Dumping of Illegal Aliens at Arizona Bus Stops Will Continue Feds Say, Congress Is Silent

dumped children

Illegal Alien Children Being “Dumped”


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Friday she is “disturbed and outraged” after she was informed by federal officials that not only has the government been shipping illegal immigrants out of Texas and “dumping” them in her state, it has no plans to stop.

Federal officials told Brewer Friday that the practice will continue. This weekend more than 1,000 illegal immigrant children will be “dumped” in Arizona. Adults and family units will also arrive, though Brewer was not told how many, her office said.

The children will be called DREAMers and will serve as anchors for their parents who are here illegally. Illegals are streaming in from Central America now. They have TV there and they are getting the message that they should come to the US for amnesty.

Brewer said, “I am disturbed and outraged that President Obama’s administration continues to implement this dangerous and inhumane policy, meanwhile neglecting to answer crucial questions our citizens demand and deserve,” Governor Brewer said.

She has received almost no information from the Feds and is demanding answers. She didn’t even know that illegals flooding into Texas were being dumped at Arizona bus stops.

Is this punishment for Governor Brewer standing up to Mr. Obama or could it be part of his plan to forever alter the landscape of America, starting with Arizona?

The Department of Homeland Security has been dumping people at bus stations in Arizona for some time. In two days alone, according to the Arizona Daily Star, more than 100 people here illegally, mostly women and children, were dumped at the Tucson Greyhound station.

They were released on their own recognizance without tickets, information, pretty much nothing.

These are people awaiting their immigration court dates. We don’t deport people any more. Open borders is our policy as Mr. Obama ignores our immigration laws.

Volunteers show up with food and phones to help the people dumped there.

The numbers are surging as people travel across the borders in South Texas largely unimpeded.

This year alone, the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol has arrested more than 140,000 people and what should alarm you is that 75% are OTM’s – other than Mexican. While most are Central American, some are from terrorist nations. Some are drug dealers. Others are the uneducated poor. They are now arresting more than 2,000 a day, up from 1100 and Border Patrol says they can’t process them.

In one day, more than 1,000 people were apprehended in McAllen, Texas alone. Border Patrol is catching scabies from them. There are no controls over diseased aliens entering the U.S.

“I don’t think we have anywhere near the resources that we would require to even make a dent in what we’ve got going on here,” said Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol agent in McAllen and local vice president of the agents’ union. “I think it’s common knowledge that we don’t have the resources, that’s why they’re coming in droves like they are. They’re exploiting a weakness that they’ve found and quite frankly they’re doing a good job of it.”

Border Patrol says they are on the verge of collapse.

The promise of amnesty is driving this. They have nothing to lose by coming – no one will send them back.

The president is fundamentally transforming America and it will never be turned back. We will be the well-developed welfare state.

Listen to this clip by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch:

Where is Congress on Mr. Obama’s constant and flagrant violations and abuse of immigration law? Sadly, they are in a difficult position because half the country wants this. They voted for Mr. Obama twice and he was quite clear about what he planned to do. Congress can’t do much without consensus and Republicans can’t do anything without a majority.

Mr. Obama for his part will continue to encourage this. He will provide welfare assistance as directed under an Executive Order.

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