Economic Collapse, Martial Law & Those Who Choose Not To See

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

The following is a culmination of several years of research, observation and interaction with many people who are terrified at what they see careening at us at breakneck speed. This is not a joke or a subject to be taken lightly … But if you feel it is … this is in fact more for you than those of us described above. You are being provided with a cornucopia of information in the form of text, links, memes and a video, I ask you to please read, watch and see it all!


If you are even partially awake or aware, what do you see going on around you?

Are your freedoms and unalienable rights as an American intact?

Do you even know what the word unalienable means … or do you even care?

Would you like to see a short list of the freedoms and rights you have already lost through the tyranny of those we elect to protect us from this very scenario?

Please read this:

The Truth Of Tyranny: What We Have Already Lost

Can you name one Constitutional freedom or right that has not been seriously watered down or transformed from a right to a privilege granted by a tyrannical government to be exercised within guidelines they set forth or define?

If you find my last comment a little too farfetched … Read this:

2nd Grader’s Homework Teaches ‘The Government GIVES Us Our Rights’

Is there a snowballs chance in hell that your children will enjoy the freedoms and rights we knew and took for granted a scant generation ago?

Is there even a hint of a chance your children will have anywhere near the economic viability, or chance to live the comfortable or prosperous life that most of us enjoyed a generation ago, now that this country is Ruled by a greedy and profit hungry Corporatocracy?

Where is the massive outcry from We The People that should have followed a study released by Princeton University clearly showing that we as Americans no longer live in a Republic governed by Democratic process … but instead exist in a country Ruled by Oligarchs?

Again if you feel the above comment unbelievable then please read this:

Princeton Makes It Official: USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy

In America Today

If you believe that any of the questions posed above have a positive reply … YOU my friends are the cannon fodder for what may be looming in our not too distant future, and one of the biggest reasons it was allowed to happen.

Any government not continuously held accountable by the governed, will eventually and inevitably accumulate and concentrate power unto themselves … and the result will be tyranny!

Why does, or would, a government put in place every tool, supply, weapon, man power and law required to institute and maintain Martial Law in a nation, unless they are confident of the necessity or usefulness of this mechanism. We are told it is for disaster relief, but on a scale never before seen in this country, but observed in others throughout recent history. We have observed this in those countries where it was followed by a massive government crackdown on its very own people. Always preceded by gun confiscation and the imposition of laws meant to curtail public freedoms and travel.

Think this is not happening as we speak … then read this:

The Three Stages of US Martial Law

So Again I ask you … What do you see going on around you? Does any of this look or sound familiar?

And then there is Jade Helm 15. If you are unaware of the magnitude and scope of the largest military exercise (drill) ever conducted on American soil .. then read this:

Jade Helm: Military Exercise, or Dawn of America’s Hell?

And this:

The Frightening Purpose of Jade Helm


What follows is a preface and video recently posted by one of TLB’s  contributors: Dave Hodges showing in a capsulized format, actual news clips of the progressive takeover of America.


Ten Chilling Minutes of Video Exposing Martial Law Preparations Following US Economic Collapse

This is a compilation of news reports indicating that martial law preparations have been put into place in anticipation of the imposition of martial law in response to an economic collapse. We are going to see ghost malls, student protests, farmer rebellions, squatter camps, armed rebellion, tax protests, labor strikes, food shortages, disintegration of law enforcement and troops on the street.


TLB: If you wish to delve deeper into this topic, here are some articles dedicated to breaking these subjects down to their lowest common denominator. Warning these are NOT bedtime stories !!!


From Freedom to Tyranny: Is America Dying?

America, a Nation in Crisis: The Tyranny of the Two Party System

The Tyranny of War & The Ignorance of Men

Thinking  people like me or The Liberty Beacon project nothing more than conspiracy nuts, hiding your head in the sand, pretending this is not happening, ignoring this or professing that If you are doing nothing wrong … this wont intrude into your life, is a cowards way of acquiescing to the aggression you cannot, or will not recognize. All the while it is being perpetrated right under you very nose, without any sign of an argument or struggle from you. This my friends only serves to strengthen the hand of these very tyrants.


Acquiescing to this tyranny will never make you free or safe … But it will always make you a stationary target much easier to hit. And when you do awaken to the reality unfolding around you under the sheer weight of this tyranny …

Well hindsight IS 20/20 and at that point USELESS !!!

The only choice

So how do we find the strength to effect the changes so vital to our continued freedom and liberty …

Please read and watch this:

How To Change The World


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