DYSBREXIA SYNDROME – Manipulation & Mayhem in the EU Referendum

By TLB Contributing Author: Alan Morrison


On the eve of the recent United Kingdom/European Union referendum, I received a number of communications from friends and relatives asking what I thought was going to happen the next day. My response was simply to say that the UK would never be allowed to leave the EU. It’s a “Hotel California” situation: You can check out any time you like… but you can never leave! As you can imagine, after the vote had taken place, they asked me if I was surprised, now that the vote had been a majority to leave the EU. My response was “Yes and no.” Yes, because initially I was surprised that the power-elite had not managed to swing the vote to ensure that it went the way of the “Remain” camp. But I also know that NOTHING happens without the consent of that elite. As Michailo Sczerbiak, the disillusioned CIA sniper (played by Croatian actor, Rade Šerbedžija) in the brilliantly insightful film “Shooter”, rightly said: “Nothing, no matter how horrible, ever really happens without the approval of the government, over there and here”. He didn’t only mean the phoney “government” made up of MPs or representatives in parliament chambers and congresses, as they are just puppets for the real (and unelected) government — what I call “the power-elite” — which lies BEHIND the phoney government.

The more I pondered about this referendum, the more it became clear that the power-elite not only knew very well that there is a huge groundswell of resentment in the UK against the European Union but they had actually ORCHESTRATED that resentment through the use of various tactics over the last few years (e.g. the engineering of mass immigration due to the illegal mercenary military exploits and interventions they have run and supported over the last decade and more in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc.). It was then that I realised a majority “Leave” vote would, in fact, be far more advantageous to the power-elite’s goals than a majority “Remain” vote — not only because of the unrest it would create but also due to the punitive measures which would be meted out to the UK for voting to leave (more on this later).

What was rather painful to see were the reactions of so many in the “remain” camp. I awoke to updates on social media making very unsavoury (and untrue) comments about those who voted to leave — literally calling them idiots, racists, fascists, Nazis or “Little Englanders”. Additionally, there were so many unwarranted overreactions, some of which bordered on the insane. One said: “I cried all the way through my shower this morning”. Another said: “I’m so angry that these pathetic bigots have destroyed our place at the heart of Europe”. Another: “I can’t stop crying. What have these idiots done?” Another: “I’m terrified. It’s like 1930s Germany all over again”. And another: “This vote has got to be reversed. There’s no way it should be allowed to stand”. What was clear was that not only did those people (who are all normally liberal-minded folks who publicly profess the wonders of tolerance, freedom and democracy) quickly and viciously smear those who voted to leave the EU but they also refused to accept the results of the very democracy they espouse! It was like a whirlwind of unfettered misplaced emotion. The kind of emotionalism one expects in the Big Brother TV reality show house but not from liberals on social media. Prior to the vote they had made no complaint about the process, presumably because they thought that their “side” was going to win. But as soon as it (surprisingly to them) went the other way, their resentment gathered steam. Really, they were reacting exactly how the power-elite wanted them to react. Knee-jerk overreactions. Mass unrest.

The characterisation of those who do not want to be part of the EU as being xenophobic, racist, uneducated, fascist, bigotted, old white men is itself racist, ageist, bigotted and downright untrue! Yet, this is the claim being made by so many who would normally claim to be liberal-minded, tolerant and honest. The present writer has no desire to be part of the EU (and he didn’t take part in a vote concocted by a corrupt system), yet he is neither xenophobic nor racist, nor is he uneducated, old or white (in fact, he’s kindof brownish at the moment in a melanin rush!). Yet, this is what I’ve been reading on the updates of social media. This, of course, is the trap the power elite wanted people to fall into. They are fulfilling their desires to the letter. Divide and rule. They sure know how to push people’s buttons!

