COPERA’S Corner: Is the Military Code of Honor Missing from Today’s America Creating a Dangerous Vacuum for Us All?

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Copera’s Corner (Episode #5)

With Hosts: Rebecca L. Mahan and Hallie Neill

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Copera’s Corner, with hosts Rebecca L. Mahan and Hallie Neill, have an informative show that starts with a regular guest appearance by Wiley Morgan during their new segment “Copera’s Twist.” They finish the show with 2 guests who talk about being accountable with money and in parenting.

Is the Military Code of Honor Missing from Today’s America Creating a Dangerous Vacuum for Us All?

By Hallie Neill

Copera = the Cop + the Opera Singer welcome Wiley Morgan, Combat Veteran, U.S. Army Retired, to present his Veteran’s Perspective in a robust discussion of hot topics from the Bergdahl case, punishing the military for protecting the innocent, religious freedoms hanging in the balance, creativity not fostered in our schools, and the intolerance of opposing views. Speaking of creativity – we close with a bit of our own in some friendly banter.

We open with Obama’s Rose Garden embrace of Sgt. Bergdhal’s parents after negotiating his release in the controversial prisoner swap. We consider the cost to our military (6 men lost their lives searching for him in Afghanistan), the Army’s recent charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy (with a possible court martial ahead) and the photo op/celebration in the Rose Garden. Where is the nexus we wonder.

And where is the wisdom in Obama’s change in the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan instructing soldiers to ignore child sexual abuse by their Afghan allies? We discuss the reports of US soldiers being forced to retire after disobeying this order by stopping child rapes. Wiley shares the military are trained to “protect the innocent”. So we ask, is child rape cultural – or barbaric? Is the military code of honor that is missing from the current landscape of culture and politics creating a vacuum of danger for America?

We expose the anti-Christian discrimination in the story of the Marine, a cake, a Biblical scripture and the punitive price quoted by a pro-homosexual bakery. And as we lament the lack of tolerance for opposing views, the shutting down of sharing personal beliefs in the workplace, and creativity not encouraged in our schools – we close with a bit of our own.

By Rebecca L. Mahan

Cary Cabanaro, CFP, MBA, and Author of her new book “The Money Queen’s Guide talk about her interest from a young age in relation to money. She shares 10 tips on how to manage money, such as, how to simplify budgeting and knowing your net worth. Cabanaro talks about planning for your financial future and uses the planning of a wedding as an example. She shares that it’s how you recover that matters in the event that there has been money management issues. An analogy of collected and unorganized nuts (accounts) collected by one individual she assisted and luckily reformed, was used to demonstrate the potential impact for those who may have to assist with a loved ones finances in the event of an illness or death. She professes the foundation to having money is having a budget, knowing what coming in and whats going out.

Guest Tom Gagilano, By Relationship Expert and Best Selling Author, brought to life the accountability factor for parents by talking about his new book “Don’t Put Your Crap In Your Kid’s Diaper, The Clean Up Cost Could Last a Lifetime.” He believes the most important relationship we have is with ourselves and details how this plays into the accountability parents have. He is passionate about sending positive and loving messages to our children, as often times kids wonder what it is they have done wrong. By laying down messages to children that they are important and valued, means there is a large chance the children it will help stop the development of the destructive entitlement view. The goal is to create a healthy, confident, and productive child. Gagliano designed his book to be a healthy blueprint for parents to stay on task.

Copera’s Corner Radio Personalities provide customized event entertainment by Award winning Opera Singers that accompany an Expert guest speaker. Public speaking never sounded so good!


COPERA’S Corner may be heard at 9PM EST every Sunday (you will receive a “No Results Found” message if you click on the show link prior to air time) at The Liberty Beacon Radio Network. And can be heard in full anytime after show publish time (pre-recorded).

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COPERA’S Corner hosts:

Hallie Neill:

HallieOpera Singer, Actress, Playwright

“Soprano Hallie Neill is a rapturous singing actress…”​ (The New York Times)

Beginning her career as a singing waitress and singing telegram performer, Hallie left sunny San Diego for the wilds of Alaska working for the Alyeska Pipeline to support her dream of singing on the operatic stage.

Professional light opera and musical theatre roles led to her grand opera debut in New York City in the leading role in “La Traviata” for an audience of 20,000 in Central Park with the New York Grand Opera.

Hallie has since appeared in over 35 countries from Hong Kong to Dubai, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and with regional opera companies throughout the US.

Hallie created leading roles in two operatic world premieres: Anton Coppola’s “Sacco and Vanzetti” for Opera Tampa and Philip Glass’s "La Belle et la Bete" throughout Europe, and has toured extensively in leading operatic roles with Teatro Lirico d’Europa throughout Spain, Portugal, Germany and the US. Recorded for Nonesuch Records with the Philip Glass Opera Ensemble and appeared as the opera singer voice over artist in the feature film “Doggie Boogie”.

A noted playwright, Hallie was featured on the 50th Annual Grammy Awards Entry List for “Best Musical Show Album” for her first script, starring opposite her husband, Metropolitan Opera baritone Theodore Lambrinos in “A Scandalous Affair” throughout the US including Lincoln Center and the Players Club in New York City.

As a humanitarian and spokesperson, Hallie has appeared on FOX News with Kelly Wright’s Beyond the Dream Series for the Coats 4 Kurdistan relief efforts, on NBC with Chuck Scarborough, News 4 New York, for a disease awareness campaign, as professional ambassador for victims of human trafficking for WAR, International and serves on the board of Change for Hope, a non profit creating coalitions of care to help refugees in Kurdistan.

Rebecca Mahan:

RebeccaRebecca was employed for over 10 years as a law enforcement officer and was a Field Training Officer, as well as, Background Investigator. She has spent over20 years studying domestic violence and working with victims of various traumatic events. She has spent many years working directly with others to be successful in their independent business goals and a successful recruiter. She is an author and host of several radio shows. Rebecca was a columnist for over 7 years at a community college and is currently a columnist, “Becca’s Brief’s” with Communities Digital News.

Her education includes: Associates degrees in Christian Studies, General Education, General Business Management, and Law Enforcement. Bachelor’s degrees in Church Ministry and Occupational Studies Vocational Arts. Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. Currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Philosophy of Theology program.

Rebecca has combined her knowledge and experience to create the successful program, V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events, Program for those exposed to domestic violence and other traumatic events. Her goal is to assist law enforcement, first responders, and others to save lives, reduce injury, and help others to move forward to a healthier life.

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