DRUG FREE KIDS – Episode #3: The Drug Epidemic

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Episode #3 – Hosted by: Steve Cook (www.stevecookwriter.co.uk), who is a writer and also the editor of TLB UK, and co-hosted by the former martial arts champion and renowned drug educator Pete Dwan (http://www.mypinkbugatti.com/) .

By TLB UK Editor and Sow host: Steve Cook

There may be elements among society’s so-called Very Best People who consider themselves herdsmen and the rest of us a herd and that a splendid way of keeping the herd docile and compliant is to dope it. The drug epidemic may suit them very nicely, they think, in that regard. What a stroke of luck!

However, those of us who wish to see a better, more robust and stable civilisation built here on Earth tend to consider that it might be a good idea to ensure the culture’s building blocks, individual people, are in good shape. “In good shape” means bright, alert, physically healthy and able to think and reason clearly.

As drugging people makes them duller, slower, less alert and less able to think with clarity, then something has to be done about drugs. Children are the adults of tomorrow, therefore it is imperative we keep our children out of drugs and drugs out of our children.

In this show, Steve and Pete discuss the Drug Free Kids campaign’s approach to this problem and its potential for sparking a considerable cultural shift to a drug-free to tomorrow.

It touches to upon a facet seldom addressed and often glossed over by many sincere efforts at drug education: WHY drugs are so attractive to many people.

What so attractively baits the trap that can be so hard to escape from once you are in it?

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