EPI TOWN CRIER: Talking Globalist Tyranny With ‘The Militia Guy’

EPI TOWN CRIER: Talking Globalist Tyranny With ‘The Militia Guy’


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Good day and welcome to another episode of EPI Town Crier, a place where we do our very best to Eradicate Programmed Ignorance.

Let’s take off running. I’m invited in to speak with #TheMilitiaGuy, so lets start off with an intro for our Host: Nicholas Landholt.

A native Texian, Nicholas spent over ten years in the Navy after graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film. Realizing that U.S. military forces are used by the Money Powers for their own personal gain, he resigned his Navy commission in 1988, and began dedicating his public life to expose those same powers while earning a living in sales. He has also spent over twenty five years working to show how computer vote fraud controls national politics, while both political parties control Congress, and therefore We the People.

Politically active behind the scenes, he stepped in front of the camera and was the 2016 Libertarian Party of Texas candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 11th Congressional District. A firm believer in “Confrontational Politics,” he ran on a pro-Second Amendment, pro-Family, anti-IRS platform … Click here to continue reading Nicholas’s history and bio.


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Today our discussion centers on a Global Elitist Caste hellbent on taking complete control of humanity via (what is turning into) a series of Faux Scamdemics … or created Plandemics. We are also seeing choreographed regional conflicts/wars and so much more exploding globally today. So lets roll into this discussion …

Global Elite Believe that:

Two conditions must be met before Globalists can truly rule Planet Earth

  1. The sovereignty of key nations must be destroyed

  2. The 8 billion useless eaters must be reduced to a more controllable number.

Today we see global politics in a frazzle … choreographed, but you are intentionally distracted by a gazillion other disasters. The world is closer to a nuclear exchange than ever before, or are we just meant to believe this? Hot war invasions/strikes, on the plan, more Ukraine/Russia & maybe even some Taiwan…

Today we see a massive upsurge in unexplained deaths occurring across the globe, centered on the COVID Jabbed !!! Why was a huge chunk of the global population jabbed multiple times either by coercion or by mandate, for a (supposed) virus with the knockdown power of the yearly flu? Using something that wont even function as a vaccine is supposed to! We are being told the ramifications globally over the next few years may be more than catastrophic … they may be biblical.


  • Over 3 centuries of Elite manipulation towards global governance

  • Technology GREATLY speed up the imposition of global tyranny

  • World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab’s Global Young Leaders

  • Tyranny in every first world country … except Authoritarian Regimes

  • America needs to be made an example of …

  • Take the cowboys of the world down hard and who will stand against you

  • USA, Highest cost for healthcare and the globes most chronically ill society

  • USA, Highest level of Autism in our children (most chronically ill on planet)

  • Are these (so called) Elites intentionally pushing Americans towards civil war, or open warfare with Russia, China or both, where only the globalists win!

So lets jump into this discussion …


Talking Globalist Tyranny With ‘The Militia Guy’

(Click audio play-button below to hear discussion)


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Roger Landry

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