CIA & MainStream Media: A Journalist’s (Whistle-Blowers) Story

MSM Complicity

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Propaganda has been used as a tool by existing power structures to mold and shape the thoughts and reactions of societies for time immemorial, maturing in this task with the advent of the modern day technologies culminating in what we now refer to as the mainstream media. We are constantly bombarded with streamed media today, and if you control this stream … you control the thoughts and actions of the societies consuming it.

The manipulation of what we are presented as the truth by those in power is as old a civilization itself, and has culminated today in what can only be described as the art of Lying!

President Reagan installed Casey as head of the CIA in 1981. After his first staff meeting at the agency, Casey was quoted as saying:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Intelligence agencies have long been heavily ingrained into western media, possessing influence that goes well beyond the good of their respective societies. This in fact only serves the elites who pull the strings of global governance to suit their agendas … and the CIA is the proverbial king on the hill!

We talk about whistle blowers in many fields such as Intelligence agencies, Health agencies, the Military, etc… but rarely do we see a member of the western worlds Mainstream Media step up to bare their soul to the public.

This gentleman is an exception. It appears his conscience weighs heavy on him due to his past participation’s and endeavors.

What you are about to see may not shock those in the know, but it does confirm what we preach to those mesmerized by this mechanism …

A truly free and independent mainstream press … died a quiet death long ago …

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