Covid Proof Your Immunity in 7 Easy Steps

September 23, 2020 0

Covid Proof Your Immunity in 7 Easy Steps… Contributed to (TLB) by David Finkel, MPH The recent emergence of the novel Coronavirus has propelled many Medical Doctors and Public Health officials to reinforce the benefits of […]


SHOCKING – Destroying Children & Old People With Vaccines

April 23, 2020 0

SHOCKING – Destroying Children & Old People With Vaccines EXPLOSION IN CHRONIC DISEASES … an epidemic driven by coronavirus, retrovirus and bacterial (antibiotics) contaminants in vaccines – says virologist Dr Judy Mikovits By: Allan Wohrnitz […]


CannaTalk Presents: The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

November 18, 2019 0

Endocannabinoid System (ECS) By: Chronic Relief The reasons that cannabis benefits so many different ailments boils down to the fact that a class of chemicals produced in the cannabis plant – known as cannabinoids – […]


Burnout Nation

May 22, 2019 0

Burnout Nation By: Charles Hugh Smith A number of recent surveys reflect a widespread sense of financial stress and symptoms of poor health in America’s workers, particularly the younger generations. There’s no real mystery as […]


5G: Harmful effects of a new technology [Jon Rappoport Report]

February 22, 2019 0

5G: Harmful effects of a new technology by Jon Rappoport * See “5G Radiation Dangers—11 Reasons To Be Concerned,” by Lloyd Burrell (twitter), at Well worth a read. * Of course, read Patrick Wood’s (twitter) instant classic, Technocracy Rising, which explains the hidden […]

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