Covid Proof Your Immunity in 7 Easy Steps

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Covid Proof Your Immunity in 7 Easy Steps…

Contributed to (TLB) by David Finkel, MPH

From Match Day to Decision Day: medical students could be at the forefront of this pandemic

The recent emergence of the novel Coronavirus has propelled many Medical Doctors and Public Health officials to reinforce the benefits of having a strong immune system. While a safe vaccine appears to be questionable at best and if at all, it will be months away. I want you to know that there is something you can do right now that is proactive! I want to empower you to master the art and science of preventing disease by teaching you how to build your immunity.

As a graduate of USC’s Keck School of Medicine with a Master’s in Public Health, I feel compelled to urge you to consider that there is much more to protecting yourself from Covid than you may be aware of. After a decade of research, I have put together multiple health strategies that target the Covid Virus, that are scientifically validated, and are delightfully simple to implement.

The indisputable fact that ages 0–24 represent only 0.13% of all US Deaths from Coronavirus by age group according to CDC data, and that almost 75% of deaths occur after the age of 65, should have directed research and funding into explaining why children have such a huge advantage, when normally children are the most vulnerable, instead of the least! Why are children afforded so much more protection against the Covid virus than adults? What can we lean from children if we want to enjoy the same protection?

Youth provides us with a very strong innate immunity. This type of immunity is very different than our antibody system, which weakens as we age, favoring younger versus older generations. One of the secrets to prospering in the age of Covid is in your attainment of greater knowledge that conventional medicine is not illuminating. I am very excited to share the tools you need to restore and achieve your long lost immunity. The art and science of preventing diseases could not be more relevant than the times in which we live now.

I want you to know that there is so much you can do for yourself. You can become Covid proof, yes you can! I want to teach you how to become a real life super hero where your body will have the innate immunity of your youth to chuck that covid virus back to the hell it came from. All right, lets jump right in and introduce you to the team. This is your immune system. You hear that word, but what does the immune system mean? It all comes down to a bunch of cells. Think of them like an army, but each unit has a specialty. So it is like a Navy Seal, then a Marine, someone from the Air Force, and then a Ninja. Each cell has a specific way to kill. The three main players are called the macrophage, the B cell, and the T cell, and their efficiency will determine whether you live or die, get sick or not. So much of this is under your control, and this is of course, what you are not being told.

You have two immune systems, not one. You have innate immunity and adaptive immunity. Think of innate immunity as the street cop, it is what comes first. The adaptive immunity is the swat team, they come later. They come when the street cop is overloaded. This is a very important concept, because as it relates to coronavirus, you are either going to use your innate immunity or your adaptive immunity. The secret to understanding Covid and understanding how to deal with it and understanding how to protect yourself from it begins with understanding how you can restore your long lost innate immunity that you once had in your youth. I really think we have become paralyzed somehow, and our thought process is not clear. When the evidence is clear, our response is not clear. Anyway you cut it, what we should be first applauding, being thankful for, and then utilizing is the fact that children rarely die from the virus. Relative to the flu, the incidents of child death, hospitalization, child ICU, children rarely even know they are experiencing it from ages 0–20. We have been so inert on this subject, so desensitized to the reality of it, so numb to it. So maybe I don’t know, frightened to say even the word child and a deadly virus, that we haven’t capitalized on what it should teach us. We are going to get to that.

The beginning to the answer why is that in children, the innate immunity is strong. In other words, this reality should beg the question, what is the difference between an immune system in a child and an immune system in an adult? Anybody in infectious disease, and epidemiology will immediately tell you the differences. Children have very strong innate immunities, and children have very weak adaptive immunities. Adults have weak innate immunities and very strong adaptive immunities. Adults suffer by something called Immunosenescence, which means as you age your immune system goes kerplop. Now if children, the key, don’t suffer from Covid, and their advantage is their innate immunity is stronger; this should have led us to understand that Covid is supposed to be handled by the first line of defense, and if it’s not, you may have a big problem. It is the innate immunity, it is the T cell. It is the first line of defense. It is the rapid deployment of troops to nip it in the bud. That is your advantage against Covid. And that is why young people do not die from it, and it’s so glaringly obvious. It is on the tip of our nose, but we have an orientation here about antibodies, about the B cell from your adaptive immunity, about attenuating the virus to use a vaccine, such that we can start to stimulate immunity to it. This has denied us, what is right in front of our face. The smart money should include even more than anything, an emphasis on how to do something to stimulate your innate immunity, and there is so much that you can do.

