Chem Flu, Depopulation, You and What to Do

by Ralph Ely | TLB editorial staff

By now most of you visitors to The Liberty Beacon know that I am old enough to remember when, then President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower give his *Farewell Address, in which he warns the United States of America against the rise of the Military Industrial Complex. (*1:32 sec)
Not only did I watch Eisenhower give his Farewell Address live, I was a member of that Complex in the USAF, SAC 8th Air Force at the time.


I only bring this information forward so you understand that I have a few years under my still full head of hair. (Perhaps my attitude that I am 74 years old going on 25 has something to do with that… not sure if that affects hair follicles or not.) And the years gone by have given me a first hand look at a lot of history and the ability to know what is real and what it not, particularly as the NWO tries to rewrite history in order to further the Agenda of the 1% in power.

In the remainder of this article we will take a look at what is making us sick, and in some cases killing us, along with some supplement and diet suggestions to off-set the toxic effects coming at us in the Air, Water and Food.

Chem Flu

Dr. Edward Group exposes the mysterious illness that is popping up late in the flu season across the US. in the video below:


Did Chemtrail Flu Kill Merle Haggard?

Merle Haggard pasted away yesterday at age 79. Haggard lived a good part of the time at his ranch in Palo Cedro, CA about 10 miles from where I live. We knew each other well enough to say hi and chat for a few at Costco or some other shopping venue. He was well aware of GeoEngineering and the resulting health effects.

In the video below Info Wars addresses Merle Haggard’s death and more about the overall Toxicity being introduced and mandated into society: (Starts at 4:08sec into the video)


Scientific Evidence

Renowned nuclear chemist, geochemist, and cosmochemist Dr. Marvin Herndon, PhD., has published a groundbreaking paper in the academic journal Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences) confirming that humanity is being poisoned by aluminum produced by geoengineering activity. Click here to read the abstract .

More Evidence

Lithium and the Experiment over Oregon a paper written by Ann Fillmore, PhD and published late last year, is an expose`of GeoEngineering health issues and brings testimony from a “whistleblower” involved in the “application program.” Chick here

Depopulation – Global Scale

Depopulation of the world by the United Nations was “outed” this week by publication of the plan by The Liberty Baecon. In that article TLB writer Christopher Wyatt makes this observation: ” If you take a strong look at the goal to rid the world of natural immunity and a robust immune system, combined with the creation of new epidemics that feature new toxins and pathogens, it is obvious that the entire world has a bumpy road ahead as paved by the United Nations and the 1% Power Elite.”

To Stay Healthy

From this point on I will offer my personal regimen of supplementation and diet. Many of my activist friends have been encouraging me to do this, as they think I am way fit for my years and do not seem to be affected by many of the toxins being dumped on us to breathe and consume. (Other than sometimes just being plain pooped. Some of that being from self-inflected long hours at the key board?) Disclaimer: I am not offering medial advise, quantity or brand identification. This is what I do on a daily basis. What you do is between you and your health professional adviser(s). 

Supplement Schedule


Mix 1 Tlb spoon of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in 8oz glass of water or carrot juice & drink. (avl at health food stores or on line) Then a short morning walk.

With food (maybe 3 scrambled eggs if not too hungry) I take the following:

One High Energy Multi-Vitamin, One (combo cap)* Vit D-3 1,000 IU & K-2. (K-2 offers a 100% delivery of D-3), One Super Antioxidant cap/Vit A, C, E & Selenium, One tab Vit B12 100 mcg, and to target the eyes, Two tabs Eye Antioxidant with Bilberry, Lutein & Zeaxanthin. This eye antioxidant also contains a balance of other target Vit’s as determined by the Mfg’f.

*Vit D-3/K-2 take an additional One cap later with another meal.

1/2 Hr before bedtime: (With a banana)

One (baby aspirin) 81 mg, One Turmeric cap 500 mg (2 caps 1st 30 days), Two combo tab Calcium 500 mg, Magnesium 500 mg, Potassium 99 mg.

Just before tuck in time: One Melatonin cap 3 mg.

Cost about $100 a month. (It is a lot cheaper to stay healthy than the cost you pay when your health ‘goes south’ because of what you have not done.)

Good Family, Good Friends, Good Food

I am very fortunate to have been brought into adulthood by loving and knowledgeable parents. From them I learned values and how to live a healthy life. (Did I sneak off to Mickey D’s or A&W for some fast food? Yep, like most teenagers did then.) We always had a garden and knew where our food was coming from. We always had “rancher friends” so we knew the quality of our meat and poultry. As to fish, a pole and hook took care of that department. Incidentally I only had two vaccinations when I was a kid, one for small pox and one for the highly infectious viral disease *polio. (*Poliomyelitis)

Good friends have always been a plus in my life. Staying with the “health” theme, they include Activists, MD’s, Nurses, Nutritionists and various Health Practitioners. (including Chiropractors, Message Therapists and an Acupuncturist) All have understood the value of eating and supplementing from Organic sources. As of late some of these same professionals have come to understand the Demonic Forces of The Power Elite that are smothering Humanity with a sink or swim Ocean of Toxicity.

Stay the Course

Like any good captain ‘of the ship,’ me must ‘stay the course’ with our personal ship if we are to reach the ‘main land’ of health and happiness. At times things happen to take us off course, but we must re-focus and take charge and do what is right… and that includes staying healthy.

A final what to do

Many are wondering how much Toxicity is in their body and their environment and they think they need that information before they can consult anyone about supplementation or changes in life style. And they are right! With that in mind I recommend you go to ToxySolutions as a first step. (link provided)  (RE)






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