Climate Engineering Omnicide And The Criminals Who Help Hide It


By TLB Contibutor: Dane Wigington

If you care about reason, justice, the planet, your children, yourself, or any other aspect of life on Earth, the 10 minute film clip below should fill you with justifiable anger. As awareness of the climate engineering insanity grows, so does the attempt by those in power to quench the growing fires of the awakening population. The “journalists” and disinformation site owners featured in this film will hopefully one day soon be held to account in a legal forum that should resemble the Nuremberg trials. Such cowardly and despicable individuals are all too willing to lie for a paycheck and a pension. They like to rant about the “conspiracy theorists” in the most derogatory tone, but what do psychologists say about the sanity of those who question as opposed to those who blindly parrot the official narrative? Studies show clearly that those who question are much more sane, what a surprise. The mainstream media disinformation in the video below tries to convince us that everything we see in the sky is just “contrails”, but does this lie hold up to hard facts? What the disinformation people in this film did not tell you is that all commercial jets and military tankers have “high bypass turbofan” jet engines which is by design incapable of producing “condensation trails” except under the most extreme conditions. Did they mention the mountain of government documents and science reports on “solar radiation management” (SRM)? No, they did not even mention the term as that would have given credibility to this issue and that’s the last thing they want. They show film footage of WWll B-17 bombers leaving condensation trails, but they did not tell you that these bombers had water vapor injection systems on them in addition to the very crude piston engines that put out a tremendous amount of particulate matter. Their entire video is filled with direct lies and lies of omission. If you want to make a difference in the battle to expose and halt global geoengineering, take the time to contact the two primary perpetrators in this mainstream disinformation piece and let them know you are not OK with them lying about the climate engineering crimes that will cost your children any chance for a future if these programs continue. One is Mark Allin from ATS (Above Top Secret). ATS is controlled and funded by William Irvine who has reported CIA connections. Then there is George Knapp, from Channel 8 news, who avoids completely the mountain of science relating to geoengineering and solar radiation management like the long list of patents and global governance documents. If you care about your future and that of your children, make your voice heard. Let those who lie for a paycheck and a pension know that you are not OK with their part in the cover-up of the covert climate engineering crimes.
Dane Wigington


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2 Comments on Climate Engineering Omnicide And The Criminals Who Help Hide It

  1. Thanks again Dane, unfortunately the time for talking is all but over. Winter here in South Jersey is 12 days of white, then a little light blue for a couple hours, than bangback to white ffor another 19 days, then a little bit of white sun and so on. At this rate of no sun, it doesn’t takea genius to see what will happen. Chemtrails are game over if no one stops this, milky rain in Washington state is a signalof things to come as they fine tune their eugenics machine . Let’s get together and get this ball rolling back the other way, at the very least people should spread Danesinfo to all they know.

  2. Liberty Beacon – thank you very much for posting this article. Everyone needs to understand this is our number one issue to fight, or as Dane W. rightfully states, “Nothing else will matter.”

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