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Episode #4 – Hosted by: Steve Cook, who is a writer and also the editor of TLB UK, and co-hosted by the former martial arts champion and renowned drug educator Pete Dwan.

By TLB UK Editor and Sow host: Steve Cook

Like any area of life where things are not running or being run well, telling people about it is only a small part of taking responsibility for it. By far the larger part is actually doing something about it.

In the field of drugs, particularly helping parents and teachers approach the subject of drugs successfully with their children, Pete Dwan is most certainly doing something about it and doing something very successfully.

Pete has been giving powerful drugs talks in schools in the UK for over ten years, has spoken to over 80,000 children and is the founder of the Drug Free Kids campaign devoted to proving the tools to enable all parents and children give the right message to their children.

In this episode of the show, Pete and Steve discuss the online platform that Pete is building to further his crusade and how it will help parents and teachers bring their children an effective anti-drugs message.

Is it enough just to tell the children to “just say no”? It is a good slogan but is giving our children a slogan all we can do?

Or can we consult their reason and understanding, equipping them with real information they can relate to and use to take educated control of their own lives and steer successfully a pro-survival route through the drugs minefield?

The answer is very much that, yes, we can.

Something can be done to help fireproof our children against the temptations and peer pressures that booby-trap a drug-riddled world.

Listen to the show and find out what.


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1 Comment on DRUG FREE KIDS – Episode 4: SOMETHING CAN BE DONE !!

  1. While it’s all well and good to hear what some one has to say on this topic, but there never has been a drug free generation of any age group. This expert makes a living off of his program, and I hate to say this, so here goes…Tobacco is a DRUG, it always was, but our governments have brain washed our thinking, into thinking that tobacco isn’t a drug, but that is a totally misleading thought, look at people who just can’t quit even if they are dying because they just can’t quit. I have lost two grandparents from it and an older brother, the most dangerous part about tobacco is that it is so widely accepted on a global scale that it’s just tobacco, but if it was just nicoteine that caused people to smoke it, then why not grow a crop that has been stripped of it’s nicoteine and see how many would continue smoking. Cigarettes are a nicotiene delivery device on par with a syringe full of heroin. When people look at tobacco with that point of view, then tobacco use will fade away…just like old junkies fade away.

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