Some of us have been watching the Euro-experiment for decades, many decades. Starting out as a rich man’s club, then carefully positioning itself in one of the most corrupt cities in the world (Brussels), where paedophilia is endemic in the establishment and practised with impunity (as indeed it is in Westminster too — for anywhere that “suits” congregate there will be much in the way of corruption and deeds of such darkness that to speak of them would offend even the angels, who know much more than we do). For years Brussels has gradually been accruing increasing power to itself while arrogantly pretending that it is Europe (rather than just a monolithic institution deceptively called the “European Union”). Yes, some of us have been watching this gathering storm for decades, never being fooled by what it represents and where it is all heading.

THE UK/EU Referendum was a “Psychological Operation” to Further the Power-Elite’s Goals

The entire Referendum exercise was so obviously one huge psychological operation (known in intelligence circles as a “Psyop”) organised as yet another exercise in mind-control and manipulation of a mass of people in furtherance of creating the conditions most suited to the dark aims of the power-elite. It was nothing whatsoever to do with “an exercise in democracy” in a democratic society so that the people could decide their future as generously accorded to them by a kindly government! That very idea is just a joke. When you see what the exercise has yielded in society, you also see that the fruits which it bore were deliberately very dark, disturbing and chaotic.

This psyop had a number of objectives which were all fulfilled to the letter. The powers wanted to make people feel fearful and insecure. Check. They wanted to upset people deeply. Check. They wanted to make people feel as if they are grieving. Check. They wanted to offend people widely. Check. They wanted to make people angry, resentful and discontented. Check. They wanted to create a division of people. Check. They wanted to create a false sense of euphoria in the “victors”. Check. They wanted to create even more chaos than they have already been successfully creating in recent years through their serial wars and false-flag operations. Check. Above all, they wanted people to falsely identify the leave voters as being fascists and the villains of the piece, in order to continue to deflect the fact that the real fascism and true villainy in Europe lies at the heart of the European Union (and that heart is just as much in Langley as it is in Brussels).

Yes, that’s right; I said Langley (the national headquarters of the US Central Intelligence Agency). You see, the European Union has been an enterprise of the CIA from its very inception. It was originally the CIA’s idea which was then implemented by them too. Some of us have been aware of this for decades, though this is generally hidden from public view. I was therefore surprised to see it admitted in a mainstream newspaper earlier this year. Check this piece from 27th April 2016 in the UK Daily Telegraph: The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover. The author, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (who has worked on the Daily Telegraph newspaper for twenty-five years and is its current Business Editor as well as being well-known for his damning book about Bill Clinton), although admitting that the CIA created the European Union (and even plotted long, long ago to create a European common currency by stealth), does a bit of back-pedalling trying to justify it as part of the CIA’s Cold War tactics. But the CIA very cleverly painted many of its European projects as being a defence of the West against communism (“reds-under-the-bed”), when the real reason involved the preparation for where everything was and still is inexorably heading, which had nothing whatsoever to do with standing against communism but everything to do with the creation of a totalitarian world government, in which the EU has been one little cog along the way.

What was most interesting was the way that this psyop brought out so many people’s true colours. We saw how those who regularly profess tolerance and democracy were angrily decrying the vote because it had not gone their way. If the Remain-in-the-EU camp had won the vote by a narrow margin, they would not have complained about the result and would simply have crowed about their victory and a triumph for democracy and common sense, etc. But I’ve noticed that there is one democracy for the goose and another for the gander. Many only like the voting system when it goes their way. Then the sour grapes come out. Democracy in action. Right!

