Can Shakespeare Save Us?

Can Shakespeare Save Us?

Commentary by TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

Here’s what inspired this article: That famous author wrote: There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. From Hamlet.

What does it mean? How can this possibly help save the world? In a simple example, you’re worried you can’t pay your rent (a common anxiety these days) You say this is bad, you say it every day, your life becomes miserable, you can’t sleep, you can’t function as well as you used to, you get angry, depressed, frustrated at all your failed attempts to pay the rent. Because of your attitude, no one is willing to help you, least of all yourself.

Why? Because you said it was so. You can’t pay the rent. Done. We must always be right, no matter how disastrous the outcome. To be irrationally right is a major human fault. Witness the Far Left.

Is the opposite better? Is it good that we can’t pay the rent?? No, that’s fake optimism. Wait, let’s get real. It’s delusional.

The culprit is thinking. It’s the worm that gets into the apple and rots it. At the same time, there’s no fairy that’s going to grow apples and put them on our tables.

But what about positive thinking, you say? Of course, that’s the fuel that creates happiness. But from where does it derive? Not from thinking. It’s from being where you are, doing whatever you are involved in – all without thinking. What happens?

I’ve been practicing this for a while now and let me tell you, it’s a bitch. If I can go three seconds without a thought, I count myself extremely lucky. And then it creeps in through the back door and I’m poisoned by some bill or someone I had an argument with, etc. Boom, I’m back to being simply a trapped human on Planet Earth.

But what happened during those three seconds? I felt an energy, a very pleasant, vibrating, unusual one. And where did it come from? I realized it wasn’t from my body, although it enhanced my body sense of peace, calmness and relaxation. But the origin was from me. I created it as I uncreated thought. We are beings without physical elements of any kind. We rule if we know how.

Partly, maybe mostly what happened on this prison planet is we have been conditioned and forced to be stuck inside our heads with little, if any awareness of the powerful beings we are. It appears to us that we are safe inside these meat cocoons. Nothing could be further from the truth. We become victims of the machine-like mind which dictates our thoughts, behavior and decisions, much too often based on fears of the past. We make mistakes which incites more fear and down, down, down we go – to a place akin to hell. This beautiful planet becomes a place we are terrified to inhabit. My latest thought (which I try not to enhance) is some military guy will knock on my door with a vaccine in his hand. (With good intentions? Traitorous? Brainwashed?)

My next thought after that movie I made is I need to run to the woods. You see? One fear-driven thought leads to another. Anxious thoughts drive out rational thinking and planning. It might be fine to run off to a secluded, off the grid location but it must come from simply observing with attention and interest in what is occurring NOW.

The evidence is pouring in each day of the monumental amount and depth of suppression we have all been subjected to – over thousands of years. We can react to that with anger and hate. That’s perfectly normal. Most of us are good, ethical people who only want peace and happiness. It’s expected and useful to protest. But what is beyond and above those negative reactions that we can use as well? I don’t mean replace them necessarily – if that’s even possible – but what if we peek above them?

From my perspective in the past few weeks, I can only say to stop thinking. Gently push them aside – they’re mostly trash anyway – and look. Look at your space, the trees outside, whatever. You can call it just an exercise but you might be amazed at the change in your emotions and even your body. Much more importantly, you might experience awareness of your true self, of situations and what you can do – from your own perspective.

I would say don’t look for that awareness or ponder what it might be. That is just more thinking. Just be. You might think this simplicity cannot be applied to the complicated, disastrous danger we are in but that’s not true. The most powerful solutions are the simplest.

The greatest and simplest truth is that we are spiritual beings in a spiritual war. We are not our minds or our bodies. They play a minor role in this game of saving humanity. Another truth is we are responsible, no matter how much “they” have harmed us. We can’t hide out in our heads with impotent thinking about how bad it all is. Because guess what? It will then be bad, especially if enough of us say so. The rot we create in our minds will seep into our beingness and rot that, too. And that holy place – you – is where things happen, good and bad.

Our responsibility is to make ourselves happy by dumping the thinking. We don’t have to chew our nails worried and guilty that we are not doing anything for the planet. It’s not selfish to say – YOU COME FIRST. You can’t run a car without fuel. And the fuel we have is simply discovering who we are without the contamination from the mind’s negativity. From there you will know and you will make sane decisions that come from pure observation. And those decisions may very well effect many others or at least encourage them to do the same.

Thinking is what also divides us. Sure, people smile and say “How are you”? But how often is that real? How much is mechanical? If you say – Well, not so good, they may suddenly find something urgent they need to do.

We need that spiritual unison instead more than ever. We can’t blame the separation only on masks and social distancing. Just the same, let’s decide all that nonsense will be gone very soon. Like now? Don’t forget there really is no such thing as time. The physical universe will take its time but our true decisions are instantaneous.

Quit taking orders from your mind, let sane decisions blossom, exploit social media and tell them to all your friends. By the way, along those lines, send your wonderful decisions or just good thoughts to President Trump – a hand-written letter:

President Donald J. Trump

c/o Mar-a-Lago Club

1100 S. Ocean Blvd.

Palm Beach, Fla 33480

He is still fighting and being our president; he never conceded.


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Graphic in featured image (top) – “The Shakespeare, High Street, Lincoln” by Lincolnian (Brian) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Let your Intuition Guide You – Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash


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