Draining The Swamp Must Start With 911 – TRUTH!

Draining The Swamp Must Start With 911 – TRUTH!

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

George Santayana wrote:

Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

9-11 was a horrible crime not only to the United States of America, but all of humanity. It was so profound, so blatant, so complex in its orchestration and execution, that the average person just can’t wrap their minds around it.  To implement this crime, there had to be an extensive cover up, from media to the deepest elements in the CIA and FBI.

Though it might seem masterfully orchestrated, it was not a perfect crime, and new information and reasoning are coming forth that must be viewed. Indeed, an influential think-tank and state-of-the-art super-computer fabricated and facilitated both heist and cover up, including the government-sponsored 911 Commission Report. History will reveal, no matter how hidden or rewritten, that Truth, with time and effort, always rises to the surface, and what follows below shows something very hard to admit aloud, and it is both haunting and frightful to behold: 911 was an inside job.  There is no doubt about it. It is proven, and who did it is known.

Our world changed on that day, and it was the justification for constant preemptive war, the complete suspension of our Constitution and Civil Liberties, clandestine spying and manipulation of historical and investigative records, with an unaccountable spending and national debt that has grown from 6 trillion, to over 20 trillion. There are so many convoluted repercussions that penetrate to the very foundation of what America is supposed to be, from a shadow government pulling our strings, a prevailing and unaccountable Pentagon, with a military industrial complex and banking cartel now global in scope, that America’s future as a sovereign nation no longer exists. The fundamental concept our founders emphatically warned us about, Liberty from tyranny, has been wrenched from our hands, and we are all at a loss about what to do.

To say that American Patriots want closure is a given, but this can never be accomplished unless we have an independent investigation into 911. We must bring to light, not just the underlying reason it happened, but how it was premeditated, and implemented. Who stood to gain from it? How was it inspired and why? Who, after all this time, has gained?

We  must bring truth to bear on those who had insider information in the market, the power to manipulate a military stand-down, and to investigate the trillions of stolen artifacts and gold from the twin towers. Let us investigate the amazing amount of destroyed business dealings and paper trail records, from the Pentagon to Building 7! Let us question who gained control of our government, pushing unlimited opportunities around the world for a select few.

Those who masterminded this treachery are still at large, and must be brought to justice. The light of truth is the only road our nation can take if we want our Republic returned. We have no choice. If  911 is not investigated by an independent counsel, our country is forever lost.

President Trump went on record days after 911, stating the buildings had to be prewired for demolition, with references throughout his campaign to drain the swamp, finally acknowledging out-loud that we have been, and still are, manipulated by a shadow government. If we want that accomplished, an investigation into 911 is the very first, and only place to start.

As the years pile on, inconsistencies continually cleave at the official explanation, and the truth we were led to believe, no longer fits the original narrative. New evidence and facts are constantly emerging. True patriots continue to investigate and gather information, but are hounded, belittled, and branded as “truthers, ” by the powers that be. But they have never faltered, continuing their efforts to save America.

The fake media continues the attempt to manipulate our minds with a fear that their investigations and accusations are not in the national interest… that somehow it is un-American, or traitorous, but just the opposite is true. That day a powerful and well-organized entity took our country from us, and we want it back. Know this, those who are obstructing this justice are traitors of the highest order, and will be accountable for their crimes. America does not belong to them, but to us, we the people.

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”George Washington

Listed below are just a few stones in a growing mountain of evidence…

1.) Building 7 was not hit by a plane, and yet it fell. The lease holder of the World Trade Center admitted in a PBS interview called “Rebuilding America” that the WTC-7 was “pulled.” Everyone was cleared prior, and it fell in free-fall. This indicates that the building was pre-wired with explosives, and so there was prior knowledge of 9-11, as it would have taken weeks to complete the wiring for the explosives needed.

No other high rise metal building around the world has ever fallen from a fire, and yet we watched three. Jet fuel is not hot enough to melt steel, and so why was molten steel found in the debris? Buildings do not collapse in free-fall, unless explosives clear the way. It is against the laws of physics. Hundreds of engineers have come forth saying emphatically that the impact of the planes and the fires they created was not sufficient to cause the collapse. (CNN)

2,) There was then, and it remains to this day; no evidence whatsoever that Osama Ben Laden had anything to do with 9-11. (FBI) FBI has never had Osama Ben Laden a suspect for the 911 attack, that idea was fabricated by media.

