Candidates: Yes, we have no Solutions Today

Yes, We Have No Solutions Today

By TLB Contributing Author: Bill Muckler

I confess. The Muckster has fallen into the trap of candidate-watching on the tele. I am attempting to find a candidate, any candidate, that has a solution to anything. To date, I have failed miserably. Yes, we have no solutions today.

When the Muckster was a youngster, there was a recording of a song called “Yes, we have no bananas today.”  There are loads of versions and bunches of accounts as to the origin of the great banana famine. Years ago, we had no bananas. Today we have no solutions.

We do, however, still have the same gobbledygook, nonsense, gibberish, drivel, rubbish, poppycock and claptrap repeated all day, every day, only now it is about false, fake, phony, fraudulent and pretend solutions, not bananas.

deviderThe silliness of yesteryear’s bananas has transformed into the baloney of 2016.

We hear the Donald tell us he will make better deals; build a wall; keep out Islamists, etc. These are not solutions. They are campaign slogans. They tell us nothing.

On the flip side, we have “I’m with Her.” Voting for a woman is not a solution. We hear she will spend $10 billion on a jobs program, etc. That is not a solution, that is a giveaway.


banana-peelThe real question is: why do Americans fall for this claptrap? Why do we worship at the altar of these phony elites who have zero clues as to what is really needed in America? Think I’m wrong on this? Then tell me why normal, ordinary citizens go completely insane if someone says something negative about their guy/gal? If I say Trump said something stupid, his venerators will go ballistic. If I say Hillary lied about her emails, Benghazi, etc. her idolizers will go ballistic. Oh, you say, I repeated myself, well duh! Think of the interest payments on $20 trillion of National Debt.

Folks, we have been programmed from birth to root for one political franchise or the other; brainwashed to believe these candidates are real leaders who actually care about us; encoded with the intelligence, talents and skills to lead us out of darkness into the bright sunshine of a utopian existence.

deviderReally? Yes, we got no solutions today, or tomorrow or next year. We got empty promises sung to the tune of Yes, we have no bananas today.

There’s a campaign sign on our street
It’s put there by a political geek
And he keeps up the steady beat
And you should hear him speak!
When you ask him anything, he never answers “no”.
He just “yes”es you to death, and as he takes your dough
He tells you
“Yes, we have no solutions
We have-a no solutions today.
We’ve have handouts and free food
Free Education and everything good
And all sorts of stuff to give away
We have a lot of hatred to say
We’ll tell you anything you want to hear
But yes, we have no solutions.
We have no solutions today.

Politics got so good for them, they wrote home today,
“Send me Barry, Joe and Bill; I need help right away.”
When they got them on the stage, there was fun, you bet.
Someone asked for “leadership” and then the whole quartet
All answered
“Yes, we have no solutions
We have-a no solutions today.
Just try those coconuts
Those walnuts and doughnuts
There ain’t many nuts like they.
We’ll sell you two kinds of red herring,
Foul smelling, and ball-bearing.
But yes, we have no solutions
We have no solutions today.

Yes, we are very sorry to inform you
That we are entirely out of the platform in question
The afore-mentioned policies
Bearing the name designation “Solution.
We might induce you to accept a substitute less desirable,
But that is not the policy at this famous party campaign
I should say not. No no no no no no no.
But may we suggest that you sample our wonderful ballot
Which we feel certain will tempt your pallet?
However we regret that after a diligent search
Of the premises
By our entire staff
We can positively affirm without fear of contradiction
That our food stamps are delicious; really delicious
Very delicious
But we have no solutions today.

Yes, we gotta no solution
No solution
We gotta no solution today.
I sella you no solution.
Hey, Hillary, you gotta no solution?
Why this man, he no believe-a what I say.
Now whatta you want mister?
You wanna make America great again
No? well, just a one more boast to win
I’m-a gonna calla my pollster
Hey, Mister and Mrs. Voter
You gotta some money?
Yes, solution, no
No, yes, no solutions today
We gotta no solutions.
Yes, we gotta no solutions today.

deviderIf you are asking for solutions and leadership, I have twenty “real” answers for you in 20/20: A Clear Vision for America.

Let’s cut through the claptrap. Forget the false rhetoric of who will fight the hardest battle for you; let women have abortions; will nominate the best Supreme Court Justice; will make the best deals; will exterminate ISIS first; or who will make America Great Again, unless it is still great. Forget the convention platforms. Oh, you already did. No problem there. Nobody remembers what they were. They never do what they say they are going to do anyway. Ain’t gonna happen!



These are the only two real choices you have when you vote:

Clinton: for a huge expansion of the welfare state; or Trump: a small expansion of the welfare state.

The choice is yours. Decide how much you want to pay for this; hold your nose; and then vote the option you think is the best course for America and the future of your children and grandchildren. (65.3) (7.9)


God Bless us all and God Save our America. Our Constitution, our culture, or country, our civilization, our currency and our children need you now more than ever.


Bill-Buckler-Bio-01-1Finally, an author who brings you solutions, instead of problems.

About the Author – Bill Muckler: Americans have lost faith in their overreaching federal government. “We the People” don’t need to be overregulated or have their taxes misspent. Americans are victims of a crumbling economy,Bill-Muckler-20-20-A-Clear-Vision-for-America high prices and stagnant wages. They view government as bloated and politicians as corrupt.

They do not trust the leadership at any level. They see politicians of both parties as self-centered narcissists whose only objective is re-election. The author is like you, with one principal difference and 20 reasons for optimism. His “Vision” of America is “clear.” It is a vision of the Constitution and America the way it could be, the way it should be. The author’s eyesight is twenty-twenty.


Learn more about Bill’s book HERE


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