Robert De Niro is playing his last role. That of an aging ham, who is showing signs of pre-senile dementia. Venting such obscene rage towards the President of the United States indicates a pathology that only a psychiatrist of the highest intellectual level could articulate. There’s no question in my mind as a radio commentator and observer of human folly, that Robert De Niro’s unhinged hatred for Donald Trump is not based upon reality so much as it is upon serious psychological damage he suffered as a child, notably the fact that he wishes Donald Trump had been his father.

Given that all Presidents are father figures, some more alpha than others, it is not that far fetched to believe that not only Robert De Niro’s unhinged hatred of Donald Trump is deeply rooted in psychological damage as a child and a wish fulfillment fantasy that he had had a father like Donald Trump, but the same can be applied to the pathological insanity of the American left and their unhinged hatred for the President.

For example, right after his election, and for months, all the pink hatted screamers in the streets screaming, but at who? What was the rage about? They were screaming to the heavens about themselves, either hating the father figure they had, or wishing that Donald Trump had been the strong father to spank them and tell them to go to bed without dinner.

You’ve always heard the United States referred to as Uncle Sam, which is a very macho, very patriotic image. Taking that analogy one step further, if Donald Trump is the embodiment of Uncle Sam, my construct is not as absurd as it first may seem. Is it possible that the pathological hatred for Donald Trump is not based in reality? For after all, what is it he’s actually done that is so bad? I don’t understand it. It’s true he’s not a left wing fanatic, new world order globalist. But that would not provoke this level of emotion. So what exactly is behind it? There are some psychological issues here that I’d like to discuss today. Do you hate or love Donald Trump because of your own childhood issues? Are you projecting?

Or maybe he just took too many punches to the head while acting in Raging Bull.


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