’re perfectly happy for kids to need drugs and medication for the rest of their lives. Making people healthy isn’t part of their business model! As for control, I’ve just published an article – although it’s more of a research paper really! – on the links between vaccinations and infertility.

I also believe that autism is being deliberately caused. Some of the biggest global IT companies are now purposely recruiting autistic adults, which makes sense due to their abilities in things like maths, repetitive tasks and attention to fine details – plus they do what they’re told. One company has even recruited an entirely autistic workforce. 

ANH: You wrote some explosive articles last year on the meningitis vaccination programme in Chad.  Tell us more.

Christina: That story came about by accident. I got an email out of the blue from a guy in the capital of Chad, N’Djamena, saying that 50 children had been paralysed by an experimental meningitis vaccine and would I write a story on it? I said, “Only if you can prove it.” He sent me a copy of a print-only, French-language Chadian newspaper that covered the story, which happened in a village called Gouro. Five hundred children had been herded into a school and force-vaccinated with a meningitis A vaccine – even though there had never been a single case of meningitis in Gouro. It turned out that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was behind the vaccination programme, working with Serum Institute of India on a vaccine, called MenAfriVac, that could operate outside the refrigeration ‘cold chain’. There are obvious advantages for this kind of vaccine in a hot, desert area like Chad. Other major players included PATH, the CDC, the WHO, UNICEF and GAVI.

The children were very sick indeed. They had seizures that were so violent that five nurses had to hold them down. A total of 106 became ill, but only 50 were taken to hospital in N’Djamena – where they were visited by Chad’s Prime Minister – while the others were left in their village. Their paralysis and seizures were officially put down to mass hysteria[see this week’s News Alerts for another example of mass hysteria being blamed for vaccination harm], and eventually they were dumped back in their village and their parents given $1,000 hush money. The Chadian Prime Minister and Minister of Health were later quietly replaced, apparently because the story had leaked out. 

ANH: Where do you see the vaccine debate and policy going in the next few years?

Christina: The establishment is so desperate for things to stay as they are, they’ll do anything in their power to destroy anyone who speaks out about it. That’s why I didn’t register with the National Union of Journalists. But more and more parents are going to become aware, ask questions and refuse to take the vaccines in favour of natural healthcare, and I don’t know where that will leave the vaccine manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry. 

End note

We are aware of the extreme controversy surrounding some of the issues with which Christina is involved.  That’s because much of the information she reveals is dramatically at odds with the picture painted by mainstream medicine, healthcare authorities, the mass media and the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry – all of which control the majority of information.

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