ZOOMERS 2 BOOMERS: Trump In The Crosshairs

July 19, 2024 0

What happens when America wanders too close to the edge of a cliff … Today we discuss the recent attempt on Former President Donald Trump’s life and it’s many implications … Listen to Archived Show […]


Trump Will Be Essentially Running Unopposed

July 10, 2024 0

Commentary by Bill the Butcher Unopposed: Not opposed. An unopposed invasion: having no opponent. A politician who is running for election unopposed. Parkinson’s symptoms: • Tremor. Rhythmic shaking, called tremor, usually begins in a limb, […]


Biden’s Failing Brain Exposes Deep State Treachery

June 30, 2024 0

Biden’s Failing Brain Exposes Deep State Treachery By J.B. Shurk I know the country’s going to hell in a handbasket. Inflation is killing working-class families. Illegal immigrants are raping and murdering little girls. “Woke” corporations […]

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