DC Should Be Renamed for Benedict Arnold

DC Should Be Renamed for Benedict Arnold

By: J.B. Shurk

There is no doubt in my mind that if General George Washington were alive to see how the permanent political class had defiled his good name, he would raze D.C. to the ground. “But George,” I imagine Martha pleading, “there surely are some good people in the nation’s capital who still serve the Republic.”

“I don’t think so. They celebrate baby murder, educate children inside brothels, tax the people to death, corruptly enrich themselves, and send the poorest to fight foreign wars for vague reasons.”

“In that case, just wait here; I’ll go grab the torches.” Martha was a patriotic and courageous first lady, who was never so insecure that she required strangers to address her as “Doctor.”

If the denizens of D.C. had even the slightest inclination toward honesty, they would rename their little swampland after Benedict Arnold, a man whose capacity for betrayal they all secretly emulate. The filthy cesspool of narcissists and thieves rules over most of North America and a good chunk of the globe, but it is despised by pretty much anyone on the planet not making a buck from the crony Capitol-ism that fuels the whole rotten system.

Whatever courses through the Leviathan’s veins, it stinks to high heaven. Of course, now that cocaine has been legalized in the West Wing, who knows what kinds of other intoxicants the Leviathan is hopped up on these days? The whole of D.C. has the twitchy personality of a boozing streetwalker bouncing back and forth from coke to ketamine. It is little surprise that the “ruling class” refuses to close the border to fentanyl. A whole city addicted to power and pharmaceuticals can’t welch on the same drug-dealers who fill both the campaign coffers and party stashes of the city’s most decadent deadbeats.

Speaking of fentanyl, the Drug Enforcement Administration has a public safety campaign under the catchy slogan “One Pill Can Kill,” as part of D.C.’s continuing efforts to solve real-life problems with Twitter hashtags. One open border can kill, too, but saying that out loud is neither “politically correct” nor financially viable to an upper-crust corporate oligarchy that survives on cheap, illicit labor. The residents of Benedict Arnold are nothing if not patent hypocrites, but it still seems incongruous for the same bureaucrats who glorify abortifacients to demonize opioids. The Planned Parenthood priesthood spends most of its time cheering, “One pill can kill — yay!” On the other hand, Planned Parenthood’s child-sacrificing disciples — many of whom love opioids as much as Hunter Biden does — pretend to worry about the drug epidemic killing Americans in staggering numbers. Warnings from the same deviants whose open border policies and fixation with child dismemberment have taken more American lives than any foreign military sound sinisterly hollow.

All the average American asks of the federal government is this: provide for our common defense against foreign aggressors; negotiate with other nations on the collective states’ behalf; ensure the operation of a judicial system that treats everyone fairly and evenly; if you’re going to issue a form of money, make sure to maintain its stable value; refrain from starting reckless wars that squander American lives; abide by the restrictions of the Constitution; defend the Bill of Rights; respect the states’ individual sovereignty; and, otherwise, get out of the way.

The Benedict Arnolds have instead illegally opened America’s borders, constructed a criminal (in)justice system that targets political enemies, stolen Americans’ incomes through exorbitant taxes, devalued Americans’ monetary currency through profligate spending, engaged in an unending cycle of wars, abandoned the Constitution, infringed Americans’ inalienable rights, ignored the states’ inherent authority, and inserted themselves into every crevice of American life. To top it all off, their globalist agenda to push “green” energy has destroyed the economy.

Only a dum-dum like Biden would name our current economic doldrums after himself. Bidenomics Seriously? Is that when you make less, own less, and give the government more? Or is it the name for a crony Capitol-ist system that allows a “public servant” to own three homes and be a millionaire? Or maybe Bidenomics describes a sounder of low-class swine who can afford cocaine but not child support. Whatever its technical definition, its effect is the same: the politically connected keep getting richer while sticking it to the middle class who work for a living. No wonder a lifelong grifter universally known as a bought-and-paid-for stooge of America’s foreign enemies couldn’t care less whether his name is synonymous with economic malaise — just so long as he gets his 10% cut from the communist Chinese!

I wish I could say that Republicans in D.C. are capable of righting the ship at some point. I wish the party of Lincoln still had real principles and served some greater purpose aside from providing the appearance of an electoral choice for voters. For decades, though, it has been the home of too many backstabbing neoconservatives all too willing to vote for Hillary Clinton and underhanded Uniparty co-conspirators working for Marxist globalism and against the American people. In reality, most Republican officeholders are shiny hood ornaments whose function is to distract the public while the Deep State barrels down the road, hitting innocent pedestrians.

Have you noticed how little Republicans actually get done when Donald Trump is not in town? They do a lot of loud huffing and puffing but follow up with little in the way of concrete action. While unethical prosecutors and judges lock up Trump confidants and supporters for their political beliefs, Republican leaders do nothing. While the Department of (in)Justice pursues a potential life sentence against President Trump, Republican leaders are silent. When thoughtcrimes, censorship, and political persecution run rampant, the time for half-measures has ended.

Commie-leaning rags habitually run headlines claiming that Republicans have “pounced” on some issue; conservative publications run headlines applauding Republicans for having “sounded the alarm.” I don’t know about you, but the Republican Party reminds me of a bunch of kitty-cat Karens who struggle to do anything more than report their problems to the manager. In a time when only lions will do, the house cats in D.C. just add stink to the litter box.

It is no surprise, then, that Americans keep looking for political “outsiders” willing to rid D.C. of its Benedict Arnold infestation once and for all. President Trump still holds a commanding lead in Republican primary polling, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has a solid twenty-plus-percentage share among Democrats. Granted, China Joe puts the lame in “lame duck” as no other child-sniffing fraud could, but it is still amazing that so much of the electorate desperately seeks a leader untethered to B.A., D.C. The “ruling class” clings to permanent power, and the American people — across the political spectrum — are saying quite loudly: It sure would be nice if some cowboy with a little grit visited the entrenched kakistocracy.

Maybe that doesn’t bother a political cabal smitten with rigged elections and accustomed to sticking its collective head up its own derrière, but it should. Institutions that lack legitimacy don’t last long, and recent polls make it strikingly clear that Americans have almost no confidence in the financial, political, and cultural institutions that surround them. While the Feds hunt J6 election protesters, parents concerned about sexualized school curricula, and illusory “white supremacists” lurking in the hills, a majority of Americans know that the real Benedict Arnolds reside just above the sewers of D.C. A city that rules an empire cannot persevere when it betrays its erstwhile friends — and certainly not when it treats everyone opposed to its municipal dominion as an enemy.


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