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Please enjoy Glenn-Winningham explaining who the B.A.R. really serve.  This is all on video with some reading.  It’s time to awaken to the reality behind the smoke and mirrors show put on by the scavengers in court.

Glenn:  “All BAR Members are foreign agents of the Crown which is a corporation domiciled in the City of London which is owned and operated by the Vatican. The founding fathers tried to eliminate BAR members from American government but failed. This video documents many of their crimes.”










  1. All you lawyers are ranked below Congress, and Bankers, both of which categories could not have worse reputations. That’s where that leaves you.

    Your response sounds just like an egotistical lawyer. See, you ‘nobles’ really cannot help yourself from spewing prideful crap from your lips.

    If there was no federal corporation, falsely called government, a.k.a. the United States, Congress, District of Columbia, or whatever other name you and your cronies deceitfully act under, there would be little need for people like you who practice law in the realm created by your compatriots to make sure you, and them have a good living.

    The exclusive law you practice is limited by the Constitution, to a District not to exceed (an area Ten miles square).

    Not gonna work anymore within the exterior limits of the Union bubba.

    If you were any kind of a lawyer you would know that every United States District Court lacks jurisdiction to take cognizance of civil and criminal proceedings anywhere within the Union.

    If you argue that point, well, you’ve been branded well by your brigand buddies.

    Go back to England, where the corporation you wasted a life’s work on originated.

  2. Fred, If what I put in writing was fabrication, we would all be better off in this world. The B.A.R. “Law” schools teach would be Attorneys to deal with fictions, and coerce people into a jurisdiction they clearly do not belong. The guys in the black robes are interested in monetizing the mortmain account, and they treat people as municipals. The real problem is that the B.A.R. is outed and that Genie ain’t going back into the bottle. People are getting dragged into “court” who never once harmed anyone, with the plaintiffs-in-fraud are merely criminals employed in fictions. Coercion of commercial code upon living men is high treason. Please read FRCP 17a, and Trinsey vs. Pagliaro, and Bond vs. United States, and Hale vs. Henkel, and Yick Wo vs. Hopkins so you can see almost every single thing the B.A.R. does is piracy and press-ganging.

    As far as you are concerned, I’ll say that you might be as much of a victim of the Crown Temple B.A.R., Inns of the Court in CITY OF LONDON propaganda as the next bloke. You’re all foreclosed from Parity with the living, yet you are always bringing the living man in as the DECEDENT, in a foreign “court.”

    I have friends who were disbarred for bringing law into the Admiralty court. I’m preparing an International Law Notice of Claim against several of the main criminals for one of the former Attorneys they screwed very soon. All of the foreclosure fraud is because of the Banksters and their B.A.R. brokers. They’re not even supposed hold offices of trust. Let’s face it, when one swears an oath to the Crown, they’re Agents of the Crown.

    Now, onto the police. They’re doing what they do to people because of the B.A.R. People are not in commerce, so why are B.A.R. judges and prosecutors robbing them as if they are? Fred, I recommend you watch the youtube videos by Sovereignliving called BAR MEMBERS I, II, and III. After that, if you don’t see things more clearly, I’ll be very surprised. Watch the videos!!!

    Members of the B.A.R. are sworn agents of the Crown. They DO NOT have licenses. They have union cards. It’s the B.A.R. itself that hands out the union cards, not any “STATE OF…” All B.A.R. Attorners/Brokers are foreign agents.

  3. I CANNOT say that I disagree with your entire posture any more vehemently than I am. I choose not to use the words that I would like to use, because they would lower me to a level of coarseness that I would choose not to reach in public.
    I am proudly a member of the Bar of the State of Maryland. That law degree that I earned through hard work, sweat and tears at the University of Chicago, and the bar license that I obtained after a grueling three days of exam, have helped me help thousands of people through a career that started in 1963 in Baltimore. I only direct your attention to any number of ranchers in Owyhee County, Idaho, such as Tim Lowry of South Mountain, Bill Lowry of Jordan Valley, Brad Huff of the Melba area, Dr. Chad Gibson former county agent, Ted Hoffman of Mountain Home and a hundred others that any one of them will refer you to for telling how I helped them; or try the mayors of Little River=Academy, Rogers, or Holland, Texas, tiny small towns who I helped stop the Trans Texas Corridor from dividing and destroying their towns. I don’t have to go on, but you might want to talk to ranchers in Modoc County in California, farmers in Logan County, Kansas, and home owners and business people in Lincoln County, Colorado to find out how I have helped.
    I have introduced a coordination concept to counties thorughout the west, and if all of them were using the concept right now the federal government would be resting on its heels.
    I resent being lumped with other lawyers who may or may not have taken advantage of their clients. I do not judge the author of this diatribe along with groups of others; I judge him/her by himself/herself. It is a pitifully researched article.
    That does not mean that I will say that “all authors write and research pitifully”. “All p0lice officers are cruel and looking for a chance to shoot” does not fit the police officer who does his or her duty as laid out by the law. And, if you didn’t have the good police officers, we would have eternal and complete chaos in our towns and rural areas. Do you single out, or do you lump together, members of patriot groups who go astray and do stupid things. Do you assert that every member of your group is a marvelous supporter of liberty in the way our forefathers saw it? Well, if you do, I suspect you are either naive or just a plain fabricator.
    Thats enough time wasted on this. You just remember the next time you want to post some trash like this, that there are some lawyers out there that do their damndest every day of their lives to help their clients—to the disadvantage of their families, friends and their own health.
    I know this won’t affect your mentality toward lawyers; I did it so that some of your readers might realize that there are those of us who do not subscribe to your idiocy. And, by the way, the next time some member of yours goes into court and spouts your version of the law, let me know what happens as compared with someone who goes in and spouts my version of the law.

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