3.) A newly de-classified document from the Department of Defense has been found that shows a false-flag plan called Operation Northwood was formulated in 1962. At the time it was considered a viable solution to coerce the American mindset. It outlined many methods of attacking US citizens, from violence to terrorism, blowing up military bases and ships, even hijacking plains. At that time factions of the government wanted a pretext to invade Cuba, but Kennedy rejected the plan. John Fitzgerald Kennedywas murdered soon after. (Department of defense)

4.) Only 15 million was allocated to the 9-11 Commission for investigation. It took Bush 441 days to form the 9-11 Commission… For the JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor, or the space shuttle disaster, it took less than a week. Some propose that evidence was intentionally destroyed… The WTC steel was not fully examined which could have proved without a doubt that explosives were used, but it was quickly shipped overseas and melted for scrap. This was unprecedented, a complete destruction of a crime scene, and done before an investigative body was commissioned. (CNN and the 9/11 Commission)

5.) The stock market indicated the use of inside information days before 9/11, with “put” options. Put options are bets that stocks will fall, and for American Airlines put options were 285 times higher than the mean average. This indicates that some had prior knowledge, and yet these individuals were not investigated by the 9-11 Commission. It is a matter of public record, and yet none of these individuals have yet to be identified. Two questions should be asked of them, “Who told you? And why didn’t you notify authorities?”

6.) Two of the proposed hijackers lived in the same house as FBI informants in San Diego, and five others were trained in secure bases in Florida, Alabama, and Texas. (CBS, 9-11 Commission)

7.) With cameras set up all around the Pentagon, and businesses with security cameras across the street, not one frame of a plane has been given to the public. (Fox)

8.) It is standard procedure that jet fighters are dispatched any time a plane looses contact with the ground. This happens at least 100 times a year in the US, and it takes about 20 minutes to respond. In this case, however, it took nearly two hours.

9.) It is now known that President Bush remained in a well-publicized school-room long after he knew of 9-11. Secret Service in any other national emergency would have immediately ushered the President to a safe area. This indicated that the SS knew he was safe. And so it begs the question: How would they know this without prior knowledge he would be?

10.) Eleven other countries warned the US prior to 9-11.

Buildings do not turn to powder and free-fall. Never in the history of the world has a steel-framed building fallen due to fire. This day we had three.

Author’s NOTE:

There are literally ‘many hundreds’ of facts that contradict the official story of 9-11 … and yet an independent investigation has not been allowed. Why? The following are just two independent investigative documentaries, from pilots to engineers. The last is a powerful warning from President Eisenhower…


Ken LaRive

From the Author, Ken LaRive – We in the Liberty movement have been fighting to take back this country for less than a decade, peacefully and with the love of God and country in our hearts. Our banner has been trampled on and displaced by a multitude of distractions, further eroding our nation and the cause for Liberty. And so, as we are pulled by forces we cannot fathom, powerful entities with unlimited resources stolen from our future, unaccountable trillions printed out of thin air and put on our backs as debt, we must formulate the most pitiful of all questions any patriot might ask in the final hour: Are we going to fight for our master’s tyranny, or are we going to demand the return of our civil liberties and Constitution? Are we going to choose The Banner of Liberty, or the shackles of voluntary servitude? Will it be a war for corporate profit, or a war to regain our ability to self govern, as the blood and toil of our forefathers presented to us, their children, as a gift? I fear that decision is emanate. I fear that any decision will be a hard one, but my greatest fear of all is that the decision has already been made for us. 

Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …

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  1. Dispicable really. Its no wonder marriages dont last. It takes a person of integrity to see a thing through to the end. We all strive for the best of living conditions and such as make us comfortable, but along the way most lost the ability to be worthy for another, to be someone that others could not live without, instead of someone that others wished we were. Good looks and pleasing appearance is all vanity and worth nothing to anyone else. Beauty and charm can only carry you so far, the rest of the journey is all downhill from that point.

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