Weapons of Mass Deception – how they work

January 9, 2024 0

Intro by Watchdog With the ongoing genocide in the Middle East and all its attendant human misery – sponsored, financed, equipped and thoroughly aided and abetted by the Zionists’ puppet regime in Washington – understandably […]


Rumors, Lies, & Innuendos!

April 3, 2023 0

Rumors, Lies, & Innuendos! By: Bill the Butcher & Casey Nunez Rumors, lies, and innuendos! Certain people in your family will always get a perverse thrill by casting aspersions upon other members of their family. […]


No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty”

November 3, 2022 1

No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty” Post by Tyler Durden | Written by Mark Jeftovic via, Nothing is Forgotten, Nothing Will Be Forgiven. On the very first day of this year I wrote […]

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