There is a science called immunosenescence. As you age, you loose your team of innate immune system warriors; meaning you loose the macrophage, and the dendritic cell. You loose the ability of the macrophage and dendritic cell to engulf the virus. You loose the production of harsh poisons, like super oxides, that kills the viruses. You loose your first line of defense much faster than you loose the second line of defense. The second line of defense are those B cells, and they do not kick in until later on, until second line. You must understand that children, not susceptible, tell us that it’s the first line of defense. And know we know that this first line of defense dies faster! Source: (Journal of Immunology, 2015, May 1 Naive T Cell Maintenance and function in human aging.)

SARS-CoV-2-Reactive T Cells Found in Patients with Severe COVID-19 | The Scientist Magazine®

My point, my supposition, as to why we can’t understand Covid in a nutshell, is that we are barking up the wrong tree. In short we are looking a B cells, when we should be looking at T cells. (pictured here) We are looking at adaptive immunity, when we ought to be looking at innate immunity. And the implications of that are enormous. They will become enormous for you. The fact that children rarely die from the Coronavirus is because they have an abundant production of naive T cells in contrast to the elderly. I have now stressed how important your innate immune system is so much so that I want you to relax behind this, and learn to activate it.

You have to learn how to strengthen immunity, and here is how, and this is where we really take off! The Seven easy steps to becoming Covid Proof. I want to get into vitamin D first, because you have all heard that vitamin D is important for your immune system, and that you have to get your levels checked, and that maybe you need a little more or a little less. Vitamin D is an old story in America. It is not a new story. Early on, when we first found out that vitamin D was important to health, we understood it in terms of rickets. We understood it in terms of bone development. Children who were vitamin D deficient developed rickets. That is how it really first, in medical history came on the scene in the United States. Vitamin D was put into beer, put into hot dogs, yes we had health weiners. Vitamin D was put into custard. And you remember it was put into milk. Vitamin D was put into anything we could put vitamin D into, and we thought we were at the pinnace of science in understanding vitamin D and its importance. What we found out low and behold, is that we started killing people, destroying life, and damaging immune systems. That in fact, that vitamin D deficiency that led to rickets, after treatment become the vitamin D that led to dysfunctional immune responses. We forgot all of this because their has been a resurgence in our vitamin D deficient cave dwelling society today. Ideal levels of vitamin D put your innate immune system warriors, the macrophages, on steroids! This is like a caffeine boost for your immune system! To live in the age of Covid in vitamin D deficiency is insane! Do you have any idea how many people are vitamin D deficient? Now the mistake on top of the mistake, the myth on top of the truth is that you can simply go to the doctor and, and even if you get your vitamin D levels measured, be confidently assured that because your levels are between 30–100 nanograms per deciliter, you’re fine. This is insanity, and what we are overlooking is something very simple. There is so much common sense in it, and that is when you go out in the sun, your body shuts off production when you make too much vitamin D; that the risk of vitamin D toxicity is zero, when you make your vitamin D from the sun, which is really they way we evolved to make it. That is huge. We do not know exactly what your levels are to optimize your immune function. We do not know, and too high or too low can be a catastrophe. To give you a range between 30–100 and have your doctor say that you are within the range is horridly egregious because we know that your optimal number is not somebody else’s. And if you are on the either side of your optimal number, you are not getting the benefit. You are going to make your immune system either weak, or dysfunctional.

So here is your first easy solution. The first step towards youthful immunity in the age of Covid is to go online and order your own vitamin D test kit. Every morning between 7–9am, get 30–60 minutes of morning sun on as much of your body as you can. And measure your levels before you begin, and every 6 weeks. Just write down the numbers, and over 3 months, those readings are going to tell you what your optimal vitamin D level is per season. Once your body gets enough sun, the number will plateau. Sunlights has hundreds of other benefits that are absolutely critical. Just in terms of what it takes to get you at optimal levels, you need to plateau out in a three month phase per season and know what your number is. And you are going to write that number down and do that for every season. These are the numbers that you optimize at, that are in relationship to you, to your genetics, your immune system, and everything that goes with it.

