The GMO Triad of Evil: Food, Biosphere, and Humanity

September 16, 2013 2

By: Roger Landry (TLB) We who are in the know constantly rail against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). We are awake and aware, through our constant search for knowledge on this subject. We are also painfully […]


The 10 GMO Myths That Monsanto Wants You to Believe

September 15, 2013 3

By: Daisy Luther Monsanto and their biotech buddies would have you believe that they are super-heroes, set on saving hungry children from starvation wearing a dazzling fake-green cape. In fact, in a recent attack on […]


The “Monsanto Protection Act” Gets Extended?

September 11, 2013 1

By: Natasha Lennard The biotech rider dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act” by food and agriculture activists has been extended by the House, advocacy group the Center for Food Safety reported Wednesday. The earmark, which was […]


Monsanto: Corporate Rap Sheet

September 10, 2013 0

By: Philip Mattera Once a controversial chemical company, Monsanto remade itself into an even more controversial agricultural biotechnology corporation that holds a dominant position in both herbicides and genetically engineered seeds. Identified more closely than […]


GMO’s – The Most Dangerous Invention EVER

September 8, 2013 3

I just don’t understand how some humans can be so utterly stupid, so greedy, so crazed for short term profits, so corrupt for political or corporate power that they will risk the future of their […]


Roundup & The Legal Poisoning of Humanity

September 1, 2013 0

By: Roger Landry (TLB) Fluoride, PCB’s, DDT, Agent Orange, you think we would have learned by now. The chemical industry is responsible for some of the biggest blights on humanity, and this planets biosphere in […]



August 25, 2013 1

By: Stone GMOs are made by manipulation of extremely deadly viruses & bacteria (such as E. coli) that have been engineered to be IMMUNE TO ANTIBIOTICS (Pause video at 8:08). Monsanto spends millions of dollars each […]

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