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Episode #12: A World of Possibilities – Hosted by Steve Cook, who is a writer, TLB Radio talk show host and the Sr. Editor of TLB UK.

Steve’s guests this week are the British martial arts champion and founder of the Drug Free Kids CampaignPete Dwan and former pro Middleweight boxer turned actor, Colin Vidler

By: Steve Cook

In this week’s lively show, Pete and Colin are at Colin’s home in the town of Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Thanks to a recent fundraiser – a boxing match -undertaken by these two intrepid and hard-to-bruise gentlemen, Pete has been able to spend several days in Sheerness delivering his famous “Truth about Drugs” talks to schools in the area.

Colin talks about why he decided to help support Pete’s campaign so strongly and why his work is so vitally important to the futures of our children.

Pete briefs us on the progress of the campaign in the area as well as the broader crusade to ensure that no child misses out on this vital education.

They then go on to discuss the world of possibilities for a better world that opens up as soon as you have an effective method of educating youth about drugs and are actively applying it to the community.

We learn more about the wonderful feedback Pete gets from his talks and how much this helps teachers in their life’s mission to help children live happy and successful lives.

They go over the overall purpose of the Drug Free Kids campaign, its importance to the future of our civilization and its potential for making a massive positive impact.
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