Develop & Nurture a Credit Profile for Your Business’ Future Line Of Credit

Develop & Nurture a Credit Profile for Your Business’ Future Line Of Credit

By TLB Contributing Author: Martin

There might come a time when your business will be dependent on a small business revolving line of credit. When that day comes, it will be a lot harder to get your hands on the required line of credit without a solid business credit profile. Without it, lenders will be hesitant to trust you with their money and you will find that you aren’t left with a whole lot of variety and options in regard to where to get your credit from. This is why it’s essentials to have an already developed credit profile which can be used as soon as the need for a credit line appears. The remainder of this piece will focus on ways in which you can improve your credit profile.

Vendor trade lines are the way to go

There is immense benefit to be had in trading with external suppliers. If you are dealing with outside suppliers, you can enhance your credit profile considerably by asking them to report your activity back to the credit bureaus which are in charge of your credit profile. Making sure that you work with suppliers which will let bureaus know about the fact that you always pay in time is a big deal. Of course, it also involves you actually paying in time and always paying up fully for the provided supplies in a relatively short period of time after the drop, more specifically a matter of days of weeks, tops.

Stay updated

Don’t hesitate to always update your credit information with all the important parties involved. There are multiple credit bureaus which can be handling your information so it’s important to update with all of them so that they have the most recent data on your company. This is also very important because it allows these financial entities to discover more about your current situation and how it’s changed since the last time you’ve updated.

Never miss a payment

If keeping your credit score up is your main goal, then missing a payment is one of the biggest no-nos. It’s very important that you make every payment before it is due, otherwise it will reflect badly on your credit profile. It will also affect how you will be granted loans in the future. Make sure to include all payments into the mix, meaning from all cards and loans associated with your firm. One of the most impactful things you can do in order to boost your credit profile is to prove that you can be trusted with a loaned amount of money, or with credit.

Getting a favorable line of credit is hugely related to having a very good credit profile. By working on providing accurate and favorable information about your records and operations, you stand to increase your chances at a good line of credit.


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