Daily Beast Writer Goes After Ben Swann for Raising Questions About #Pizzagate

Daily Beast Writer Goes After Ben Swann for Raising Questions About #Pizzagate

by Dr. Fly

Plainly, the incessant pushback by shills like Ben Collins from the Daily Beast is precisely why I’m more inclined to believe something is very wrong with Comet Ping Pong Pizza. It isn’t the message boards, or the conspiracy theorists, but the strongly worded and smug opinions of people who are always proven wrong that lead me to believe, once again, they’re wrong.

Here is the very straight forward and hardly conspiratorial reporting by Ben Swann regarding Comet Ping Pong and the incessant fervor by the media to quickly and thoroughly dismiss it as bunk.

In response to that, Ben Collins from the Daily Beast affixed a tin foil hat onto a picture of Swann, penned a useless article that tried to tie him to the MUH Russians, and then bitched about some of Swann’s previous work and the fact that no one at CBS Atlanta took his calls.


Here’s Collins in his ‘gotcha moment’, Pulitzer worthy, piece today.


In his last job at Russian state-TV outfit Russia Today in 2015, he reported that “any credible evidence does not seem to exist” that Russia shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, simply that it “fit the narrative the U.S. administration was hoping for.” On his own YouTube channel he said he had “major problems with the theory” that the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting and Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were each conducted by “lone gunmen.”

“There’s a good reason to question this whole narrative: There’s been no evidence so far provided by police, other than what they’ve told us,” he said in his Sandy Hook truther video.
Swann took the same approach to Tuesday’s Pizzagate exposé, saying he spent the “last month investigating” it. In the report, Swann never reached out to any of the mentioned pizza shops, the FBI, the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, John Podesta, the Clinton campaign, or any of the people named or featured in pictures that aired throughout the report.

“To be clear, not one single email in the Podesta emails discusses child sex trafficking or pedophilia. That is a fact, but there are dozens of what seem to be strangely worded emails dealing with pizza and handkerchiefs,” he said. “What the media is ignoring is that the Comet Ping-Pong Pizza place is actually referenced in the Podesta emails at least a dozen or so times.”

Let me get this straight. Ben Swann is wrong for even mentioning Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza and satanic rock performers who play regularly at Comet, who by the way literally have a logo synonymous with pedophilia representing them, because he used to work for the fucking Russians at RT and some of his previous work questioned main stream media reporting of events that looked and sounded like complete bullshit to others not bluepilled?

That’s Swann’s niche you f—ing idiot.

The problem with the main stream media shills, aside from being ineffective and not serious in their thinking, is that they believe they own the truth. Often times the truth is a phantom, a ghost in the wilderness, being shrouded and protected by people who have an incentive to conceal it.

Personally, I welcome people like Swann, and others like him, with the courage to discuss topics that many are thinking about, but never get a chance to actually hear about it in the media — which is why the internet is crushing them into a thousand tiny pieces to be flushed away into the vast sea of oblivion.


Ben Swann did nothing wrong.


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