A number of updates on social media said: “I’m leaving the country as soon as possible!” adding that this vote represented the march of fascism across Europe and they were frightened that a Hitler would come to power in the UK. (Actually, if that was the case, is running away really a moral response?). The only fascism marching across Europe has been the corrupt European Union, stifling individuality and the sovereignty of nations, power-building and overrunning those nations with masses of usurping legislation. People in the main voted to leave the European Union not because they are “uneducated idiots” or “racist bigots” (as I saw many claim on Facebook) but because the EU represents unwieldy behemoth government interfering in ordinary people’s lives. They voted that way because they want a return to small government, where officials are accessible, bureaucracy is kept to a minimum and democracy can be more realistically exercised. One could say here also that there is no real need even for national governments in a decent society. People don’t need to be governed (which is just paternalistic and infantilising) with so many functions bureaucratised. One only needs administrative bodies directly answerable to the community to ensure the good functioning of societal infrastructure. (Of course we know that governments do not exist for administrative reasons but to manufacture false authority). But why do so many otherwise liberal people, who would normally espouse “alternative” ideas and speak enthusiastically about smaller government being cool and green, want to be in the tentacular EU so much? Surely, it must because of an extreme naivety about (or refusal to accept) what the EU represents.

The European Union is Drip-Feeding its way to a Neo-Stalinist Superstate

The CIA, which originally started the EU and controls it in many ways even to this day, is not some patriotic US government agency standing up against the forces of darkness in the world. It IS a force of darkness in itself! The CIA (alongside other intelligence agencies such as Mossad and MI6/SIS) is the enforcing agency for the power-elite — the unelected principalities and powers which currently run this world (though their power is really usurped and will one day be smashed to smithereens). The European Union had its background in the American Committee on United Europe (ACUE), a CIA front organisation founded in 1948. It is now openly accepted that the ACUE had as its aim the promotion of a United States of Europe while channelling huge funds to pro-federalists in Europe. In an article in September 2000, entitled “Euro-Federalists Financed by US Spy Chiefs”, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard laid all this out by examining official papers which had been discovered revealing the plot. (see: Euro-federalists financed by US spy chiefs). Even the U.S. State Department had been involved. A memo from the European section of that department, dated June 11, 1965, “advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth. It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which ‘adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable’”. That is the kind of foundational fascism and neo-Stalinism — the use of skulduggery par excellence — on which the corrupt EU has been built. It is this kind of history, the real history behind the false history espoused in schools and universities, which the naïve and overly emotional supporters of the EU have no idea whatsoever. When I have tried to talk about these matters I have often been dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”. Yet, these are conspiracy facts! Check them out yourself. Do not fear the truth! Using such spook-fronts to germinate projects on the ground is how the power-elite controls everything. The EU and its forerunners such as the European Economic Community (EEC) is how they have controlled Europe and will continue to control it. This is why no member can be permitted to leave the EU without draconian penalties and punishments. (Yes, that’s right. The UK will not really be permitted to leave. This vote will come to nothing. Either the UK will be brought back into the fold by a revote or by parliamentary overruling, or it will be sequestered into another equivalent of the EU, which will be created if the present EU collapses).

The CIA has its fingers in every dirty pie imaginable, from the growing, distribution and sales of most of the world’s drugs to destabilising countries and regions through subterfuge and coups d’états, controlling the banking cartels, as well as supporting all sides in the world’s conflicts, major and minor and organising hideous mind-control projects in the laboratory and in the wider world. This EU/CIA connection is what lay behind Obama’s threats to the UK if it left the EU. For the aim of the power-elite in Europe is the creation of a federal superstate — a “united Europe” which supplants the power of its member-states — which will be one of a small number of superstates in the world and thus able to be controlled more easily when the planned world-government under a single world leader is enacted (a scenario which will fool many, just as Obama fooled the world when he was first elected as the “messiah” who would bring peace in our time. Quelle blague! La stupidité est incroyable!). The aim of the power-elite has always been the gathering of all European nation-states into one rigidly-controlled monolithic superstate under the tight control of its agents. It has had to use a “Drip-Feed Strategy” in order to achieve that end. It could not be made to happen immediately. People have to gradually be prepared and pre-programmed for it as they would object if the idea was implemented before the mass of people had been brainwashed into accepting it. Thus, what started out as a trade agreement between European countries to make rich men richer has morphed into a monolithic institution in the pit of Brussels gathering increasing power to itself.

