Dave Hodges & Sheila Zilinski-World War III Has Begun

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

When I was young I used to read stories about the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and their fanatical ideals of Communism, and how they spread their ideology by aggression like a dark cancer, attacking the forces of good and light throughout the world. For every regional skirmish they started, we would jump in and counter their aggression. Around the world, we were loved and admired! I knew that wherever there was evil in the world we, the United States Of America, would be there in all our righteous splendor to do battle with these fiends, defend the innocent, and bring freedom and liberty to all!

Today, I look at the world without those rose colored glasses, and what I see is well over a million Iraqis dead, maimed for life, homeless or chronically sick, and how many in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Libya … etc… and all for what, because that has never truly been justified to We the People? A sizable and growing portion of the world is staring back at us, their eyes burning with the same hatred and contempt that I used to feel for the Soviet empire when I was young.

When did we become what we hate most?

A passionate discussion by two of The Liberty Beacon project’s premier contributors. Who is in control? Who pulls the strings and how does it all tie back to you and I?

We truly live in the land of “make believe” today, where everything the government we elect to serve us, tells us … is “make believe”. From the economy, to the growing global hatred of America, to the sparks of WW III flying ominously around Syria … all seems to be leading in a single direction, and that direction ain’t good for We The People.

So has World War III begun … ???

Popular talk show host and writer host Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show joins Sheila Zilinsky (Weekend Vigilante) for a riveting connection of the Rumblings in the Middle East, Russia, Syria, Obama, Gun Control, the TPP, Agenda 21. and the common denominator in the entire nefarious agenda. Is this World War 3?

Listen to Sheila Ziliniski interview Dave Hodges. 

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