Climate alarmism of White House ignores imminent threats of EMP attack, debt collapse and Fukushima catastrophe


by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) The White House alarmism over global warming / climate change / “climate disruption” would be a lot more believable if it weren’t so contrived. Of all the legitimate, imminent threats facing the continuity of the American way of life with its cheap money, cheap imports, cheap electricity, cheap fuel and cheap food, the Obama Administration selectively chooses to acknowledge none of them. The only one you’re supposed to notice is “climate disruption,” a loony new reframe of reality that absurdly tries to convince you planet Earth never experienced droughts, floods, hurricanes and tornados before the industrial revolution.

The climate never changed, we are now being told, until we all started burning fossil fuels. This idea contradicts the entire known geological and climate history of our planet, of course, but that never got in the way of a political ramrod attempt.

On the far more urgent issue of an EMP attack which could cripple the U.S. power grid and kill 90% of all Americans (1), the White House is utterly silent. Never mind the fact that Russia and China could launch an EMP attack right now, and that North Korea’s capability to do such a thing is only a few short years away. Never mind the fact that in a grid down scenario, every U.S. city would be immediately transformed into a death zone. The White House wants you to be terrified of carbon dioxide, a plant nutrient that actually accelerates reforestation and boosts crop yields globally.

Fed Chairman warns of deficit collapse; White House says nothing

All the White House loyalists and supporters — including most of the mainstream media — follow in step with selective alarmism, refusing to report on things like the looming debt collapse which even Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen says is unavoidable, explaining that “over the long-term deficits will rise to unsustainable levels relative to the economy.” (2)

Anything that is unsustainable will, by definition, come to an end. When the U.S. debt bubble comes to an end, global warming will be the last thing on anyone’s mind because people will be starving in the streets once the EBT cards stop working. EBT cards are modern-day food stamps. The day the government stops funding these cards will be the day the American empire goes into economic and social collapse. It will be the “day of reckoning” that the entitlement society which now dominates the U.S. landscape cannot be mathematically sustained.

CO2 emissions, by the way, will plummet when the debt collapse arrives. Once the banking system shuts down, nobody will be able to purchase fuel or get to work. The entire economy shuts down and CO2 emissions come to a screeching halt. Maybe that’s their plan to halt CO2 emissions, come to think of it… collapse the economy and the problem’s solved!

Be very, very afraid of only the things we tell you to be afraid of

If you buy into the mass climate hypnosis being rammed into the minds of Americans today, you and I are supposed to worry about melting ice caps but not the fact that the U.S. debt has doubled to over $17 trillion in just the last two presidential terms. We’re supposed to be terrified of hurricanes but not give a second thought to the fact that 92 million Americans are now out of work and almost totally dependent on government handouts for their survival.(3) (The official government unemployment figure, which nobody believes, is 6.3%)

The White House also remains utterly silent on the looming Fukushima catastrophe which remains just one earthquake or tidal wave away from a global radiological disaster that would dwarf Chernobyl. The fuel rod containment pools at the Fukushima-Daiichi facility have suffered severe structural failures. Thousands of “hot” fuel rods are right now at risk of so-called “inadvertent criticality,” meaning a nuclear meltdown.

You don’t hear anyone in Washington talking about protecting Americans from that threat, however. Somehow, you’re supposed to attribute all weather events to mankind’s activity while simultaneously observing the Fukushima disaster — which is irrefutably man-made — and utterly ignoring the imminent risks of a radioactive cloud of dust particles sweeping across North America. (Don’t worry, they’re invisible, and the EPA can always be told to raise the “allowable” levels of radiation exposure!)

If you believe selective alarmism, you are living in a fairy tale

All in all, the White House wants you to live in a fairy tale world where you suspend belief in economic reality, physical reality and the importance of the power grid in keeping cities alive; yet at the same time you’re supposed to believe entirely nonsensical fictions like “polar bears can’t swim” or “all tornados were created by burning fossil fuels.”

These are pure fictions being pushed by the very same people who told you Obamacare would save the average American family “$2500 a year.” We were also promised that secret military torture bases would be closed, that GMOs would be labeled and that our national debt would be drastically reduced. None of these promises have been kept, and instead of solving the problems we already have, the White House seems intent on dreaming up new problems that don’t exist.

It sounds a lot like Big Pharma’s disease mongering tactics: they invent a new “disease” — like ADHD or restless legs syndrome — then market a high-profit drug to “treat” that disease. Climate alarmism sounds a whole lot like political disease mongering. It’s Obama’s way of doing exactly what Bush did with the War on Iraq — use strong-arm fear tactics to cajole the American people into giving up their freedoms and liberties while more power is concentrated into the hands of the eternally corrupt.

Perhaps global warming really is a 100-year concern we should address, but there’s almost zero chance America will even be around in 100 years if it doesn’t solve its debt crisis and power grid vulnerability first. North Korea will probably launch a high-altitude nuke in the next five years that unleashes a crippling EMP wave that thrusts the USA back into the pre-industrial era. Experts estimate barely 10% of the population will survive such a move, yet nobody in Washington says a word about overthrowing the wildly evil, anti-human-rights North Korean regime.

Then again, expecting Washington politicians to set rational priorities is a lot like expecting pigs to fly. Sure, propagandists can catapult swine into the air with theatrical wings sewn to their backs, but sooner or later the people will notice the pigs are falling, not flying. (Although White House Press Secretary Jay Carney would no doubt describe them as “Flying along a pre-determined trajectory.”)

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