The EU is actually a facet of the kind of Neo-Stalinism which has become common today. Neo-Stalinism involves speaking as if one is tolerant, freedom-loving, liberal and democratic but then acting very differently; for when the democracy that they claim to follow doesn’t go their way they become extremely nasty and the very opposite of tolerant — even dictatorial. I have observed this increasingly today in the way that politics is conducted in quasi-liberal circles. (So-called “New Labour” under UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was a classic exhibition of this Neo-Stalinism). The EU is also a manifestation of that Neo-Stalinism, as has been the reaction of so many who object to the way the referendum vote went. The campaign to have a second Referendum because they were not happy with how the first one turned out brings to mind many amusing possibilities. Someone said it was like the losers demanding to play out the Battle of Hastings (AD 1066) all over again because they were not happy with the result. I had to laugh out loud at that one!

Many people who wanted the UK to remain in the EU are now complaining about the vote, saying how awful it was because now the UK will be punished by the EU. Think about that carefully. For that in itself should give cause for concern. Why would anyone be so keen to remain in an organisation which punishes people who leave it? So weird! That smacks of the way that cults behave towards former members. It’s that Neo-Stalinism again. Why can’t people see that this is not the way that a benign, kind, caring, peace-loving, all-inclusive organisation would behave. It is pure authoritarianism. Yet so many who profess liberalism want to be part of it. There’s something wrong there somewhere. A disconnect. Some kind of serious cognitive dissonance.

Having spent some weeks quietly watching the palaver in the UK over the EU referendum, I was highly interested in the final result. That a majority of people in the UK should have voted to leave the EU is not in itself a surprise. They have rightly had enough of being controlled and legislated by a tentacular machine over which they have no control. Ordinary British people generally do not take kindly to threats. There is a history of resistance to encroaching authoritarianism which has been suppressed for some time. An increasing number of people in the UK are now aware that a huge fraud has been pulled on them by the EU. Also increasing is the number who are now beginning to realise that the EU is a secret construct of intelligence agencies and one of a number of superstates which are being drawn up to make a single totalitarian world government easier to implement. This is indeed where everything is heading.

It should come as no surprise that the principal UK architect of the European Union in its earlier phase was the former British prime minister, Sir Edward Heath, who has recently been publicly outed by a senior British police officer as a serial paedophile. [See: Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief…]. Paedophilia has been endemic in government circles for a very long time. This is one of the main ways that the power-elite manipulates politicians, many of whom are sexual perverts. They can then, through the coercion of blackmail, be made to enact any policy which the power-elite wishes to see imposed. This is just as true in the USA as in the UK. Many have known this about Edward Heath and the prevalence of paedophilia in government circles for some time but they have always been laughed at as conspiracy theorists. Yet it is all starting to come out now.

It may be that the EU will be dismantled and another conglomerate put in its place. There is talk of other countries holding similar referenda and the result could be the same, in which case a new union would have to be negotiated. On the other hand, as the power elite operates most powerfully through fear, it could be that an example is being made of Britain to show what happens to dissident states which will not play ball. One thing is sure… the next year or two are going to be fascinating in the unfolding developments of the world. However, you can guarantee this: if the EU collapses, it is because the power-elite have orchestrated it and will therefore already have something even more draconian to put in its place. The EU could well be a comparatively benign rehearsal for something even more akin to 1984ism!

The EU is not Europe!

Let me say this first: “Even though I am always travelling Europe-wide and love Europe, I am NOT a European! I am a universal troubadour of the cosmos. I came from nowhere in this world and will soon return to nowhere in this world. So I will not limit myself to any nationality, whether continental or countrified.”

