Child Medically Kidnapped After Parents Asked for a ‘Second Opinon’ [VIDEO]

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“In April 2013, police officers and a social worker from  Sacramento [Calif.] County’s Child Protective Services entered the home of Anna and Alex Nikolayev and took their baby, Sammy, away from them. They had no warrant.”

“What they’d done was, basically, kidnapped our child with the help of police,” says Alex Nikolayev. The young, first-time parents were not notified of where Sammy was being taken and wouldn’t find out for a full 24 hours. According to the Nikolayevs, the dispute stemmed from the parents’ desire to obtain a second medical opinion before subjecting Sammy to major heart surgery.” ~via ReasonTV

Credit: ReasonTV

In the immediate wake of the Nikolayev case, parents gathered in Sacramento to support [an] audit and testify in front of the audit committee. The audit is set to proceed in the next few months, and the auditor will choose three county agencies to examine. But for parents like Deanna Hardwick, who’s experienced the power of this agency first-hand, a state-level audit is just the beginning of a broader movement towards transparency and accountability.

“Once the American people are able to be made aware that this is going on, I think that will be a real step forward towards making sure that there’s accountability and making sure that the [CPS] agency is working towards keeping families together rather than separating them,” says Hardwick. ~ via ReasonTV


Source Video/commentary ReasonTV

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