Can We Strike a Balance Between “Need to Know” & “Toxic News” …?

Can We Strike a Balance Between “Need to Know” & “Toxic News” …?

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

As I elude to in the title, where do you strike the balance between “need to know” and toxic news? Or basically “bad news on Steroids”? As many of you do, I’m sure, being stuck at home, absorbing everything you can from wherever you can, hopefully not mainstream. Most of it from the news is disappointing, scary and highly repetitious. As toxic as the virus is purported to be.

How many nightly updates from Trump and Fox news reports can you watch with no end in sight for the awful isolation and economic disaster? Much of it is praises for doctors, emergency workers, governors, etc. All nice but you might be watching and creating a fantasy, as I do, that Trump will just point his finger at a general target of idiots he will name and yell, “You’re fired!” (especially Fauci)

Now that would be darn good news! Wouldn’t that boost your mood into exhilaration? I can hear everyone applauding now. And running outside on these fine spring days, along with all their friends and neighbor. Now there’s a thought. Someone should create videos everyday on Youtube, enacting that scenario. Any takers?

You see, as I and others have said before in many articles, WE CREATE REALITY. If you really look hard at it, there IS no one there to do it for you, not even the globalists. You either create a nasty reality or you agree with one. The first thing you do is DISAGREE. That doesn’t mean ignore. You do your best to help and change it. One terrific thing to do right now is sign your name to this petition to defeat Bill Gate’s plan to get us all vaccinated. This may have been taken down, I’m not sure but do try. Hopefully it will pop up again. (click on blue text/link below)


But you damn don’t say to yourself and others – This New World Order is here and we will all be slaves. Oh, God!

By getting all freaked out, we are saying – Yes, yes, yes, this is really awful. I’d better contract. No, no no! As world-renowned billionaire (the good kind) real estate mogul, Grant Cardone often says, in my own words – the best time to make money is in a recession.

So water your mind with that reality and watch it grow.

Disagreeing and creating your own reality should be balanced with alertness to the dark realities so you can better circumvent them. We can’t just sit on the highest mountain and think good thoughts. There will probably be 5G up there anyway, among the dead trees and animals. That is, if we don’t protest that too.

You’re probably aware of the fake optimism floating around, too. I read Facebook posts that say things like – I’m so tired of all these conspiracy theories (More often another word for truth) and bad news people are posting. We should all do what the government and the scientists say. Or – Bill Gates has done some wonderful things for people!

Groan. Does this come from keeping a firm grip on middleclass values that are slipping down the drain or outright fear of what they refuse to see? What scares me is these are intelligent people who can influence many others while they lure you into cat videos and chocolate chip cookie recipes. Or sales on face masks.

There’s quite a bit we need to do in order to overcome this unprecedented suppression. Don’t have to tell you that. But the next thing to know and operate on is that every challenge, no matter how grim or huge, is still a game. This is the time to acquire tons of comrades so we can win at the game. The globalists know this very well. Hence they isolate us “for our own good”.

Here’s some mantras they offer:

  • Stay calm (take your antidepressants)
  • Stay home.
  • You don’t need to work
  • We’ll take care of you.
  • Give up the fight.
  • We are rich and powerful.
  • You’re poor
  • You can’t win.

If you had those thoughts peering up at you from your worried mind, that’s not you. It’s them telling you it is so. They implanted them, mainly through their buddies, the Media and Big Pharma.

Well, here’s my mantra:

  • Go to hell!
  • I’m surviving!

If you think that’s improper or not dainty enough or somewhat sacrilegious coming from an old lady like me, there’s plenty more coming and I postulate from many other social security buddies. EVERYBODY needs to wake up! Then we can all go back to tending the garden and taking naps. And you young people do what you did.

Actually, I never had a garden but I often think about it these days. The thing is if we don’t deal with this now, nobody will have a garden. You will be fed GMO food with a drug chaser that you must take or your “credits” will be ripped off.

Is that really living or just keeping the body alive while your spirit withers? As Patrick Henry said in 1775 and should be our uppermost mantra, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Because, if you believe as I do, bodies die but the spirit never does, then you are way ahead of the game. True happiness never comes from being a slave to the body.

I say that last thing in the context of this fight we are engaged in because the spirit is our greatest asset. Nourish it with thoughts and activities that flow the power of optimism to yourself and others. An example: I watched a video recently about a man on the subway who started laughing at something on his tablet so hard that everyone else started laughing, though they knew nothing about what he was watching. Happiness is more infectious than pain or sorrow.

So that is the balance I’m talking about. If good news is waiting in the wings, bring it out front and center. Ask them to do an encore. I mean, are we living just to fight oppression? That might cause you to fall into the same trap of hate the bad guys have been manufacturing. What’s the point of hating them? They are poor, pathetic beings, unaware of who they really are, what they’ve become and the menace they cause.

That doesn’t mean we don’t corral and contain them somehow. They are the true sheep, led by their own paranoia. The rest of us are good and well deserve our peace, freedom and happiness a hell of a lot more than they do.

To end, here’s a bit of great news coming from this kickass chiro. I could watch it ten more times just to be uplifted by his great fighting spirit.

And please excuse my cussing. I’m from New York and that’s like bible talk. But those words are becoming the language of patriots all over the planet. We mean well, don’t we?


TLB Note: Lucille is a longtime valued TLB Staff member. She is also an author, writer, researcher, activist, and an exceptional artist to boot! To enjoy more of Lucille’s wisdom, research and presentation … CLICK HERE



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