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In the first video, the Headline, “Boom! CIA Director Admits Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, Chemtrails” is a bit off the mark. Director Brennan uses such words as “can,” “could be,” and “potential” in talking about the use of GeoEngineering/Chemtrail programs. He falls short of saying GeoEngineering Programs are in use, but does admit the “technology” is available.

While Director Brennan dances around the issue with the usual Government denial “talking points” to keep the Power Structure from being held accountable for any unintended or intended consequences, there is a good number of TLB Staffers well aware of the fact that GeoEngineering and Weather Warfare has been occurring for a good number of years and has been stepped up Tenfold in the last 3 to 4 years on a Global scale.

TLB knowledge  of  the various GeoEngineering programs comes from the many documents released by the U.S. Congress, The U.S. Patent Office, Military personnel, Military operational documents, Civilian Contractor personnel and firsthand knowledge by a hand full TLB  Staff members and their associates. (Many are still under a non-disclosure cloak that will last a life time.) Not honoring that non-disclosure oath is lethal.

Listen as Director Brennan talks about GeoEngineering at a meeting of  The Council on Foreign Relations:
Video credit: J.KNIGHT
Full appearance of Director Brennan…

It should be noted that Director Brennan’s remarks about GeoEngineering  follow almost word for word what “The Father of GeoEngineering” David Keith said in 2007 when talking about the subject. Even at that time the Programs were in place and being used. Again in 2014 Keith said in a BBC interview pretty much the same things he did in 2007 with always the caveat that the use of GeoEngineering is something that “could be used.”

Now we come to the point of this post… that being, GeoEngineering is real… it is being used… and it is happening now. As evidence, we present this Video report from 1PacificRedwood (Commentary is provided under the video)

7-5-2016; Blos Now a Strong CAT4 Hurricane; Supercell Over N. Mexico Superheated By Microwave – YouTube

Published on Jul 5, 2016

(Tues.) The weather controllers have allowed Hurricane Blos to continue spooling up to a CAT4 status (140 MPH) over the past 48 hours. Yesterday on the 4th, Blos had 85 MPH winds all day and by the evening the storm intensified. By this morning the NHC map indicated 110 MPH wind and the system has strengthened to its current status. The weather controllers can at any time superheat this system with sufficient microwave power and completely destroy it. (This is exactly what happened to hurricane Patricia last season with 200+ MPH winds as it headed straight into mainland Mexico North of Acapulco – I covered that storm, and the video is from last August or September; you’ll find it if you scroll through the videos on the channel.)

High pressure has been installed on the North side of this storm to ensure that: a) NONE of the moisture from Blos drifts North towards California, and b) the storm continues on a Westerly trek.

The weather controllers are being very careful now about covering their tracks related to dimple marks showing up in the Visible Light maps – which is clear evidence of the superheating process. But at the same time they are using crude non-color-matched photoshopping techniques to hide the dimple marks where the microwaves are targeting the storm. The pinpoint microwave blasts on the storms are visible as a ‘dimple’ in the visible light satellite which then expands into a small crater-like feature which expands in size as the frames advance. Watching this in the IR map, we then see color changes as the superheating process disrupts the organization of the storm and its convective process – which is exactly what the superheating is engineered to do.

Tropical storm Agatha was destroyed by microwave blasts. The weather controllers are putting on a show for everyone to make it appear that natural weather is taking place when in fact the controllers have allowed this storm to intensify while they target the storm with insufficient RF power which is allowing it to slowly intensify; essentially using this ploy as a decoy argument which validates their argument that Blos is a naturally occurring weather event, which it is not. Blos is being carefully throttled by the transmitters and the blast patterns are evident in the watervapor map.

If you’re a new subscriber, there are numerous videos posted here showing the superheating process in the Visible Light satellite map. The Jun 23rd video is one good example of how the superheating process is accomplished using ‘pinpoint’ microwave energy.


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