Deep State is Doubling Down [Video Report]

Deep State is Doubling Down

by TLB Staff

Deep State and Tyranny have become synonymous with those of us that want to protect our God Given Freedoms and Liberties. The various parts of government that was charged with protecting the American People and our afore mentioned God Given rights, have taken their directive and turned it 180′ to protecting The Military Industrial Complex/Deep State against the American People. That dear friends is called Tyranny!

In the following videos we will see how the State Department is spending millions of dollars spreading disinformation and how they will take out any individual or organization that does not toe the official U.S. government propaganda line. We will also see a glaring example of how “Big Box” corporate retail is enabling Deep State/FBI “Big Brother” to zero in on YOU.

State Department’s War on Political Dissent

Ron Paul Institute’s Daniel McAdams joins the Corbett Report to discuss the Neocon/Washington war on dissent in America:

Google And Geek Squad: Arms Of The Deep State?

Daniel McAdams

Best Buy’s Geek Squad has been discovered acting as undercover FBI informants, snooping on their customers’ computers and reporting anything that looks amiss to the FBI…for cash payments! And Google is teaming up with the Pentagon to help it better analyze drone footage for targeting and other purposes. While once it seemed the big tech firms would provide us protection against the ever-prying eyes of the national security state, it seems now they have become arms of the national security state. We look at this troubling phenomenon in [this] Liberty Report:


Lady Liberty is being bombarded by the ‘Enemy Within’ from every angle in hopes they may extinguish her message of Inspiration for Humanity.

Wake Up America… Wake Up World… Time is Short!

Get involved at any level of Activism… City, County, State or Federal. Get on the web and ban together with like minded people. Form Action plans. Hold Government official’s feet to the fire. Demand transparency. Run for Office on any level… be the voice of Liberty.

Starting at the top and making Big Government the target is a waste of your time and resources. Deep State will out-spend and out-run you everytime. Start at the local level and knock off their “fellow travelers” of The Left.

Remember the “Left” is not made up of Liberals… The word Liberal is derived from Liberty. Nice try by the folks on the Left to re-frame and make their actions less offensive to their victims of propaganda.

Final Thought

Don’t wait for the ‘other guy’ to take action. YOU are the other guy. With Freedom and Liberty comes responsibility… your responsibility… now Own Up to It! (TLB)


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