The body has an internal feedback cycle that doesn’t let it get too high or too low, as long as you regulate your vitamin D in the way you were intended to out in in the sun. So law number one is get your sunshine as indicated!

Now, we are going to get into law number two of your health practice. It is a sauna, preferably a rock heated sauna, and you can email me for guidance on what companies I recommend and why but right now, I want to educate you on the how right type of sauna stimulates your immune system and clears your lymphatic system. A regular sauna practice relates to building your first line immunity, your INNATE immunity! The research behind this is prolific, profound, researched, studied proven, empirically, and in the lab.

If you have a backyard, especially if you have a swimming pool, and if you want to buy yourselves freedom from Covid, you want to buy yourselves an extra 10,or 20 years of life? A rock heated sauna is the best simply because the heat that it gives off is a natural earth frequency that your body resonates to and absorbs. Gradually evolving your practice up to temperatures of 150–200 degrees penetrates deeply into the body to literally purge out so many toxins which are congesting your cells. What is the hookup to enhancing innate immunity? The lymphatic system is part of your immune system, in fact it is where your innate immune system lives. When we talk about an aggressive immune system, we are talking about immunological efficiency, and you want to get this: this is the piece that chidden have over you in spades, and that is their lymphatic system flows. Their lymphatic system is not congested. As you age in a sedentary lifestyle, your lymphatic system congests. Over time the consistency of the fluid inside your lymphatic system becomes like goop. Not Gwyneth Paltrow Goop, just goopy muck. This is like pancake batter, a swamp of thick goop that doesn’t circulate immune system cells efficiently. Let me say, your second secret to immunity is the lymphatic system and learning how to move it, and pump it. The most efficient way to move pump your lymphatic system is through expansive and contractive forces. Call it hot cold therapy. As you take your body from extreme heat to extreme cold, many many times you flood your body with a pumping mechanism for your lymphatic system to drain itself out from years of stagnation, restoring your long lost innate immunity. This isn’t about boosting immunity for Covid, it is about enhancing your health for so many reasons, and this is this just the foundation for radiant longevity.

Now lets get to the third piece of this, stress. Yes when I say stress, I mean all the stuff that happens in life. No one is immune to that. Understand that stress kills and paralyzes the immune system. Make no mistake that although you do not hear Federal Health officials say this, and the Medical Doctors really emphasizing this; it is bigger than anything. When I say stress, I want to give you a functional definition and translate that to the body. You have a nerve that runs through your entire body called the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is part of your nervous system. The nervous system meets the brain, the spinal cord, and nerves that run through the body. Those nerves control immunity. And those nerves give off an electromagnetic field, like the rocks in your sauna do in their own way. When we say stress kills, we are saying that stress had a depressive, suppressive, derogatory, harmful effect on what transmits through the vagus nerve. I do not want stress to mean stress up in the air. I want stress to mean that your nerves do not function right. And the key nerve that you do not want to loose is the key nerve you need for immunity. Who has spoken to you about your vagus nerve? Who has tried to give you a relationship between a paralyzed immune system and your vagus nerve? This is one of the great tragedies of Covid, and the way out of it that you are not being told about. 20 years ago, we had peer reviewed science that understood this, that we perfected our microscopes and coined a term in science called pyscho-neuro immunology. This is UCLA science, Harvard Science, Yale Science, Stanford Science, Princeton Science. This is the relationship between how psychological stress depletes neurological function, and affects your immunity and creates unnecessary infection. This has been written about in the Journal of Emerging Disease and Virology: Vagus Nerve Stimulation is an ideal Therapeutic Candidate for COVID-19 Infection.

Vagus nerve stimulation attenuates the systemic inflammatory response to an endotoxin or a virus. ( May 25, 2000– Vagus nerve stimulation attenuates the systemic inflammatory response to endotoxin). It simply means that the vagus nerve is an anti-inflammatory pathway through the body.

