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Jason Chaffetz isn’t amused by the authoritarian rants of Rod Rosenstein, agreeing with Mark Meadows that he and Jeff Sessions both need to be replaced with a real…

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Jason Chaffetz has a response to the totalitarian arguments of Deputy Attorney General and the de facto AG, Rod Rosenstein, in which he declared that the DOJ was beyond Congressional oversight and labeled attempts to do so as extortion by Congressmen investigating and attempting to function in that constitutional capacity.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

He says, “You can tell why we’re having a problem, because Rod Rosenstein doesn’t understand the Constitution and doesn’t understand his role. In the Constitution you can impeach a civil officer. That’s embedded in the Constitution. For him to say that Congress is going to extort him by exercising their constitutional responsibility means to me he needs to go brush up on the Constitution.”

Chaffetz continues, “They don’t want to provide the documents. This deep state doesn’t want to be exposed. They don’t want to turn over the documents. The Oversight Committee was founded in 1814. There is case law throughout that says yes they will provide those documents. Congress created the Department of Justice, Congress funds the Department of Justice, Congress represents the American people.”

“So when he thumbs his nose at Congress,” says Chaffetz, “he’s thumbing it at the American people. They don’t want to be exposed on a closed case and it’s time for Congress to get a backbone.” Hemmer plays the part of the dummy, asking, “So you’re saying Rosenstein is slow-walking all of this.” Way to keep up, Hemmer.

Hemmer states the position of Rosenstein and plays a quote of him claiming to be protecting the separation of powers from Congress rummaging through their files. Chaffetz reminds Hemmer that the case in question is a closed case, the Clinton email case, in which there was probable cause to investigate, in which classified information was stored in an unsecured setting.

He says, “Congress does get to come in and provide oversight.” Hemmer asks what Chaffetz thinks Rosenstein and the DOJ deep state are hiding. Chaffetz doesn’t know but observes that DOJ opened up their books and files for the Inspector General, why won’t they do the same for Congress? He asks, “What is it that you think, Mr. Rosenstein, that Congress shouldn’t see? We have appropriate security clearances. There’s no reason why they can’t provide all of these documents.”

Chaffetz says, “They just don’t want to because they don’t want to be held accountable. They don’t want to have any oversight. But that’s the way our separation of powers works.”

Hemmer asks if the talk of impeachment is real or just a threat. Chaffetz says it’s appropriate to start to have that process, “and if you’re going to have somebody be that sort of an obstructionist and thumb his nose at the constitutional law, then maybe they should.”

Hemmer quotes Rep Mark Meadows who says, the “response to the draft articles of impeachment is reminiscent of our interactions with him over the past few months: a lot of rhetoric with little facts. If he believes being asked to do his job is extortion then Rod Rosenstein should step aside and allow us to find a new Deputy Attorney General – preferably one who is interested in transparency.”

Chaffetz agree with Meadows and adds, “The other fundamental problem is that you have an Attorney General in name only. Attorney General Sessions is nowhere to be found. Because he recused himself but he can’t do the basic fundamental job there. And as long as you have Sessions sitting on the sideline you have Rosenstein running the Department of Justice, and he’s not cooperating with Congress.

They have to start somewhere but why bother impeaching just Rosenstein when the entire leadership and much of the rank and file deserve to be tossed out? A complete housecleaning is needed, followed by thorough investigations and prosecution of the corrupt officials and politicians.



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