Caption this Chuck Schumer photo-op disaster!

Caption this Chuck Schumer photo-op disaster!

By Ed Straker

Democrats are usually the masters of messaging, but not yesterday, when Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and legions of the haggard-looking constitutional undead stood in front of a giant sign reading, “Make America Sick Again.”

Their intent was to say Republican plans to repeal Obamacare would make America unwell, but from reading the giant letters of the poster, it appears that Democrats are the ones who want to make America sick again.

It doesn’t help that Schumer, with his rictus, condescending eyeglasses on the edge of his nose, and rows of neatly organized hair plugs, looks like a villain out of central casting.  Nancy Pelosi looks equally unflattering in this photo, like an old Mick Jagger on a coke binge.  And Darth Sanders can be seen hovering menacingly in the background.

So we’d like your help finishing the caption for these photos.  It starts with “Make America Sick Again” and can end with anything like…

1) with unaffordable insurance premiums

2) by cutting you off from the doctor of your choice

3) with more illegal immigrants

4) with more combustible Muslim refugees

5) with more taxes and higher deficits

6) with more race-baiting and more man-bashing

7) with more boys in more girls’ bathroom

And so on.  How would you finish the “Make America Sick Again” caption?


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