Can We Take Back America Without Destroying Her? (Part 4 of 12)


The “in” crowd and motivated sequence: making a plan of action based on truth is the only way to win.

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive.

It is a sense of individual urgency that brings men to collect as a crowd, to march as protest, and any assembly can be defined as such. Without a distinct plan collectively agreed, crowds can soon become unmanageable by weak preparation and lack of leadership, becoming ether transitory by deficiencies in design, or stimulated to be self defeating and possibly oppressive by becoming violent. Organization is the key to success, and a collective mindset both its stimulation and volition.

A metaphorical illustration of a crowd may be helpful, and might be more defined and understood by looking at the properties of a liquid vortex . The middle of the vortex, the empty space, can be considered the object to be accomplished. In this case, to take back a oppressive, controlling and dominating government by its citizens.

As crowds circle around this void, both physical or ideologically, those closest to the center become more involved because they have the greatest advantage to view the process, but also they have more ability participate directly.  However, this seemingly faster speed, as one approaches the center, is an illusion, as those who travel in the outer circle of the vortex is indeed traveling significantly faster, and also, hopefully in the same direction. It is true that one might see the greatest opportunities the closer one is to the center, but the pressure on the outer fringe is a far more profound and viable factor, and holds the entire mass together for a commonality. It might seem that the farther away from the metaphorical center the less focused an individual might be, but with leadership and a designed path, everyone in the group has their own reason and weight, and with time will move more and more to the center of the vortex.. as the movement grows. As it grows, more pressure will be exerted on the entire mass… and when enough pressure is exerted, you will win.

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Please look at the Video.

One effective way to increase the outer peripheral to move more to center is the problem-solving method of communications called Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. It addresses human motivation, and is a guide for directing and structuring topics for presentation, influence, and action. The following are five steps abbreviated here, but it will emphatically indicate what is lacking in our movement to take back America.

#1) Attention: It is the credibility of the issue, and the connection of that issue to the audience’s psychological state… and predilection to the topic… that must be understood. And this credibility must be based on truth. Without truth, you can never make a proper of viable decision…

#2) Finding a need creates desire, and truth helps to develop an answer to any problem. Without a clear and developed analysis of what is wrong, based on truth, pushing forward with any ability is virtually impossible. You see, no viable solution can be formulated without truth, and that should be demanded as primary, but without an education to actually recognize truth when it presents itself… is a key factor… And that comes by a long and sometimes painful process called…doing your own homework.

The Agnes Scott College wrote:

  1. State need:a clear statement of need or problem.
  2. Illustrate:use examples that describe the need.
  3. Elaborate:use additional examples and supporting materials (statistics and testimony) to show extent of need; you must show your audience how this is a severe problem.
  4. Point:use convincing demonstrations of how the need directly affects the audience’s health, happiness, welfare. Motivational appeals work well here.

#3) This is the proposition proposed. It is the plan you want to accomplish… given to your audience to help them see both the problem and solution. It will satisfy the needs they posses, and the reason, that is, their interests, wants, desires, and such will be understood collectively. This connection must be made to accomplish any kind of cooperative cohesion. Another words, being on the same page. And yet, to work for a common cause, one must realize that compromise is the key to success…

Convoluted truth, and the complexity simultaneous problems…

Another problem we have is the actual complexity of one issue in relationship to many issues. It is hard to focus on an issue when its base is broad, and even harder when we are hit by many issues at once.The key to this is simple… Go directly to the heart of the matter, the reasons why, and you will see that they all come form a common source… Term limits, an unaccountable Federal Reserve, war for corporate profit, the shredding of our constitution and civil liberties, and all of these stem from a top heavy tyrannical government, and that is the source of nearly all of our American problems. It isn’t the unsecured borders that will promote change, but the realization as to why the border is actually unsecured that will finally promote action… This comes from truth, common sense, and reflection… all of which are in very short supply in a country who have coerced to believe anything that comes from the black box… the vast wasteland of propaganda. If you want to put out these fires, any firefighter knows that you must look for the source of the fire first.

The Agnes Scott College wrote:

  1. State the proposition–what you want from the audience.
  2. Explain your proposal, and…
  3. Show how it meets the problem… and point out the steps by…
  4. Give examples that show how the proposal (your idea) has worked in the past or can work effectively in the future– and use facts, figures, and the testimony of experts, including scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, and our founding fathers…

#4.) Visualization is a functional step to intensify desire, to stimulate conviction, motivate, and to finally seek positive action from the audience. To accomplish this, the future must be laid out with a game plan, where results can be vividly seen. This stimulates both satisfaction and motivation, and the volition of hope for its accomplishment. It has to be strong enough to remain in a mind and heart long after the presentation… and without that, the collective group flounders, leadership will soon splinter into inefficient sub-groups, and our two Lafayette Tea Parties is a case in point. Both went at the task with different philosophies that were intolerant of the other, the same task to reinstate Liberty from different angles. Both shared that very nebulous common goal, and as they separated both became weak and ineffective over time. Ideas like strength in unity, divide and conquer, unite or die, liberty of death, were thoughts given to us by our founders to study and contemplate.

The Agnes Scott College wrote:

  1. State vividly and with conviction what the world would look like and/or feel like if the proposition was believed, followed, and ultimately won.
  2. OR:What the world would look like if the proposition was not believed or followed, and ultimately lost. You must state the features, advantages and benefits of the proposition, as well as dangers of not accepting the proposition…

#5) Taking action is the final call to commitment to the cause. It is the conclusion or the presentation, there must be a bottom line, a clincher… to stimulate something happen. Quotations, a challenge or appeal, a descriptive illustration, the actual promotion of a candidate… and lastly, an actual summation of the proposition… These steps are necessary to effect a lasting and visually stimulating goal.

Those who have assembled at a Tea Party meeting have a commonality that cannot be denied, and yet they seem specific to the right… Indeed, this is not true reality. When viewed from a broader perspective, many agreeable similarities and mindsets can be found. Enough, so that each and every American can have a part in the process… There are many roads to the same goal, and the realization that there is strength in unity will more readily make “we the people” more accountable, and the ability to travel collectively to a positive common cause.

“The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits.” -Thomas Jefferson

“What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” -Thomas Jefferson

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