CIA Censoring 7 Billion People

By Bobo Daggins
The CIA is censoring 7 billion people for 1600 white supremacist male billionaires, who don’t even trust their mothers and sisters to run their banking dynasties and trusts, and rather falsify global diversity and equality, while enforcing global money worship, making it a crime everywhere on Earth not to worship the money they print, while they point every bomb and border at 7 billion poor people, to protect their undeserving necks.
Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc have joined a network of over 30 news and technology companies to tackle fake news and improve the quality of information on social media, the group said on Tuesday.
The CIA is now going to play thought police and control what informations people will be allowed to share, by hiding behind CIA front companies (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkdn) and fake non-profits ( which was exposed and changed its name to seem less deceptive to  What right does a secret service have pretending to be the guardians of the world? The US has invaded over 100 countries for the UK Aristocracy (e.g Lords Rothschild, MI5), and has made US citizens the most hated people on this planet, limiting more and more where our citizens can travel to. The CIA was created in the same year as Israel (created by the British Aristocracy e.g Rothschilds) and MOSSAD, in 1947 as an MI5 brainchild ( MI5 which brought us wonderful double agents likeMussolini, Stalin and Hitler). The CIA also murdered a U.S President for not supporting a global nuclear war, and has had many assets made Presidents and Candidates (Bush, Obama -INQTEL, Clinton -Arkansas CIA Cocaine Contra, Gore – Goretex, Kerry – Heinz). And now today,guilty of a global meth contra addicting millions of innocent people to Heroin and Cocaine. 
This is an exerpt from which the CIA has blocked and banned the wayback machine from loading, and the founder has been disappeared for 2 months now, after being censored by the CIA on Facebook for 6 years, he even lived 6 years in exile in Europe before Assange and Snowden (Snowden Mark Zuckerberg’s cousin is a counterfeit of his life):
” The U.S Military thanks to Operation Earnest Voice had the capability to censor Iraqi activists, as well as journalists all over the world working for big publications (with close affiliations to the CIA). Which means that the effects of these psychological operations caused something like this: “When the war ended with tens of thousands Iraqi dead and an electricity and sanitation supply deliberately “bombed into the stone age”, the west followed up with sanctions. It is now estimated by the UN that these sanctions, which have prevented repairs to sewage and water plants on the one hand and denied basic medicines/food supplies on the other, have been responsible for the deaths of around one million people, many of them children. Other sources put this figure at 1.5 to 2 million.” (11)  “
This publication first appeared in Films For Action

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