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Still, ya gotta lie

Intro by Steve Cook

A few weeks ago I ditched Google and joined the migration therefrom to DuckDuckGo.

Like everybody else, I was dawn by the promise that the people behind DuckDuckGo run a less degraded search engine that actually provides a service not slanted, skewed or swayed by the approved narrative of the maniacs, psychos and perverts running the Political-Corporate Complex otherwise known as The State.

This turns out to have been a lie and DuckDuckGo is as prone to being a know-better-than-you arbiter of “truth” like other globalist fronts groups posing as search engines.

The people at DDG have taken upon themselves to be the best judge of what is “disinformation” (whatever that is exactly), certainly better than YOU, pal, concerning the behaviour of the  equally barmy outfit known as the Russian government.

But what is “misinformation” exactly and how does DDG decide what is or isn’t misinformation? And why – if they re doing it “for our own good” only concern themselves with Russian misinformation?

Are they implying thereby that there is no misinformation coming from Western governments? Really?

Ultimately misinformation is whatever they are told is misinformation by those running the propaganda psyop on the home front.

And if DuckDuck Go can thus be swayed, whether by input from hidden interests or what appears to be “popular” or fashionable, how much can they be trusted? PR/marketing claims to the contrary, has there already been covert censorship we don’t know about and will their future conduct be similarly overtly or covertly swayed?

Of course, the Russian government is playing the same game: deciding what is or is not disinformation before you even get a chance to look at it and decide for yourself  – and going one step further by locking up purveyors of “misinformation” about its antics in Ukraine.

I’m for sure no fan of Russia just as much as I am no fan of the lunatics, perverts, crooks, psychopaths and other assorted deadbeats currently wrecking civilisation on this side of no man’s land.

But like the author of the following article, I’m sick of some faceless twerp presuming to know better than me – and everyone else – and deciding what we can or cannot examine “for our own good”. I thought we left that kind of authoritarian orthodoxy behind in the Middle Ages.

And disinformation or misinformation as used by these twerps usually means, “contradicts The State”.

Censorship of alternative or even slightly differing views is of course routine in a war and both sides are at it. But I’m not sure that the war wasn’t engineered to create  justification for the expansion of Thought-policing.

The basic fact is that in the presence of the full truth, it is very very difficult to maintain popular enthusiasm for blowing up or maiming people we’ve never even met.

So ya gotta lie.

Where there is war, you know this: somebody lied.

And lying includes but is not necessarily limited to, redacting any fact, opinion or observation that might cause people to question your utterances.

Like the author below I’m sick of being told what is or isn’t true.

I’m perfectly capable of working it out.

Certainly more capable than censors at the beck and call of the State because I do not have a gun to my head.

I’ve also followed the author’s recommendation and have dropped DDG and adopted We’ll see how we go with that.

Guess Who’s Protecting Us From ‘Disinformation’ Now

Some people prefer to avoid Google for privacy reasons, and because Google skews results in favor of establishment-approved content.

Those people often use a search engine called Duck Duck Go.

Well, the CEO of Duck Duck Go just made this announcement:

Mike Cernovich then came back with:

I can’t speak for you, dear reader, but I think I’ve had just about enough of being told what I can and cannot read, what is and what isn’t “disinformation,” and naive people who think these designations are for our own good and being put to benign purposes.

We want to let a search engine decide what information is legitimate?

You think that might be selectively applied? (It already is, of course.)

You think perfectly legitimate views won’t get caught in this dragnet? Half of Twitter already thinks you’re a Russian agent if you deviate from the State Department line even a little.

Nope, especially after two years of sinister weirdos shutting down discussion, I won’t be tricked into this.

If you’d like a search engine that doesn’t try to tell you what to think, consider


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  1. Yea, I figured about Duck duck about a couple years ago,0r more when some of the shit being mixed with truth was being put on search engine..I know the big picture,im not perfect, but it sure helps to figure things when you see the root of evil.

  2. Thank you for this information. Now we know or able to see for ourselves which is informed constant. The more we take care of others, the more the blessings from our own nature.

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