Essene Teacher (E5): Republican Debate: What Can We Learn

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By TLB Contributor and Show Host: Richard Sacks

This past week’s Republican presidential debate gave us a chance to hear the candidates’ answers to a variety of questions in order to better understand what they feel the priorities are in national and world affairs, and how they would solve the massive problems the United States faces today.  The main lesson I took away from watching this debate was that if America is to be healed, it will not come from this kind of leader, but will have to originate with the people themselves.

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There was much discussion of why America should invade Syria and overthrow president Assad, with Rand Paul being the only one to say he would be “hesitant” to do this kind of action.  The moderators of the debate multiple times referred to Assad as a US “enemy,” and yet Assad has not attacked the US and is currently only trying to defend his country against invading terrorists who were created, armed, trained and funded by the US and its NATO allies.

Putin was also characterized as a US enemy, with Marco Rubio saying that Putin is trying to destroy NATO, while the reality is that the US and NATO, with the help of George Soros, overthrew the legitimate government of the Ukraine, and now are blaming Putin for trying to protect some of the Russian people and assets in that country against the Nazi regime installed by the US-led group.

With respect to health care issues, there was some discussion of the forced vaccination issue, and to his credit, Donald Trump brought up the now well-proven connection between vaccines and autism.  However, he clearly does not understand what vaccination really is, as he hastened to add that he is a strong believer in vaccines and just wants to see the doses spread out and made smaller.  Ben Carson, a medical doctor, said there is absolutely no connection between autism and vaccines, proving he is not capable of rational thought, but has chosen to just repeat what he has been told by drug company representatives.  Rand Paul very mildly said that perhaps the vaccine doses should be able to be spread out a “little bit,” but that all his kids are vaccinated and he knows vaccines have saved millions of lives, which is completely false.  So in this way Rand Paul joins Ben Carson in defending one of the globalists’ key depopulation tools, making both of them completely unfit to hold any public office, let alone that of president.

Most of the very important issues facing America today were not even mentioned.  While most of the candidates promised to “create jobs,” (not the role of the federal government at all), none of them seemed to understand or be willing to say that the US economy has been, and is continuing to be, destroyed by the massive financial crimes of the “federal” reserve as well as by membership in illegal international organizations like the UN, the WTO, the WHO and others, and by its involvement in the fraudulent “free trade” agreements designed to destroy domestic US industries.

No one was willing to talk about the number one cause of death in America, which is the medical industry, closely followed by the poisoned food industry, including the lethal GMO ingredients that are now in most of the processed foods in grocery stores nationwide with the full blessing of the federal government.

There were other issues, but the conclusions were the same.  No truth from the candidates, only partial truths, silence on most of the big issues, and many outright falsehoods.  They were all forced to say they favored defunding of Planned Parenthood, because that cat is out of the bag now, but none had any comment on why they allowed the organization to illegally get massive amount of support from taxpayer money.  Did they forget to check what Planned Parenthood actually was all along?

If America is to be healed, it must be done by her people themselves, not by this degenerate, dishonest and uninformed class of would-be rulers.  The good news is that we can in fact be the healers of our country if we are willing to do the work of starting on ourselves.  A good first step is to take responsibility to bring our own health up to very high levels of vitality, which will give us more clarity of thought and emotion, and much more energy, that we can then use to make our best contribution to the future.  “Know Thyself” and “Heal Thyself” apply as much today as when they were first spoken.  They are the mandatory first steps to whatever we want to improve in the world around us.


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