Central Bankers “stoking the fires of War”

Preface by TLB Staff

The Central Banks are once again stepping up the pressure for the expansion of War. Remember, they can’t make money or have World domination without War.

Once again the Bankers have entered the “world stage” and are playing the part of the Disciplinary School Master and are intent in “spanking” the “bad-boy” non-NATO countries that are not doing business with the Private Western Central Bank. It is the same “play” we have seen in Irack, Libya, Syria and all of the other countries that will not tow the mark and fall into line. The solution: Take out the “tin-horn” Dictator the west put into power with a war, thus controlling all natural resources and money flow.

Enter Putin and Russia

The Bankers and their NATO storm troopers can’t make the “Control Play Book” work when it come to Russia and Putin. They may get their war, but the outcome will certainly not be to their liking.

While Russia tries to be the voice of common sense and be the “peace broker,” the NATO Generals pound their chests and spout the War Propaganda. A far cry from the Military stance the “war mongering” Russians used to take… or at least what we were told they were taking. (History will clear that question up for us.)

In the following report, X22 gives an excellent up-to-the-minute perspective of what is happening on a Global Scale and the effect it is having on humanity.


While No One Was Looking, The US Government Carves Up Syria

X22 Report

Milwaukee is on fire, riots being pushed to declare a state of emergency. Russia has intel that the US is preparing chaos is Macedonia and Greece. Italy wants to help Libya create a national force. Italy is now warned that there are ISIS cells in Milan. US is quietly carving up Syria while no one is looking. Russia reports every-time the US wants a ceasefire the terrorists rearm during this period. US might use tactical nukes as a last resort in Syria.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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  1. Hitlers real name was Baron Rothschild. That info comes from Judge Dale a retired federal judge. Destroy countries to give them debt and in return we get Muslims.

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