DWP Staffs Contribute To Homelessness

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Last night we watched BBC3’s ‘Where Am I Sleeping Tonight’, an hour documentary about several homeless people. The narrator had experience of homelessness, but throughout the show, we discover that it is namely the DWP and sanctions that caused much of this misery upon innocent people. The DWP staffs contribute to homelessness, and it’s so unnecessary. Sure, when we take a job on we have to follow the rules, but when those rules dictate a stony heart that is free of love and compassion toward others. The Governmental DWP system is creating robots of people.

A young lad of seventeen years described to the audience how he had stayed almost everywhere, underneath the bridge, in gardens, forests etc. He had a hostel, but he was bullied and felt safer on the street. He described the beautiful people around him, other homeless people, who all looked out for one another and cared. This is evidence of a loving community.

DWP staffs contribute to homelessness because they have the ‘power’ in their hands to play God. Perhaps they are told to make up a percentage of sanctions from the people they see, because every business is bothered about numbers, but the problem is that we are dealing with a false system called money. There is no deficit from a bigger picture, since man creates money. We have simply bought into this scheme that money has value, and the system has done very successfully to convince us otherwise.

I remember once reading in The Big Issue that DWP staff are forced to sanction people, because if they do not they are at risk of losing their job. So what, lose your job. Do something right. Open up your heart to consider others. Don’t let the system turn your heart into stone. Go through life with a fleshly heart. Let God show you the false world and it’s impossible to face the world again without a level of compassion that helps to heal the human family.

Sanctions are not helping the system save money, because any money that is saved is being squandered elsewhere. Remember the scandal of MPs and expenses. Well since that ‘scandal’ nothing much else has been done except that MPs are told to list their spend. It’s still huge and theft by all in its entirety, but it still happens because we vote these knobs into power. Don’t believe the hype. These politicians don’t care about you and your family. There may be a very small few who care, but it is the majority who rule. They are the ass lickers to the rich elite. George Osbourne doesn’t give a rat’s ass about people in general, and neither does the head of DWP, Iain Duncan Smith. These people are the mentally ill of our society, the downright insane, the lost sheep in the field. They are hurting everyone with their rules and regulations because they have a stony heart. They thrive on hate from people, because who would not want to hate the people who cause so much misery to the human family? Don’t ever lose hope in people, because there are some awesome people out there who have the right mindset and vision to change the world a little at a time. The system wants to make criminals of us all, but the trouble is that it’s man’s legislation that makes criminals of people.

 The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws – Ayn Rand

The Love Commandment is the only Law that we need. It is so easy to take love and use it in our daily lives to help others and ourselves. Kind deeds are so necessary in today’s world.

If you work for the DWP and are forced to sanction people, who then become homelessness, can I ask how are you helping these people? How are you helping them get back into work? Some of the guys in the documentary said that Internet cafes would not let them inside to use the facilities because they smelt, and most people judge the external body rather than the heart of people. It’s a very backward world.

The narrator said that if homelessness continued, there would be around one million people aged under twenty-five homeless in five years time. Perhaps the DWP has an agenda of creating homelessness for people because of the draconian rules and regulations and I hope that staff can see that the antichrist system is using them, changing their heart to one of non-compassion, and causing misery here in the UK. It’s so unnecessary and evil. Grow some balls DWP staff. The system is crumbled anyway because it’s a system void of love. All of the bullshit that the government preach will NEVER heal a political system that has fear as its God. It’s never worth it to turn against the human family. Put humans first, because we are all one big family in the grand scheme of things. Instead, there is this big self-love movement, which teaches pride and selfishness and less self-sacrifice toward others.


The Other Side Of Girl With A Dirty Mind is a spiritual website dedicated to love, light and truth. I’m a long time searcher of truth. I crave it like my morning cup of tea. There is very little practice of the love commandment in today’s world.

Division of the human race is what this antichrist society is doing to humans.

See through the darkness and choose not to take part in such cruelty and horror. Choose empathy, kindness, love and compassion instead. Couple love with forgiveness and we have a changed world on our hands, but who wants to put forth the effort? I’m deeply sensitive and openly accept my flaws. I want to make the world a better place. My blogs are raw but honest.

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