Egypt’s Salvadorian Option

1363052[1]By Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff and Contributor

“Skull and bones” John Kerry’s nominating Robert Ford as Egypt’s ambassador should sound alarm bells, as an ominous omen of what abominations lies ahead for this country.

Who is Robert Ford? Former U.S. ambassador to Syria, he was the one who triggered the armed conflict in Syria for his Masters in Washington, London and Tel Aviv in July 2011. Robert Ford was a devoted student in Negroponte’s Department of State and is now the inheritor of his Mentor’s policies.

Named John the infamous “death squads” Negroponte, He acquired his own infamyu1_robert-foed[1] in the 1980s by creating death squads directed and trained by the CIA in El Salvador and Nicaragua, the death squads were responsible for the reign of terror of intimidated populations.

John Negroponte is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people “disappeared” or abducted, tortured to death by his executing goons. Negroponte was then the U.S. ambassador to Honduras and put in place what is called the “Salvadoran solution” against the insurgency with lots of death squads.

Subsequently, in 2005, Negroponte was the “viceroy” of Iraq and was directly responsible for the Sunni-Shiite conflict in Iraq, by importing and training death squads, which did not exist before the U.S. invasion of the country, not even before the U.S. military found itself in a quagmire between 2003 and 2005.

“Wherever Negroponte goes ….death squads follow!” This has become a well-known adage.

Syria rebels[1]Robert Ford was directly related and was an assiduous student at the state dept. of his mentor John Negroponte, obviously, his inherited learning was expected to be applied. Starting in 2011, Ford ambassadorship to Syria has shown blatant interferences as a diplomat in a sovereign nation, he initiated the first contacts between the Islamist imported by Washington and U.S. representatives on Syrian soil. Expert in destabilization, death squads were developed under his leadership and fueled by the Arab Legions of Al CIAda and funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Appointing Robert Ford as ambassador to Egypt is more or less like introducing a fox in the hen-house.

Nothing happens by chance … Look at how events are linked …The Empire is stuck in Syria? Solution: indirectly attack Egypt. Never forget that chaos is the ally of the empire. The more chaos it generates, the better for its interests.

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