Facebook security chief rants about misguided “algorithm” backlash

Article Preface by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

We can’t publish anything about FB with out pointing to the fact that FB Censors and Bans not only The Liberty Baecon staff from sharing articles, but much of Alt-Media suffers from the same malady. FB’s only regret about it’s “algorithm” system seems to be that it is taking down content that they want to remain as posted.

Make no mistake… FB wants to control the narrative and only project what the Power Elite wants the world to know. Remember, when Mark Zuckerberg left college he did so without a degree. He did however, graduate into the 1% World Elite. He was given an Honorary Degree from Harvard 12 years after he dropped out. Bill Gates even took time to help Zuckerberg with his commencement speech.

We know FB is not suffering from total lack of control over their algorithms, as we have evidence real “live FB staff” has seen our appeals of Not sharing too fast, Not posting content against Community Standards and Not posting spam. Those appeals go unacknowledged and their bogus notices still appear to FB users. But then again, what can you expect from “A Tool of the 1% world Elite” that wants to snuff-out Your Freedom and Liberty? (RE)


Facebook security chief rants about misguided “algorithm” backlash

by Josh Constine

“I am seeing a ton of coverage of our recent issues driven by stereotypes of our employees and attacks against fantasy, strawman tech cos” wrote Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos [pictured here] on Saturday in a reeling tweetstorm. He claims journalists misunderstand the complexity of attacking fake news, deride Facebook for thinking algorithms are neutral when the company knows they aren’t, and encourages reporters to talk to engineers who actually deal with these problems and their consequences.

I am seeing a ton of coverage of our recent issues driven by stereotypes of our employees and attacks against fantasy, strawman tech cos.

Nobody of substance at the big companies thinks of algorithms as neutral. Nobody is not aware of the risks.

Yet this argument minimizes many of Facebook’s troubles. The issue isn’t that Facebook doesn’t know algorithms can be biased or that people don’t know these are tough problems, but that the company didn’t anticipate abuses of the platform and work harder to build algorithms or human moderation processes that could block fake news and fraudulent ad buys before they impacted the 2016 U.S. presidential election, instead of now. And his tweetstorm completely glosses over the fact that Facebook will fire employees that talk to the press without authorization.

[Update: 3:30pm PT) I commend Stamos for speaking so candidly to the public about an issue where more transparency is appreciated. But simultaneously, Facebook holds the information and context he says journalists and by extension the public lack, and the company is free to bring in reporters for the necessary briefings. I’d certainly attend a “Whiteboard” session like Facebook has often held for reporters in the past on topics like News Feed sorting or privacy controls.]

Stamos’ comments hold weight because he’s leading Facebook’s investigation into Russian election tampering. He was the Chief Information Security Officer as Yahoo before taking the CSO role at Facebook in mid-2015.

The sprawling response to recent backlash comes right as Facebook starts making the changes it should have implemented before the election. Today, Axios reports that Facebook just emailed advertisers to inform them that ads targeted by “politics, religion, ethnicity or social issues” will have to be manually approved before they’re sold and distributed.

And yesterday, Facebook updated an October 2nd blog post about disclosing Russian-bought election interference ads to congress to note that “Of the more than 3,000 ads that we have shared with Congress, 5% appeared on Instagram. About $6,700 was spent on these ads”, implicating Facebook’s photo-sharing acquisition in the scandal for the first time.

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