Facebook Co-Founder Calls For Tech Firm ‘Data-Tax’ To Fund ‘Data-Dividend’ For All Americans

Facebook Co-Founder Calls For Tech Firm ‘Data-Tax’ To Fund ‘Data-Dividend’ For All Americans

And that model is the Alaska Permanent Fund, an oil-funded payment made every year to each Alaska citizen.

“Up in Alaska they’ve done this. They had oil that was discovered in the 1970s and a Republican governor said okay oil companies you can tap into our natural resources, but you’ve got to pay up.”

The system wouldn’t even cost much to implement. They payouts could be directed through the same system used to distribute social security.

“Following the Alaska model, creating a savings account for each person, you could use the infrastructure that Social Security already provides.The pipe in some sense are already laid it’s just a question of developing the political will to lay claim to what I think is our fair share.”

Though Hughes hasn’t spoken with Zuckerberg about his plan, he correctly pointed out that his former business partner had acknowledged that user data harvested by Facebook does belong to its users.

“If the data on Facebook is our property and we’re allowing Facebook to use it to sell ads, I think it’s reasonable to say we should share in that upside.”

Somehow we don’t think that Zuckerberg, who has already beaten back calls for his resignation, would so gamely agree to a massive tax hike that would significantly impact his company’s profitability.

We imagine that, if he didn’t, it’d be significantly more difficult for him to convince the company’s shareholders that he’s the only one capable of running Facebook.


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