I do not even want to identify with a continent, never mind a country. However, if you really want to consider yourself as a European (which is actually very limited in concept, but, bof, if you must…), here’s the news: You do NOT have to be in the European Union in order to achieve that! Why do all these people who want to be in the EU confuse that with being European? I say to them: just be a free European. Fly Translove Airways and groove around Europe feeling at home wherever you want to go. Visit the surprising Gallerie Xippas in Paris and immerse yourself in unknown art. Listen to a Gustav Mahler Symphony being played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Hear the Leipzip Gewandhaus Orchestra playing Felix Mendelssohn or the Akademie Alte Musik Berlin playing Johann Sebastian Bach on period instruments. Visit the KGB Torture Chamber in Riga, Latvia. Educate yourself about real European history. Read the “The Age of Reason” Trilogy by Jean-Paul Sartre (thus travelling to a Europe of another time). Do all this and more, with or without a visa… who cares. Just go. Being European has nothing whatsoever to do with being part of the dark-suited, behemoth-like, narrow corrupt institution of the EU. What a misconception it is to think that way! Mistaking the EU for Europe is like confusing sex with love. Worlds apart!

Painting your face blue then putting a circular bunch of stars on it and calling yourself a European does not make you European. It merely means that you’ve been hoodwinked by the European Union into becoming a Euro-slave. All those people complaining on social media that their European status had been forcibly taken away from them by the vote to leave the EU. How crazy can it get? Can people not see that Britain has NOT left Europe at all? It is part of the psychological operation of the power-elite to brainwash you with their mind-control into equating the geographical continent of Europe with the chimeric institution known as the European Union. Yet, they are not at all synonymous. Not one bit! The EU is a human invention created by spies which has usurped what is naturally Europe. Leaving the EU is the first step in an act of political emancipation from skulduggery. One could even say that leaving the EU is a good prelude to being truly European rather than aligning oneself with the fake EU type of Euro-pean. If you are serious about wanting a better, more humane and idealistic world, then the European Union is a completely false emblem for that. (Oh, by the way, as an afterthought… if you don’t know what “bof” means then you’re not quite as European as you think you are! 😉

My earliest memory of anything which has been generated on a Euro level has been Euro-trash. Take the Eurovision Song Contest: This symbolises everything which is grotesque about Euroland. Vulgar, kitsch, camp-falsity with Euro-beat “music” to dumb down an already dumbed-down population even further. I have always felt too much repugnance and embarrassment to watch the TV productions of that contest for more than five minutes (and four of those five minutes involved me being too shocked to press the remote control to turn off the TV!). Euro-anything is an affront to any artistic, spiritually-intelligent person. In summing up the real Europe, one should take all that has been great about each country rather than the lowest common denominator. When one compares the greatest artists, composers and writers of Europe with the camp, false Euro-trash of today, one sees that Europe and Euro are worlds apart.

Dysbrexia Syndrome

Before winding up, I would like to say a few words about the word in the title of this piece, Dysbrexia. This is a portmanteau word which I created to denote the dyslexia and dystopia in relation to the Brexit vote. Dyslexia is characterised as having trouble with reading despite intelligence. In this whole UK/EU referendum debacle I have noted the trouble with reading the situation for what it really is in people who otherwise exercise intelligence. They fail to read the mind-control which is making them react so kneejerkingly — all the misplaced crying, anger, resentment, etc. They fail to read what lies behind the gathering European Superstate, which has been well documented. They fail to read their lack of democracy and hypocrisy in refusing to accept a democratic vote. They fail to read that they have become puppets on the strings of the spymasters who created the Brexit psyop. That is political, ideological and spiritual dyslexia. The dystopia lies in the apparent love of so many for a CIA-created institution which twists and complicates society, distorting it away from the free and small-based administration which would be most likely to lead to a peaceful community.

Dysbrexia Syndrome. The inability to read events connected to the EU correctly, coupled with an inappropriate admiration for a corrupt organisation hell-bent (literally) on creating the kind of society and world which George Orwell brilliantly portrayed in his book “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.