Feeling Stress at Work? Learn to 'Stress Well' | Robert Half

Under chronic stress, we have excessive amounts of inflammation. So the third law to becoming Covid Proof, is learning to deal with stress, functionally speaking. When you have stress you have inflammation, you have depressed immunity, have increases in chronic diseases from cancer to autoimmune stress. And on the other side, you have the endorphin. That is something you hopefully are familiar with, hopefully you have had discourse with. That is something that you felt when you first fell in love with your special someone. Those were the days when it happened.

Remember what life was like then? You were producing endorphins. I just want you to take a moment and remember when……, because that’s when you were living, eating, sleeping, and tasting endorphins all day long. So please remember, when I say stress, I want to pin it on the back of the endorphin. I want you to learn how to make endorphins every day. You know what it feels like, so I am going to suggest a number of health practices for you. A health practice should be an endorphin practice. When you commit to health on some level, it should put you in a bliss state, and if your doing it right through the body, you will feel like yesteryear! Learn to stimulate your immunity to levels that radically boost your immunity by having so much fun that you are producing endorphins which flood your body with healthy nerve impulses which are anti-inflammatory. Let’s take a tour of your potential practices. The only requirements are that you move your body, and produce an endorphin experience that can last all day naturally. Surfing, Swimming, Yoga, Tai Chi, Weight lifting, Stretching, Hiking, Spending time in nature, Lovemaking, Hot Cold therapies, etc. Find what ignites your soul and do more of it!!! You will not only drastically reduce your vulnerability to Covid, but everything that will come down the pipe in the future.

All right, lets discuss law number four of youthful immunity. Fix the sugar problem. I am going to be brief with this because I can be brief. You all know diabetes and insulin dysregulation and sugar dysregulation are not good. You all know the different things that diabetes can do. What you may not know is that when you run it, when you’re running high blood sugar, when your running high insulin, it paralyzes your immune system. And we know one of the comorbidities for Covid is diabetes. Here is what you do not know.

The question is not that you don’t have diabetes, or pre-diabetes. The question is, do you have blood sugar or insulin dysregulation? You can have that long before you are ever told you have pre-diabetes. The standard of care, does not routinely test for for sugar and insulin dysregulation until you already have diabetes. Now that is the myth debunked and the truth. And you can act on this right now. Here is your solution. You are going to go the store and get an AccuCheck. Diabetics know what AccuChecks are. I want you to learn how to use one so that an hour after any meal you consume, your blood sugar is no higher than 110. This is called postprandial glucose. Aside from that, I want you to learn to live with your blood sugar between 80–90 all day long. You got to learn how to do that, or you are going to to depress your immune function. If you can’t do that, your risk destroying your health needlessly! You can do this! That is all I have to say about this, and it quick and easy to do.

The fifth law I want to discuss is learning how to mitigate the harmful radiation from man made electromagnetic fields. Our cities are now encased in domes of electromagnetic radiation. Many people are concerned about the health consequences of 5G. I advise all my clients to get devices that turn off your WiFi at night while you sleep. The problem is much bigger than this, but this is great way to start making positive progress.

heart-field - Bad Yogi Blog

Dr. Robert Becker blew the lid off the world back in the 90s with his publication Cross Currents: The Perils of Electro-pollution. He essentially proved that man made electromagnetic frequencies in varying degrees of wavelength, over periods of time have profoundly negative effects on one’s immune system. This is profound. You are smart enough not to hold a hot cell phone to your brain for many many hours. Remember that adaptive immunity you are depending on to produce your antibodies, is impaired under certain types of radiation. And this is just one more burden on top of an already overly burdened immune system. And you wonder why the cancer rates in the United States are nearing 1:2 people over age 55 according to CDC data. I have solutions for your home, your cell phones, your smart meters, and you can reach me through private consultation for remedies that harmonize your life. One of the best things you can do is spend more time in nature, barefoot on the earth. Just 30 minutes a day in your backyard barefoot will do miracles for your health. Your body absorbs the natural healing frequencies of the earth.

