COVID Shots & Grave Perils of Genetic Editing

COVID Shots and the Grave Perils of Genetic Editing

By: Sheila Holt

Now that genetically modified mosquitos have been unleashed upon Florida in a “groundbreaking” experiment, it might be time to become familiar with the upcoming gene-editing world — especially since it will more than likely become part of the science and medical world, thus affecting society at every level of health care.

You may ask, what is wrong with an advancement in health care that can save and improve lives? Well, nothing if this were a perfect and godly world. But it isn’t. Gene editing can alter DNA in ways you need to know. This technique is coding body-altering information into our bodies. Therefore, we had better make sure that the people developing the therapeutics by means of gene-editing are held accountable for the products being pushed.

You may ask why the term editing is being used in this article. Most refer to the editing of genetic code as engineering. But this new medical technique of instructing human genes through a cut-and-paste vector is much like coding a computer program. The human element of empathy, caring, and ethics can be easily removed in the process.

A company called Oxitec, based in the U.K., is piloting a program using gene-/information-modified mosquitoes to eliminate the invasive female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. The mosquitoes potentially spread diseases such as Dengue fever and Zika.

Dr. Nathan Rose, head regulator of Oxitec, said mosquito-borne diseases are likely to worsen as a result of climate change. According to the CDC, in a ten-year span between 2010 and 2020, there were 71 cases of Dengue fever transmitted in Florida. In essence, the experiment is being conducted for fear of climate change causing a drastic increase in incidence of Dengue fever. In the Fox article, Rose states that Oxitec will first experiment in Florida, collect data, then “go to the U.S. regulatory agencies to actually get a commercial registration to be able to release these mosquitoes more broadly within the United States.”

Don’t think the Florida Keys just opened their arms with a great big bear hug to this experiment. No, there were pushback and questions. In fact, Oxitec had been pushing this experiment to Key Haven and Key West for years, only to be rejected. Many other places have also declined this experiment. When it was conducted in Brazil, it initially seemed to work, but in the end, the mutated mosquitos transferred mutations to the general public. Thankfully, gene drive was not used in the Brazil experiment, for this type of gene manipulation cannot be reversed and can wipe out a species over time.

Evidently, Oxitec has created a second-generation “friendly mosquito” technology, where new male mosquitoes are programmed to kill only female mosquitoes, with males serving and passing on the modified genes to male offspring for generations. Yes, they are programmed to kill. Oxitec CEO Grey Frandsen announced in 2020 that Oxitec looked forward to working with the Florida Keys community to “demonstrate the effectiveness of our safe, sustainable technology in light of the growing challenges controlling this disease-spreading mosquito.”

Let’s hope the Florida mosquitoes experiment is truly a necessity and not some type of climate-change fear-mongering “sustainable” technology based on speculation. That brings us to another gene-editing experiment currently conducted throughout the United States.

By now, Americans know much about the push for societal COVID vaccines. These are deadly vaccines. They are experimental, and many utilize gene-editing techniques. It remains a mystery as to how the human body will react long-term to them. Because of herd immunity, the real efficacy of these therapies is a matter of pure speculation. The motivational factor for pushing this societal vaccination is suspect, as natural immunity is completely ignored. Natural immunity is a real thing! Every medical professional in the United States knows this as a fact. Every single infection control or human anatomy course ever taught explains the beauty of the immune system. The groupthink of segregating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated is simply absurd.

As with the Florida mosquitoes experiment, one certainly hopes the COVID vaccine experiment is truly necessary, lest we forget the history of eugenics and depopulation pushes in America. The obsession with fertility control has not waned. Remember the deceitful tetanus campaign in Kenya that proved to be laced with HCG. Likewise, the Indian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health deemed the Gates Foundation’s behavior with the girls of Khammam a breach of trust and a violation of human rights.

Every single person should get familiar with the technology of CRISPR, which will catapult genome editing into a whole new dimension. China has already delved into the world of creating gene babies. When you reflect on this technology, it inspires hope to see the benefit of such advances. However, without knowing the long-term effects and adding a dimension of ethics, this technology can go very wrong.

The push and coercion for societal vaccinations is the warning bell. Society has to trust the people in charge to be more than ethical. If the words population control are connected to even one of the vaccination powers that be, then governments, businesses, and families must question the intent. Keep in mind that viruses like HIV have been known and researched for almost fifty years in attempts to find a vaccination, to no avail. It is reasonable to question how a warp-speed vaccine was developed in less than a year for a novel coronavirus. Maybe the answer circles back to CRISPR and genetic editing. But can there be more to the hypnotic way governments, pharmaceutical, medical communities, and families are obviously taken with this new experiment?

If you really want to know a possible answer, carefully digest this article on transhumanism. There is a fascination with experimentation of the human body, mind, and soul. Evidently, it is a struggle for humans to resist the power of these experiments. Even with the censorship of knowledge, there is still so much available for people to learn about this gene-editing fascination. Knowledge is power, and now you know.


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