Cleveland Clinic Study – Being Up-to-Date on the Vax Increases Chances of Covid by 33%

ER Editor: We’ll let Steve Kirsch chime in on this UPDATED Cleveland Clinic study, which proves the anti-anti-vaxxers so wrong. Their first study got some (unjustified) attacks; this one is iron-clad. See

Will the anti-anti-vaxxers ever acknowledge when they are wrong?

Note that the Cleveland Clinic has a huge, vaccinated workforce that makes the numbers large enough to generalize from.

Of note:

The anti-anti-vaxxers like to position themselves as the champions of scientific integrity.

I’m going to prove to you in this article that all of them are frauds; they are simply promoters of false government propaganda.

It’s so simple to do.

You see none of them will acknowledge that the latest Cleveland Clinic study clearly and unambiguously shows that they were all wrong about the vaccine. It’s now crystal clear the COVID vaccines make you more likely to be infected. No place to hide. No hand-waving arguments are left.

If they don’t acknowledge what this article says, you have crystal clear proof they are incapable of interpreting what scientific studies say.

This paper ends the debate. It’s time for the anti-anti-vaxxers to public acknowledge what the paper says: it’s better not to be “up to date”

Also this by Jessica Rose In case you thought getting more shots was a good idea…


Being Up-to-Date On COVID Vaccines Increases Chances of Covid by 33%, Cleveland Clinic Study Shows

We Told You So! Those up-to-date were MORE likely to get COVID

brand-new study from the Cleveland Clinic is out. And it found something we already knew: Covid vaccines increase the chances of getting Covid instead of being protective.

Shrestha et al. looked at specific employees of the Cleveland Clinic. Most of them are COVID-vaccinated due to the federal mandate. However, while a minority (11,990 employees) chose to be “up-to-date” on their COVID vaccines, the majority (36,344 employees) wisely chose to refuse COVID vaccines.

Guess which group had more COVID? The up-to-date people had approximately 25% MORE Covid infections.

The study’s authors did an excellent job of weeding out confounding variables. For example, could it be that Covid-conscious, vaccine-loving people test for Covid more often? The following chart answers this question: while the propensity to test somewhat affects the likelihood of getting a positive test, it does not explain the difference.

The authors also point out that their results are not confounded by age. However, in a disturbing finding, the female sex is associated with a 24% higher chance of a COVID infection among the vaccinated people.

Why are vaccinated females 24% more likely to get Covid, than vaccinated males?

In the above multivariate analysis, adjusting for confounders, those “up-to-date” are 33% MORE likely to get COVID! (1/0.75 = 1.33)

I am so sorry for all those vaccine believers who got a shot of a completely unproven “bivalent” substance. The authors lament:

This study’s findings question the wisdom of promoting the idea that every person needs to be “up-to-date” on COVID-19 vaccination, as currently defined, at this time. It is often stated that the primary purpose of vaccination is to prevent severe COVID-19 and death. We certainly agree with this, but it should be pointed out that there is not a single study that has shown that the COVID-19 bivalent vaccine protects against severe disease or death caused by the XBB lineages of the Omicron variant. At least one prior study has failed to find a protective effect of the bivalent vaccine against the XBB lineages of SARSCoV-2 [2]. People may still choose to get the vaccine, but an assumption that the vaccine protects against severe disease and death is not reason enough to unconditionally push a vaccine of questionable effectiveness to all adults.

This study exposes the dishonesty and quackery of promoters of bivalent COVID vaccines, which are based on studies of several mice who were promptly killed as soon as the antibody-counting experiments were completed.

In one study, ALL bivalent-vaccinated mice who were challenged with COVID, got sick:

All “Bivalent Boosted” Mice Got Covid When Challenged


All "Bivalent Boosted" Mice Got Covid When Challenged

Remember how Joe Biden and Rachel Maddow said that Covid stops with every vaccinated person? Turns out that it was not true for people, and it is not even true for mice. All ten mice, vaccinated with Moderna Ba.5 booster, became infected with Covid when challenged with Ba.5 variant virus

Remember that the CDC and the FDA hysterically promoted non-working COVID vaccines with false advertising such as this:

Do you think that they owe us an apology?



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