Now I want to talk about fasting. This is your sixth sense to becoming Covid Proof! The first thing I want to say is that water fasting is right out of the Old Testament, Every religion understands it. You want to do something for COVID? Start integrating the water fast. I am not talking about purges and death defying assaults on your body. I am talking about skipping breakfast one day a week. Then skipping two meals a day, one day a week. Then I suggest trying skipping a day a month. After several months, try skipping two days a month. Gradually let your body become accustomed to water fasting. Over 10 years, you have done a miracle for your health. And as it relates to immunity, there are hundred of peer reviewed articles that all agree. Fasting improves chronic inflammatory diseases without compromising your immune system. And guess what? We gave the Nobel Prize to Yoshinori Osumi in 2016 for his work done in Japan. His research was on a process called Autophagy. It is the process by which the cell digests all the garbage within itself through a process of water fasting, called Autophagy. Source: (Mat Rev Immunology 2019).


The human body is an infinitely complex intercommunication system, like facebook, everybody is talking to everybody. You cannot single out one thing, in the sense of “here take this herb, or here take that vaccine.”    You have to stimulate the fundamentals of health, which coalesce into a force field that will render this virus to the bully that it is. Now I want to briefly discuss the process of autophagy, so you understand what water fasting does. When you do not feed a cell glucose from food, and live on water, the cell shifts from its normal function to repair mode. The cell literally cannabalizes itself. Autophagy is an intelligent, deliberate, cannibalization, but with priority and intelligence. So what’s the first thing it is going to eat? Garbage, like viruses, and that is the genius of the cell. Simply put, fasting speeds up the garbage disposal system of the body. There it is in a nutshell. This is so studied. This is so part of mainstream science. This is so important. Here are some of the many benefits from water fasting: it gives your digestive system rest and improves function, increases energy and immunity, enhances liver functions, normalizes insulin sensitivity, increases metabolism and weight loss, reduces joint aches and pains, improves sleep, reduced cravings for alcohol and nicotine, healing of disease and sickness, and elimination of pathogens, etc. I hope you get my point! Nothing could be more important in the age of Covid than incorporating this practice into your life.

The Seventh law of becoming Covid Proof are the detoxifications and the cleanses. And health regimen number seven is like health regimen number two with the hot sauna and the lymph. The lymphatic system is critical to deliver immune system cells where they need to go fast. And if it gets clogged up, it doesn’t work. It is the same thing with many other tubular systems in your body. So whether you are talking about the intestinal tract, it is a tube. Whether you are talking about the liver and gallbladder, it is also a tube. If you are talking about the arterial system, it’s a tube. If you are talking about the kidney, it’s a tube. The body is a series of tubes. The body is always making toxic stuff, ingesting toxic stuff, and needing to move toxic stuff out. Or what? Or you get clogged. And where does all of this end up? In your lymphatic system, that is also clogged up! And what we call detoxification is an organized, trusted, scientifically backed way to clean different physiological systems of the body.

I’m David Finkel, MPH. I’ve done it, I’ve lived it. I eaten and breathed it for over a decade. I’ve taken formal degrees, the Master’s in Public Health from USC Keck School of Medicine. And my job is to communicate it to you and a little more.

As of September 2020, the CDC points out that 94% of Covid Deaths had on average 2.6 additional causes or conditions per death. You have an incredible opportunity to learn from what the comorbidities are teaching us. 6/10 adults in the US have a chronic disease and 4/10 have two or more. Therefore….

the NEW NORMAL shouldn’t be ABNORMAL! I think the distinction is being overlooked. Becoming Covid Proof is a far better option. We do not have to hide from the virus if we can make ourselves immune to it!


(TLB) published this article from Contributor David Finkel, MPH. Our sincere gratitude to David for making this perspective available to our (TLB) family.

An additional resource note from David:

On Sunday October 11th 2020 at 2pm, you have a chance to become Covid Proof. My next Science Made Simple webinar will explore the dynamic between organ detoxification and enhanced immunity. What is organ detoxification and how does one do it? Are there any risks? Most importantly, why does it enhance immunity and how does it make you Covid Proof? I think you get my point. I’ll have many more points to make on October 11th at 2:00pm. Go to and register today. You will love it!



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