Can We Take Back America Without Destroying Her? (Part 11 0F 12)

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Taboo, Lobbying, and The Carlyle Group…

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive.

The more taboo a society incorporates into its framework, the less freedom and liberty rings true. Fear of a specific issue, for any variety of reasons, inhibits free speech, and denies liberty on many fronts. To take back America from a dominating government, and those who pull their strings, will be virtually impossible without free speech , no matter how much some want it.

“Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest cannot be free- he is his own trap.” -L. Ron Hubbard

There is no doubt that business and government relationships, both international and abroad, change over time with new opportunity. What was once a healthy business relationship may disintegrate. What is considered for the good of America during a World War or in the middle of a depression may not have the same value now, or the same set of rules. Surely, relationships change with time and events, and considering this brings forward an undeniable fact: power unchecked becomes corrupt with time.

We must also declare the real possibility that authority and business work in conjunction, and that they might actually create and orchestrate adversity to stay in power. This concept was well understood long before America wrote its Constitution. Our Bill of Rights, and our Constitution are the only safeguards for America. It is what holds our Republic together, by the will of the people. Any entity who denies this should be ousted, and any person who works to undermine our founding principles branded as a traitor.

The idea that we the people are being dominated by an external force is nothing new. And yet, looking directly into that blinding light has never had so much verve. Some are standing up, and others will make themselves know in the voting booth. It seems evident that an appreciation of what we are as Americans only appears when it is lost, and that accompanying , mind-numbing realization of what it will take to get it back is becoming evident. It will not be easy.

It might seem that following the paper trail, the actual money track to the source is easy, that following lobbyists to the foundation will indicate our true manipulative master, but this is not true. It will not be easily accomplished. The face of this puppet master is very illusive, and they indeed have the ability to punish us if we do not tow their line, or threatened them. They will do anything to survive, including the destruction of America, because they make their money on destruction and reconstruction, war and peace, economic down-turns and rallies, and the more adversity the more opportunity they have. They are unaffected by multiplicity, and can advance their agenda on either side of the coin.

This thought is at the core of the many questions we have when attempting to understand both motivation and reasoning for Government action, as it is seen that in hard times, confused and uncertain times, there may be many opportunities for lucrative power, and wrested control.

Another consideration gleaned from History is the revelation that “false flag” operations have emphatically existed in the past, by both governments and accommodating businesses, and shows the distinct possibility of a recurrence.

Those who seek truth may reveal inconsistencies in current events, and question why. It would seem a responsible government, one accountable to the people, would welcome an independent study or survey to gather facts that would make clear these inconsistencies, but this does not seem the case. In fact, just the opposite is true, as there is a concerted effort to control fact finding, with negative and demeaning labels for those who try to curb it. Fortunately, there are enough true Patriots to see past this, and have the mettle to continue on. But it must be understood that as they are viewed by the light of truth, these entities will disperse as roaches in the dead of night, to regroup under another guise. The only way to win, is to make them accountable by rule of law.

The falling of the Twin Towers, global warming, an unsecured border and undocumented illegal aliens, unending middle eastern conflict, our floundering economy and corruption, is unprecedented in scope. Those Twin Tower buildings were of quality, and nothing like it had ever fallen before any place on earth, and to find three (building 7) on the same day seemed strange in the extreme. The science of Economics indicates that little to nothing happens by chance, and that design is emphatically indicated everywhere you look… Our own president is accused of insider trading with Petrobras, questioned that he is not an American citizen, that he is borrowing money without Congressional approval, and yet little or nothing is mentioned in press, of Federally Investigated. Taboo is reaching an art form, as In-depth independent investigations, open to the public and clear, was requested but not performed. When denied by government, one must ask the question why, as without the ability to gain truth, what you hold as a free society is in doubt.

So, who manipulates our strings?

Nothing pulls and pushes our country harder than the demands of the Iron Triangle, and what is called the military-industrial complex. Set in place above America by international bankers and a Federal Reserve, it flows like a spider vein from Congress, special interest groups, to the many myriad of tangled webs of bureaucracy. It is the machine, the back-bone, the mechanism, the very instrument they weld in our name both as a sword, or, according to the situation, a carrot on a stick. It, above all, dominates and controls us, enslaves us as a nation, and all control of our future is in their hands, and at their whim.

“Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.” Dwight David Eisenhower

The Carlyle Group

The Carlyle group is the largest private equity firm in the world. In over 20 countries, the firm has over 1,300 high-end investment partners in 71 countries. With more than $84.5 billion of capital, as of March 31, 2009, it has over 64 distinct funds and employs more than 415,000 people worldwide.

The Carlyle Group’s primary investments are aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer and retail, energy and power, health care, real estate, technology and business services, telecommunications and media, and transportation. And each of these aspects are represented by a multiple of lobbyists who represent their bottom line. Though they are the largest, they are not alone, and if you look closely at what they represent, you will see what heading we are taking, and why. For instance, if war is being promoted, and this group makes weaponry, isn’t it in their best interest to promote war? If they were immoral, what lengths would they take with unlimited finance? Also, wouldn’t it be a bit naive to think that these mega-entities do not collectively communicate for a common cause?

Where did the money go, printed by a Federal Reserve without Congressional approval? How was a fresh trillion, unsecured and unaccountable, dispersed? How could this entity, The Federal Reserve, be above congressional approval?

The top five investment Groups…

1.) The Carlyle Group headquartered in Washington DC, capital raised in 2007, $32.5 billion, see above.

2.) Kohlberg Kravis Roberts headquartered in New York, capital raised in 2007, $31.1 billion, specializing in leveraged buyouts: chemicals, consumer products, energy and natural resources, financial services, health care, industrial, media and communications, retail, and technology.

3.) Goldman Sachs Capital Partners headquartered in New York, capital raised in 2007, $31.0 billion, specializing in leveraged buyouts: founded in 1986 at the same time other similar groups were founded, including Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking, Morgan Stanley Capital Partners and DLJ Merchant Banking Partners.

4.) The Blackstone Group headquartered in New York, capital raised in 2007, $28.36 billion, specializing in private equity, real estate, credit, mergers and acquisitions, and one of the largest for leveraged buyouts. Among Blackstone’s most notable real estate investments have included Equity Office Properties, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Trizec Properties, Center Parcs UK, La Quinta Inns & Suites, Wyndham Worldwide, Southern Cross Healthcare.[13]

5.) TPG Capital headquartered in San Francisco, California, Capital raised in 2007, $23.5 billion, is one of the largest private equity investment firms globally. They focus on leveraged buyout, growth capital, and leveraged recapitalization. Current total investment commitment is $50 billion.

Note: Strange that now, when a small percent of Americans are trying to clear their minds, to educate themselves, and to find truth, marijuana is being promoted from one liberal state to the other in the guise of liberty and freedom. Though there is an argument that marijuana should never have been illegal from its inception, mandated by the Marijuana Tax Act of the 1930s, its promotion it at this time seems suspicious. To take back government will take a clear mind, focused, educated, and committed, and Marijuana inhibits every element of that. Could that be the primary goal?

“Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it.” -W. Clement Stone

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  1. What not much to say as they put Flouride in the water. Everyone tries to make it all so complicated and jump around claiming they have the new “conspiracy theory” algo cracked. What a bunch of Communist robot slaves humans have become.

    The American Communists and Russian Communists won world war 2. There isn’t anything left to know. They mass murdered the captured German soldiers. There is no such thing as Nazi anymore. No there isn’t a secret Nazi underground group waiting to spring their long awaited offensive. The world is merely waiting to die it’s terrible death as the Communist Jews head the beast to her death.

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