Explained: how humanity has a parasite that’s killing the host.

So let's flush out the parasite and save the host

The article, The reality of planet Earth – a handful of aristocrats for seven billion serfs, gives you a rough idea of how things are shaping up on this planet at this time.

It may or may not have inaccuracies in it but the general trend it illustrates vis a vis the gradual accumulation of wealth into fewer and fewer hands is real.

The writer makes a few off-hand remarks about “conspiracy theorists” but conspiracy theories or not, a study of the mechanics of our seriously flawed, debt-based money system reveals that such wealth concentration, whether planned or intended or merely the consequence of stupidity, is built into the mechanics of the system. In other words, our economies cannot help but evolve inexorably in that direction and they will continue to do so until (please God) we reform the money system so as to fuel our economies with debt-free money.

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What we have here is a FLAW in which we are using DEBT as our means of exchange as opposed to real money in its true sense. And that debt is created and issued by the banking cartels, among the key overlords of which are some of the families listed in the article. There is a whole history to this phenomenon which I can’t cover here but, in short, those banking cartels have control over and issuance of our means of exchange.

The best way to illustrate it simply is this:

Imagine you were able to print money on a printer in the basement of your house. Then one day the government grants you the sole right to print all the money needed by the nation’s economy. Nobody else has this right, not even the government, which could but has decided not to. Only you.

So you get your printing press busy churning out billions of pounds or dollars every year.

Now, how do you get all that money you printed into circulation? Well, you could just go out and spend it like mad buying up all the wealth of the ruddy planet and that way, as you hand it to others in exchange for their goods and services, it would then circulate. This process, of course would make you very very very wealthy very quickly. It would at the same time make you very powerful because everybody would depend upon you to provide the means of exchange they need in order to obtain . . . well, anything.

But all this would be highly transparent and people might object to you having that unearned power and privilege and the means to acquire great wealth (goods and services) without having to produce any wealth yourself in exchange for the wealth you acquire.

Before long, mobs of seriously miffed people might start coming round to your house (or mansion) and try to string you up or something.

Let’s face it, you’d probably be pretty scared of people ever sussing out what you have been up to and taking all that unearned wealth and power away from you.

So you agree with your mates in government to insert a complexity called economics, which being full of gobbledygook, hides your scam from view the way a smokescreen hides a battleship.

And instead of just going out and spending it outright, what you do is you set yourself up as a money lender in a smart suit and a nice impressive, important-looking building.

Being as nobody else is able to create money willy nilly and the economy is short of it if you don’t supply it, people start queuing up to borrow it from you.

So you start lending it out AT INTEREST and make sure that you don’t tell anybody that what you are lending you just printed out of nothing in your basement.

So now, every time you print (say) £5000 on your printer and lend it to somebody and then have them pay you back PLUS (say) £1000 interest, you’ve actually made £6000 for pressing the “print” button on your printer.

You let people think that through your vast business acumen you have all sorts of people entrust you with their savings (which in fact you loaned them) for safe keeping and you pretend that that is what you are lending them. What you are actually doing is printing off new money for the cost of paper and ink and lending what you have printed to EVERYBODY at interest.

This would make you pretty rich, wouldn’t it? And pretty soon you would end up with control, through the tap of money/debt supply, over all economic life, able to enrich your pals and cronies and impoverish your enemies, control governments and, if you were of a mind to, establish yourself as virtually the emperor of the entire ruddy planet. . .

All right, so that is a crude example but it is, in essence, what the banking families have been doing for quite a while and it is what empowers the planet’s wealthiest people and their globalist imperium.

It is the lynch pin that holds up their entire edifice and if that lynch pin were ever removed, the economic playing field levelled and so forth, their entire globalist cabal would crumble. Whatever else they may be up to – the sponsorship of their control cult, psychiatry, their efforts to deflect attention away from themselves, to keep the human community they seek to enslave demoralised, divided and in disarray, it this fraud that empowers them to work their mischief.

Look at it this way: what you have here is a parasitic entity that has latched onto the human community, destroyed its immune system and hijacked the energy of the organism to serve its own survival imperatives. It is a parasite that is by degrees killing the host.

No wonder the media they control and the governments over which they hold the power of economic life or death never ever mention it!

Anyway, bear all this in mind as you view the mismanaged shenanigans that pass for governance and economics on this planet at this time.

– Steve


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