David Icke Gets Banned in All 26 EU Countries

ER Editor:  ‘It’s an own goal, but they’re 6-nil down’.  ‘They know I know.’  ‘The Reptilian thing comes up.’

Icke’s son Jay makes the point in the interview with his father below that his father’s name has simply become better known as a result of this banning, fuss and publicity over a scheduled 30-minute speech in Amsterdam on Sunday. We thoroughly believe this is a chess game since resulting publicity for Icke does indeed make his ideas become better known. Including those Reptilians … Who better than him to put that one out?!

When you lack a legitimate reason for banning someone, you resort to the old chestnut of anti-semitism.

Below, Dutch journalist Michel van der Kemp walks us through what has happened on his native soil with Icke’s ban.


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David Icke banned in 26 countries


Despite the drizzly rain, Sunday should have been a beautiful day in Amsterdam. David Icke was invited to speak at the peace monument, in memory of the Second World War, on Dam Square for the “No war, just peace” rally. It ended up being something different.

Shortly after it became known that Icke was invited to speak in Amsterdam, CIDI (Center for Information and Documentation Israel) published an article on their website with the title: “CIDI: No stage for the anti-Semite, Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist David Icke”. According to CIDI, David Icke’s “books are filled with raw antisemitism and Icke flirts with denial of the Holocaust.” Immediately the article was picked up by all the Dutch newspapers.

“David Icke is an anti-Semite and holocaust denier” became thus widely published. This prompted Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema, who has shown remarkable lack of vigor dealing with terrorist group Antifa in her city, to ask the organizers of the peace rally to withdraw the invitation for Icke and find a different place for the rally.

One of the organizers of the peace rally, Mordechai Krispijn, decided to ask Icke what is actually true of the allegations put forward by CIDI. In a 1 hour video conversation Krispijn asks Icke three questions (the questions start around the 7-minute mark).

Mordechai Krispijn: Were you contacted by any of the mainstream media parties here in the Netherlands, any newspaper, any television program?

David Icke: No, not once.

Mordechai Krispijn: Did, according to you, the Holocaust took place?

David Icke: Yeah I mean if you’re talking about vast numbers of Jewish people being killed by the Nazis in a systematic way, as they were. Yes absolutely.

Mordechai Krispijn: You more or less answered my third question already: were according to you Jews killed by the Nazis in the Second World War?

David Icke: Absolutely.

In the well-worth watching conversation that follows, Icke wonders what CIDI means with flirting with Holocaust denial. How could one flirt with it? Icke also talks about the allegations of antisemitism. Icke actually states that he is the one fighting against Nazism, that he’s been warning about it for 30 years. All this censorship we’re seeing, how could that be anything but Nazism?

When one digs deeper into the topic, it becomes clear that nothing remains of the so-called allegations. Dutch journalists haven’t bothered to contact Icke, and just parrot what CIDI alleges, without any evidence. Newspaper De Telegraaf even goes so far that asking for evidence of the allegations is antisemitism in itself.

Persona non grata

As Icke was on his way to Amsterdam, on November 3rd, he received an email from the Dutch Immigration service with the following letter (see below). The letter is written in Dutch, while Icke is an English citizen and doesn’t speak Dutch. The letter is not even signed other than “Senior employee”. The letter will only be sent by email.

Dear Mr. Icke,

With this letter I inform you that you have been reported immediately in the Schengen Information System (SIS II) for the duration of two years and you are not allowed to enter the Schengen area.

The Schengen area consists of 26 EU countries, and with this letter Icke has been prohibited from visiting any of the Schengen countries for the duration of two years.

As reason, the letter refers to a report of the Police Amsterdam, which in turn refers mainly to newspaper articles and the article of CIDI. The report calls it “not unthinkable that David Icke’s visit to the ‘Samen voor Nederland’ (Together for Holland) demonstration will lead to a disruption of the public peace.” “It is conceivable that his physical presence could give rise to stronger reactions from the counter-demonstration [ER editor: by CIDI] . But that his physical absence can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction with the protesters who already have anti-government sentiment.”

David Icke’s wish to speak in Amsterdam has thus led to a 2-year ban in 26 countries, at the instigation of an organization that ought to know the value of free speech.

Icke has four weeks to appeal the decision. His video reaction to the ban is unlikely to be sufficient. It needs to be noted that Icke didn’t bother to speak in Dutch, but we provided subtitles for the senior employee who signed the letter.

The speech David Icke wanted to give in Amsterdam on Sunday can be seen here. Those who want to read his ‘Holocaust denying books’ can find them on his website.

Finally, although the organization of the peace rally in the end decided to cancel the peace rally, several hundreds of people decided to go to Amsterdam to ‘drink coffee’. The feelings of dissatisfaction the police report mentions can be clearly seen when the attendees started clapping and singing that they want justice. Those people are really terrifying indeed, but only for those who made unjustifiable decisions.


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