Distraught Kids at Elite NYC Schools Get Therapy Dogs to Cope with Trump Win

Preface by TLB Editorial Staff

Wait… What??  School kids get “Therapy Dogs” because they can’t handle Trumps’ Win? That begs the question, what have their teachers been “feeding” them about our Constitution, the Candidates and America?

Apparently we have the resources to provide Therapy Dogs for school children subject to Political Trauma, but not for U.S. Military Veterans returning home from serving their country. It is all backwards folks… the salt is in the pepper shaker and visa versa.


Distraught Kids at Elite NYC Schools Get Therapy Dogs to Cope with Trump Win

by Jammie | JWF

We’re a week since the election and the news gets funnier by the day.

New York City schoolchildren still unable to process Donald Trump’s victory are getting more help — from therapy dogs.

The Post revealed last week that coddled kids at elite schools were being offered disaster counseling to deal with President-elect Trump and their depressed liberal parents.

Now we’re told that “pettable” pooches were brought to private school Avenues, which said in a letter that its faculty had backed Hillary Clinton, and “our students brought a great deal of emotion, anxiety and strong feelings,” after Trump won.

Poor things won’t possibly be able to cope with life once they face some real adversity. We missed this last week when therapy dogs were brought to Capitol Hill to help calm the lunatics who get paid with our taxes.

“And they are completely bipartisan. They love us no matter our politics. What better way to deliver that message than to come to Capitol Hill today? The day after the election,” he added.

Lance, a beagle, was hugged by one staffer who turned to his owner and said, “Thank you for bringing your lovely dog.”

The election was not discussed much inside the room, but the five owners were encouraging the many staffers to take a deep breath.

“This is a game changer,” one intern said when she saw Griffy, another golden doodle, and Cleo.

A game changer? Really?


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