National Liberty Alliance: Class Action Suit against CPS/APS

APS and CPS Corruption

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

For far too long now we have seen the corrupt judicial system and agencies such as Child Protective Services (CPS) and Adult Protective Services (APS), from across this land, work in partnership to subvert parental rights, and force our children and special needs loved ones into dangerous and/or deadly situations, only benefiting the greedy and perverse.

Children are dying, being drugged, used for medical experimentation, sold as sex toys and forced into virtual slavery in unfit “for profit” foster or group homes at an alarming rate via this mechanism of supposed help. Please understand we are NOT saying all foster homes or foster parents are evil and some are a God send … but the observable trend to the dark side is more obvious by the day.

CPS and APS were originally conceived to rescue children or special needs adults from unfit parents and/or dangerous environments. This has long since ceased to be a valid description of their actions.

Thanks to the actions of great TLB Partners like Health Impact News network website MEDICAL KIDNAP, who strives to bring the stories of these children into the light of day, and The National Liberty Alliance who will take these monsters to court to answer for their crimes against loving and fit parents, our children and special needs adults, there is once again hope.

You have all seen the articles TLB has published from MEDICAL KIDNAP and we truly hope they have indeed made an impact! Now we present you with the solution made possible by the judicial watchdog and pro-action organization The National Liberty Alliance.

Handicapped or special needs adults in America also suffer this corrupt system via Adult Protective Services (APS) and need all the advocacy we can provide. It is time to raise our collective voices in anger and protest, and move forward in positive action!

Please read on and become a part of a movement to save all who suffer these unimaginable evils, and protect our most valuable resource for the future of America … our children …

National Liberty Alliance

Excerpt from “Class Action Suit against CPS/APS

De facto judges, CPS and APS workers are operating a state sanctioned kidnaping racket [RICO]. These predators operating under the color of law are kidnaping our children and seniors for money. They demoralize and destroy the developing mind of our children during their most tender years and our vulnerable parents during their twilight years turning the beginning and end of their lives into nightmares, leaving shattered and distraught families in their wake.

Because our elected and appointed servants refuse to protect and champion our most precious and hallowed resource, our children, We the People through the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury will champion this holy cause with a relentless determination to bring justice upon these wicked stewards. We Promise!


We are a proactive group with the tenacity and motivation to stop these criminals that have seized our courts. It you have an issue with CPS, APS, Family Court and Juvenile Court and you like to join our class action suit and help stop the destruction of our children and families contact an intake receptionists below and begin the process. Let the receptionist know if you can volunteer time to help this cause. Thank You

INSTRUCTIONS TO JOIN CLASS ACTION SUIT: CLICK HERE > Application_and_Power_of_Attorney.pdf to download Application instructions and agreement. – Fill out application and follow all instructions before calling an intake receptionist. If any instructions are unclear fill out what you can and then call an intake receptionist to help.


ALABAMA *Patricia 602-377-3018
ALASKA *Karla 623-872-7373
ARKANSAS *Kathrine 831-272-3286
COLORADO *Martin 619-799-0562
DELAWARE *William 209-217-6342
FLORIDA *Shelli 314-920-7684
GEORGIA *Bernie 301-520-5875
HAWAII Cynthia 617-833-0422
ILLINOIS Shelli 314-920-7684
INDIANA *Brandon 313-614-5397
IOWA *Ted 989-954-2814
KANSAS *Gina 732-455-5080
KENTUCKY *Beatrice 914-755-0400
LOUISIANA *Sheila 845-522-8541
MAINE *Allan 704-735-6021
MARYLAND Bernie 301-520-5875
MASSACHUSETTS Cynthia 617-833-0422
MINNESOTA *Rosana 614-804-3963
MISSISSIPPI *Angela 503-875-3655
MISSOURI *Faruq 215-617-8819
MONTANA *Angela 503-875-3655
NEBRASKA *Lynn 216-535-9477
NEVADA *Veronica 570-702-7766
NEW HAMPSHIRE *Rosana 614-804-3963
NEW JERSEY Gina 732-455-5080
NEW MEXICO *Stephanie 605-787-1181
NEW YORK Beatrice
NORTH CAROLINA Allan 704-735-6021
NORTH DAKOTA *Dawn 307-369-1252
OHIO Rosana 614-804-3963
OKLAHOMA *William 209-217-6342
OREGON Angela 503-875-3655
RHODE ISLAND *Lynn 216-535-9477
SOUTH CAROLINA *Veronica 570-702-7766
SOUTH DAKOTA Stephanie 605-787-1181
TENNESSEE *Jessica 484-221-2636
TEXAS *Stephanie 605-787-1181
UTAH Craig 801-419-0427
VERMONT *Craig 801-419-0427
VIRGINIA *Dawn 307-369-1252
WASHINGTON *Kathrine 831-272-3286
WEST VIRGINIA *Martin 619-799-0562
WISCONSIN *Cory 530-927-7818
WYOMING Dawn 307-369-1252


TLB highly recommends you visit our partner National Liberty Alliance for more pertinent information on this action.

6 Comments on National Liberty Alliance: Class Action Suit against CPS/APS

  1. We have been fighting the release of my granddaughter for over four years. We spent thousands of dollars. They are force drugging her and using her to make money for themselves. We can’t even get in touch with her. She has been abused in the hospital and the group home. We need a strong lawyer who has handle these cases in Raleigh, NC. Our government doesn’t seem to care.

  2. You need to go back further than that. The social worker is the judge, jury and executioner in court. The judge is merely a yes man. I had a lot of accusations that never had to be proven. Why are you not going back before the statute of limitations on this?

  3. I am starting a hunger strike in front of Riley county courthouse..manhattan ks…for the return of my kids. Please email me for the press release.

  4. I had my grandchildren removed from my care that children and families had placed in my care. was told if i needed any help to contact them back as i have done just so they could legally kidnap my grandkids from my care, telling me grand parents have no rights

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