Eugenics, Covert Medicine And Depopulation In The 21st Century (VIDEO)

By The Sleuth Journal

(Verify Events Research) The subjects of Eugenics, Covert Medicine & Depopulation are usually regarded as a dark part of our history or as another “conspiracy theory”. In this presentation you will learn that not only the dark pseudo-science of eugenics never went away but that it went underground and it is alive and well today. The dangerous ideologies of covert medicine and depopulation, or as it is known today, “population control” are part of the ruling elite’s plan to control not only “human resources” (to engineer political stability where and when they need it) but also to eventually control the natural resources on the entire planet. We will present evidence of contraceptive vaccines, covert mass sterilization campaigns, contraceptives and psychotropic drugs added to the water supply and ethnic-specific bio-weapons as “useful political tools”. I’m asking for your help in the enormous task of alerting the public on these and other lesser known issues.

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  1. Who is the person or persons or groups that are responsible for this? and how long have they been promoting, leading this covert effort?

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