Maybe these words will attract some disapproval. Those with a vested interest in the EU have their emotions running high right now. The knives are out and they are using them left, right and centre. However, whatever emotions anyone feels about this issue, the facts will eventually come to speak for themselves and all will be made perfectly clear. We are still living through an era when deception is at the forefront. In the next few years, as the battle between light and darkness on this planet comes to its climax, people will be able to look back on these times and see how fiendishly “clever” it all was in these years of the death-throes of the old aeon on the route to the cataclysm which will give way to the new.

Coming back to the present, I cannot for the life of me understand why otherwise intelligent people think that the world can be changed by all the scheming politicians, who are either corrupt and/or slaves to a rigid party dogma written by hypocrites who can never even CREATE the goods, never mind deliver them! Just look at the British House of Commons right now. The EU referendum has really brought out the true colours in every party. How anyone can imagine that ANY of those characters — whatever their alleged political allegiance — are of any use to the planet is a mystery to me. All politicians have to become liars and actors. Powder and lies. I wouldn’t buy a used car from any of them. Even if they start off with some kind of naïve ideals, it will not be long before they become immersed in a world of mendacity, compromise to party dogma and grubby backroom deals. (Not to mention the fact that politicians can do nothing unless it is rubber-stamped by the power-elite). What a theatre-farce it all is! There will be no change for the better in this world until the present social/financial system has destroyed itself, which it will in the near future, in readiness for a completely new way of existence which has barely been imagined yet. I lie in my bed at night thinking about that time with much happiness and longing.

All the panic, hysteria and terror which has been promoted so easily in the aftermath of the EU referendum has occurred because of a lack of discernment and insight into modern public affairs. One of the first things to master if you want to be “zen” and truly “street-credible” in today’s world is to render yourself as being fearless, unhysterical, unoffendable and unbuttonpushable. One of the best ways to do this — instead of gazing out mesmerisedly at an insane world — is to go within. “Go within, young man or woman!” Become self-aware, realising why you react the way you do, have the anger that you feel, the tears that you shed. Trace your motivations. If you do all that with courage and conviction you will see the EU for what it is and give up on the idea that politically-created institutions can offer you anything more than conflict, illusion and treachery.

All the problems of the world, whichever area of life in which they occur, are the direct result of spiritual and emotional immaturity. We will know that we have grown up and matured spiritually and emotionally when, instead of relying on political processes or politicians, parliaments, congresses, prime ministers and presidents to change the world, we will set out to change ourselves within at the profoundest level and then lead a life which matches those changes, thus transforming the world in ways unseen through normal eyesight. Make no mistake… world change is coming. Hugely. What passes as “normal life” today will one day be relegated to the history of once-necessary darkness. If we change ourselves now from the inside out, instead of trying to effect change through adapting a corrupted world-system, then our lives will be based not on endless conflict (which is the foundation of ALL politics today and much else) but on educating ourselves, developing our perception (inner and outer), unravelling our egos from the clutter they have accrued, seeing quickly through all deception and skulduggery and understanding the true meaning of such astonishingly misunderstood elements as peace, love and truth and the place they hold in a world currently swathed in chicanery and subterfuge. That will then send untold waves across the universe like ripples in a lake after a pebble has been randomly thrown.

Alan Morrison

About the Author: Alan Morrison is a Contributing Author for The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB). Originally from the UK, Alan is a writer, poet, songwriter, performer and occasional actor — a troubadour who could be found in any one of a number of European locations, having lived and worked in France, Sweden, Germany and Spain. There came a point in his life, shortly before the turn of the century, when he determined to live entirely from his art or starve (inspired by the central character in Knut Hamsun’s groundbreaking 1890 novel, “Hunger”). Since then, thanks to the encouraging generosity of others, he has survived and created much, having written numerous articles, published a 200-poem book, performed many concerts, worked with many musicians and created three CD albums. Now another album has been released in October 2016 … Continue reading here: alan-morrison.com, contact Alan at [email protected]

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